Lavie Lash Launch + Me in cheongsam and side updo!

Hi babies!

Sorry for the CRAZY lack of update, have been settling down to Jakarta's hectic life.
One of the main reason is because I have been busy setting up my own business.

After 6 months developing it with my partner, here it is!

I present to you - LAVIE LASH!

Why lashes?

Well I love lashes, I think they're amazeballs.
They really enhance your eyes and overall makeup look. As an asian girl myself, I really do
 think the make a world of a difference - they open up and enlarge your eyes with the right lashes.

Quoted from www.lavielash.com :

La Vie French : 'The Life' English: Enhancing and making your eyes more ALIVE. in other words, The most luscious lashes that you’ll ever own.

Easy to apply, reusable, and lightweight.

Welcome to Lavie Lash – handpicked lash collection that we know you’ll love! Our philosophy is very simple. We want to create beautiful luxurious lashes with an affordable price point. Our lashes are carefully handcrafted using 100% premium sterilized human hair, and produced by the same factory as leading eyelash brands. You can rest assured that your Lavie Lash is top quality without the ridiculous price tag. Let’s face it, most of the mass produced, machine-made lashes on the market are using low quality materials – and you don’t want them on your sensitive eyelids.

Our lashes are meticulously handmade with the highest standard of craftsmanship – using only premium materials. Lavie Lash is a good investment for your beauty cabinet, as it can be used up to 5 times with good care.

I am really excited to share this with you guys!

Unfortunately we only ship to Indonesia, but we are working on International Shipping!

Here are some photo updates of me with my hair up + Mandarin Peony cheongsam - ready to attend my friend's wedding.

Stay pretty


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