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I am back in Jakarta at the moment and been here for almost 2 months- so far so good!
Today I will do a quick review of the hyped up CHANEL CC Cream!

Since I came back, I haven't done makeup shopping much.. Maybe I have only got a few things because I already stocked up on backups when I was still in Sydney. I thought they would have Chanel counters in Jakarta but they ACTUALLY DON'T.

.... (long pause)

I didn't purchase any backups for my beloved Chanel Loose Powder and the Perfecting Concealer!

Luckily, a week ago my Dad visited my sister in Sydney and I got him to pick up a few things from Chanel, and one of those things are: Chanel CC Cream + Chanel Les Beiges Compact Powder!

Here comes the review!

Chanel CC Cream Review

My understanding about CC Cream is that they are more improved version of BB Cream - with more skincare benefits. I hope I'm right! ;)

They have only 1 colour - which is the case for most BB Creams. It's very fair (maybe MAC NC10-NC25)! I just came back from a diving trip so I'm a bit darker than usual, so this is 1-2 shades too fair for me. After powdering and packing on the bronzer, they look alright on.

The texture is thick and jelly-like, definitely not runny and watery. It doesn't emphasize my dry spots (around my nose) and it's quite moisturizing.

Coverage wise? Very very sheer. I would not recommend this for people that needs more coverage.  I still need to conceal any acne scars and redness. It's an alright product for everyday use but it's not my cup of tea. My favourite BB is still Diorsnow BB Cream - with amazing coverage and finish for my oily skin and perfect colour too!

The price is a bit exxy - and I think I would not repurchase this again. The good thing is that I might be able to use this as a base because of it's good SPF properties.

Overall score?


Here is me with full makeup, using CC Cream + Chanel Loose Powder.

As you can see - it's too white for me.

That is all!
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