(GIVEAWAY OPEN) Dove Colour Live Event : Dove New Radiance Range

Hello everyone!

I have something exciting to share with you girls today, which is Colour Radiance hair care range  ! There will be a GIVEAWAY down the bottom but make sure you read this post first so you can win a Dove hamper! (Australian Only)

Just recently I went to Dove Colour Live Event at Luxe Studio in Darlinghurst with my friend Janice, and we were invited to an interactive colour experience. Sounds exciting right?

When we got there, I saw they were serving out green juice (you know how I love my healthy green intake!) and I had to grab it! It turns out to be a 'Dove Vitality Juice'! They also had champagne but ergh, it was Tuesday and I don't really like having an alcohol on weekdays! #tryingtoloseweight

Dove Vitality Juice

Borrowing Janice's hand :)

We came into this dark room, with just a TV in front of us and black curtain all around us. 

Finally the experience started. A gentle voiceover were describing colours to us one by one - red,blue,green, you name it. How each colour has its own personality. How each colour gives us a certain mood and feeling. Turns out that the voiceover was narrated by a very inspirational blind lady called Kate Crofts. Kate can tell when her hair is beautifully coloured by feeling instead of seeing it. The TVC was beautifully directed.

After that we went outside to meet with Dove's Marketing Director George O'Neil!

He introduced himself to us, and also explained about the new range of Dove hair products:

Dove Colour Radiance Range.

This new range is created so we can feel the 'just coloured hair' for longer. It specializes in ensuring coloured hair stays healthy and well nourished, to help us feel and see vibrant looking colour. 

" The new range includes the first dual-stripe Daily Treatment Conditioner for coloured hair that helps replenish lost nutrients. It delivers the new Vibrant Colour Lock to each strand, keeping hair feeling healthy and helping prevent colour vibrancy from fading. It doesn’t just smooth down hair to make it feel and look good on the outside: it deeply nourishes the hair, enhances shine and ensures hair colour looks vibrant."

Listening very seriously :)

I personally have REALLY DEAD DRY hair from excessive hair colouring - and I have been waiting for an affordable non-sulfur hair product option. This new range has a lower sulfur content so it doesn't strip my hair too much - which is perfect! I have been using it for a week now and I quite like the Express Treatment Conditioner! I like to deep condition my hair when I wash it but Hair Mask just takes too much time (lazy me).

After that, we were divided into groups and each group was appointed with a Personality Coach, and I think this was the highlight of the day! Each of us was analysed by the colour of our skin, hair, even clothes to see which colour scheme suits us best. It's amazing how colour can change someone's mood, or reflect someone's personality.

These colours suit me best!

Overall it was an interesting experience! Thank you Dove and Nuffnang!

Oh, I almost forgot!

I am giving away a Dove Colour Radiance Hamper to my subscribers! (Australia Only) Runs till 8th June 2013!!

It will include:

  • Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Shampoo
  • Dove Colour Radiance Lower Sulphate Conditioner
  • Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner
  • Dove Colour Radiance Leave In Conditioning & Care Spray
  • Dove Summer Glow
  • Dove Original Anti-Perspirant
  • Dove Purely pampering Body Wash
  • Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion
  • Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Cream Bar

Here's how!

 Answer this question:  
"What appeals to you most about the new Dove Colour Radiance range?"

You can leave it in the comments section below, or my facebook page! The best answer will win!
IMPORTANT : Leave your e-mail so I can contact you If you win!

View T&C of the giveaway here.

I'll be announcing the winner on my next blogpost which I'll announce as well in twitter!

Thank you and goodluck!



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