Instagram Roundup! My healthy eating pictures AND IMPORTANT NEWS.

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on instagram, you'd know that I love clean eating and exercise.
I exercise almost daily - either it's Krav Maga, HIIT, weights, or even other sports!
I love being active even though I tire myself out most of the time.. :)

Here are just some photos of the food that I made day to day.. It's easy!

The straight brows I'm rocking recently!

Grilled scotch fillet with mixed veggies and oven baked sweet potato chips

Chobani (greek yoghurt) pancake with coconut flour. So fluffy!

Chobani with soaked oats, berries, granola, and chia seeds!

Spinach, pear, and mint juice.

Pumpkin seed toast with peanut butter, Chobani, sliced apples, topped with Chia and Cinnamon

I will be going back to Jakarta for good.

The past 7 years here in Sydney has been fun, sad, interesting, and amazing to say the least.
I have met some amazing people, people who taught me invaluable lessons in life, people who hurt me, people who I came to love, people who believed in me, and also people who appreciates me...

I will miss those people - and this journey has been life-changing. It shaped me to whoever I am right now. 

Unfortunately this chapter has to end. I have to move on.
Meeting new people, new business opportunities, new everything..
I'll get to spend time with my parents which is amazing. :) After all, it is my hometown.. 

Sydney is also my home. It will be hard to leave.

I will miss you Sydney.

Anthropologie sheets I got for my jakarta room!!



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