Face of Australia - New Glitterati Collection

Hi Beauties,

Going to share something really exciting today!

I was lucky enough to receive the MOST amazing package at work from Face of Australia.

For those of you who don't know them, they're an Australian-owned company (support!)
and also they don't do animal testing! You should check them out, very good priced and their products are worth checking out!!! (esp: nail polishes, illuminating creams, liquid liners!!!) Check out their facebook here.

They sent me their new nail polish collection, called 'The Glitterati' collection - which is a fitting name because ohmagawd - all pretty glitters!!! I AM OBSESSED with glitters so I'm a happy girl.

Here is the overview of the collection.

My favourite from all of the bunch is this pretty cupcake-like pastel polish :
'Heart of glass'

Anyone who thought of that name will get a star from me - because it's such a fitting and pretty name :)
This polish is very girly and looks like sugar sprinkles.
They last 6 days on me with a bit of chipping which is normal.. So the predict?

This collection is to die for!

Go get them at your nearest drugstore/chemist !!


I will post my fitness routine in the next blogpost xx


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