My Eyebrow Tutorial!

Hi everyone!
Due to the popular request in my instagram, today I'm going to explain step by step how do I fill in my eyebrows almost everyday. Some days I like it arched, some days I like it straight (yay for Korean eyebrows!). Eyebrows really change up your entire look, so I like to play around with it. Find an eyebrow style that suits your face shape best!

Most days I like to draw my eyebrows quite thick. I used to have thin eyebrows but I'm into thick eyebrows now :) You look more innocent! :)

What you need:
1. MAC 212 Brush (I find this brush the easiest to use because of it's sharp edges)
2. MAC Eyeshadow in 'Cork' (light brown - to fill in)
3. MAC Eyeshadow in 'Embark' (darker brown - shaping the arch)
4. MAC Eyeshadow in 'Ricepaper' (subtle highlight colour)
5. Amazing cosmetics concealer (or any heavy creamy concealer)
*you can change the colours to your own liking depend on your haircolour!

Now let's start the tutorial!

Step 1 : Clean up your eyebrows
You have to clean up your eyebrows first (if you have bushy eyebrows). I usually pluck my own eyebrows, and if it gets too out of control I usually get them waxed. Don't overpluck! :) I only do it once or twice a week. This is what my eyebrows look like currently. EW! I have thin eyebrow and I can't grow it that's why I have to fill it in everyday.

Step 2 : Determine your arch
Grab your brush and dip it into MAC Embark (the darker colour out of the two eyebrow colours you're going to use) And outline the underneath of your eyebrows only! This is the point where you determine how high your arch going to be.

Step 3 : Fill in the inner side of your brows
Grab your brush and dip it into MAC Cork (the lighter colour out of the two eyebrow colours you're going to use) And line where you want it to stop. You can make it a harsh crisp line or a soft line.

Step 4 : Fill it in!!
Continue using MAC Cork, and connect everything together!! Don't worry it doesn't have to be perfect!

Step 5 : Clean it up + highlight
This is my favourite part! Cleaning up time! Grab your creamy concealer and you can correct the shape to however you want! I want it crisp and strong on the tail :) And then use the highlighter colour (MAC  Ricepaper) to highight the brow bone to give it a lift!!

And you are done!!

Hope you like your new eyebrows!
This is basically what I do almost everyday :) And It's my favourite eyebrow routine so far.

See you later!



Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation Review!

Hi girls (and boys)!
Today I will review my (current) favourite foundation that I use ALMOST EVERYDAY for the past 2 months! I'm going to rave about this foundation, so be warned :) Let's go!

I bought this foundation initially because Rae from Raeview raved about it and it's one of her favourite foundation. I have oily skin like her so I'd like to give it a try. And boy IM GLAD I TRIED!

It feels very light and the scent is not overwhelming at all. It's a faint floral smell which doesn't bother me at all. Another favourite of mine is Dior Forever Foundation, and that smells 100x stronger than this one for sure! The texture is semi liquidy and easy to blend. 4/5

It is medium to full coverage, and what I like about it is that you can layer this foundation! Great!
Since I've done a Fraxel light before, which lightens my acne scars - I don't need a high coverage foundation. A half pump + stippling brush is all I need. I love this foundation - easy to spread and blend, and the colour is perfect for me as well (030) It feels like a second skin. Not cakey. Always get compliments about my skin. 5/5

Staying Power
Okay as you all might now I have a super oily skin. I prime my face with Hourglass Veil Primer because without it - oh boy >< I hate my oily skin! And this one keeps my skin matte for 4 hours and then I need to blot once - which is pretty good. My Dior Forever does better in staying power (hence the name) but it's a bit too high coverage for everyday use. 5/5

Non Comedogenic
ANOTHER REASON with I love this foundation. I have an acne prone skin and this foundation keeps me breakout free. It doesn't clog my pores :)

Packaging + Price
It's about $68 so it's more to the pricey side - but I've had more expensive foundations before (Armani, Hourglass, etc) but this one takes the cake hands down! So honestly I dont mind about the price and a little goes a long way anyway! :)  

The packaging is a frosted glass bottle and it's very sturdy. I dropped it a couple of times (on a carpet though) but it's fine. I don't recommend dropping it on timber floor though lol.

The Verdict?
THIS FOUNDATION IS AMAZEBALLS. If you're oily and acne-prone THERE IS NO REASON not to get this foundation! (or at least try)

Go to your nearest Lancome counter and ask for sample! You might love it as much as I do :)

See you later! :)


(GIVEAWAY CLOSED) Mizspa Bobbi Brown Day to Night Eye Palette International Giveaway

Hi Everyone!

Guess what?
It's giveaway time!

Thanks to Mizspa, I will be holding an international giveaway, and the prize is a brand new set of Bobbi Brown Day to Night Eye Palette!

Mizspa.com is an online beauty website that offers skincare, cosmetics and fragrances. They are based in Hong Kong but they ship internationally.They carry high end brands such as Chanel, La Prairie, Christian Dior, Bobbi Brown and lots more!

Please keep reading if you are interested in entering!

So Mizspa has given me another palette so I can review it! You know what? I love them. The pigmentation is really nice, and it can be your go-to smoky eyes palette. My favourite colour in this palette is the silver. It's very pigmented and it sticks to your lids. The matte black is also another colour any girl must have in their makeup collection. I also love the purple and the light champagne. I give this palette 3.5/5!

Giveaway Rules

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect (Click Here)

2. Like Mizspa Facebook Page! (Click Here)

3. Like My Facebook Page! (Click Here)

4. Follow my twitter and tweet: "I have entered @jeanicelie International Bobbi Brown Palette Giveaway www.pandablush.com"(Click Here)

You have to do all the things above to qualify and win the giveaway! Don't forget to comment in this blogpost and let me know your twitter handle, gfc, your fb, and if possible the link of the tweet!

Giveaway ends on 10 March 2013 5PM PST

Good luck babies!!

Here are me wearing the eyeshadow palette :)

Love the smoky effect from combining purple and black!
FOTD with Bobbi Brown Day to Night Palette

See you all girls


Indonesia & Singapore Trip!

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the lack of post!

To make up for it, I will have a Bobbi Brown palette giveaway this weekend! Stay tuned guys!

Just got back from my Indonesia & Singapore holiday!
Some of you guys might know that I am Indonesian and my parents are still back there,
so I took a 2 weeks holiday to Jakarta - and stopped by at Singapore for some crazy shopping spreeeee!

I stayed at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, and checked in to the Presidentia Suite. IT WAS AMAZING! The infinity pool was awesome, I swam on daylight but at nighttime the scenery was unbelievable! Shopped like crazy at Marina Bay Sands shops, because they have some brands that we don't have here in Sydney :)

Bought a new LV bag, another YSL arty ring and some makeup from Sephora on the first day!
The second day I went to Orchard Road (famous shopping district in Singapore), and bought a pair of Fendi flats and Peekaboo bag (watersnake skin) at Fendi Ngee Ann City!! Phew!

After shopping like crazy at SG, I went back to Jakarta but I could't go anywhere much because of the terrible flood. SAD.

But I managed to meet some of my old friends and family so it was awesome.

Back to work again - and I can't wait to plan my next holiday.. Maybe Hong Kong with Chaigyaru? :)

Here are some pictures from my instagram :)

First haul at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Shops. Shopped too much on the first day!

Last night before I depart overseas! Katherine's farewell dinner at Concrete Blonde :(

This is how much makeup excluding the skincare I bring overseas!

Eating Balinese Duck!! YUM!

Checked in at Presidential Suite at Marina Bay Sands. Amazing.

My Ngee Ann City Fendi Haul :)

My first Hermes bag :) It's a Kelly 32 in Clemence Leather

My pedicure and manicure in a Salon in Indonesia. Look at my swarovski encrusted toe LOL

My room at Marina Bay Sands. :)) 

Before going out with Joanna to Jakarta's highest bar, SKYE.

At SKYE, overlooking Jakarta on the 56th floor.

Our OOTD! Matching bag and shoes!!

Had a wonderful time in Jakarta

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