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Behind the scene :)

Hey everyone!
Long time no see :) I have been really busy with my makeup studies, and finally I have decided to make this post.

You guys know how much I love makeup. I love buying makeup, love talking about makeup, and of course applying makeup! But what I love the most about makeup is to make someone feel beautiful :) So I have taken a makeup course (some of you guys might know this from my twitter) to deepen my knowledge and also to get my makeup artist qualification.

So I started freelancing this year as a makeup artist! My area of concentration is : bridal. Of course prom and photoshoots too, but I just LOVE the style of bridal photography, styling, etc. Here are some makeup work that I've done for the past months. Please take a look!

Model: Sara Kahlau/Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sara Kahlau & Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sara Kahlau /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Joan Efrata
Model: Sara Kahlau /Photo: Joan Efrata
Model: Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
The Rocks Fashion Show 2012
Bride & Bridesmaids Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012 
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Behind the scene : My makeup laid out for the shoot
Doing my first face chart!

How is it guys? Please comment down below if you like it :)

So, I'm now available for freelance makeup job :) I am based in Sydney.
You can contact me for enquiry at:

Jeanice L.


Thank you very much x
Love you guys! Thanks for the ongoing support :) This is what I like to do best! x
-Jean L.

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