Pole dancing update + Krav Maga!

Hi everyone!

Today I will update you guys with what's happening in my life and pole dancing.
For those who follow my Twitter and Instagram, you all probably know that I do pole dancing for fitness.

Before a performance :)
I started doing it about March this year. So it's around 10 months til now.

I do it at Bobbi's Pole Dancing studio, which pretty much is the BEST pole dancing studio in Sydney.
All the girls there are so sweet, and the routines are sexy and fun!

It's not sleazy at all.
Pole dancing is fun and really good for upper and core strength.
It takes a lot of dedication and trial and errors to do the moves, and it's definitely not an easy exercise.

It's HARD. (at least for me, I was NOT flexible at all)

I was quite dedicated,
I went twice a week, because it consumes so much energy I can't do it too often.

I also go to gym more, because I need to train my upper body so I have more strength to do the moves.

Open legs handstand

Inverted V

Spinning Climb

But something bad happened 2 months ago.
I tore my right rotator arm cuff. 
It was painful.

I tried doing pole but it was just too painful.

So now I'm on a break, I feel pretty bummed.

Being a person that cannot just stay still and likes to be active,
I decided to take a martial arts class, which is Krav Maga!
It's an Israeli Self Defense technique used by army!


That's all for the update,

See you soon?


MichaelaLRR said...

Aw poor you! I'm just finishing my first semester at Bobbi's and found it so hard because of my total lack of flexibility. Have conquered Jamilla though, and signed up for next term!

missklicious said...

Pole dancing looks like fun, I need to pick up some more fun ways to exercise! How's the krav maga going?

Haku A. Hurricaen said...

Oh my!! I really wish I could do Pole Dancing for fitness! I've heard it's awesome and so much fun yet of course, super sexy I really wanna do it too - too bad they don't have it in the city I live in :c And I hope your hand will recover soon cause that sounds awfully painful!! Good luck with the Krav Maga, I really wanna pick up on Muay Thai to try it out, never got the chance while living there so :3

Take care!

Samy Bubblebeauty said...

Pole dancing look so hard and fun ! But i'm too shy to try it lol ! Anyway I hope you will recover completly soon ! xoxo

♥pandablush♥ said...

It is fun!
Don't be shy! It's all girls! x

Thank you dear, I hope so too!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Yes its HEAPS fun. Aw really? Where do you live?
Thank you so much! It was painful, it's getting better. I hope!
I heard Muay Thai is awesome. Krav Maga been good so far, it's useful!

Thanks x

♥pandablush♥ said...

It is fun! It's a fun way to do exercise :)
The krav maga takes so much energy and strength! Good exercise and of course a good skill to have!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you!
I am resting from Bobbi. I'll start again next year.
I get what you mean. I stretch every night now I'm quite flexible. Before I WAS HORRIBLE!

Good on you xx I hate those pesky upside down V!

Haku A. Hurricaen said...

I live in Denmark now, studying abroad, might extend it from College only to University as well c: They got no pole dancing in my area. I heard from my my friend that Muay Thai is the most dangerous combat sport in the world, so I really wanna get back into it! Nothing like being able to defend yourself!

You're welcome~

Niva Thongkham said...

Aww I just saw this post.. I don't know how you're coping.. I get sad after 1 week of no pole! Lol.. hope you heal soon! Your splits are looking good! See you soon xx

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