Merry Christmas 2012 & Styling my hair at Gallo!

Hello my beautiful readers,

Merry Christmas 2012!
Hope you had a joyful Christmas in this holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Kuma!!

A week ago I had a chance to experience a complimentary blowdry styling from Gallo Hair !
They are located in Darlinghurst, Sydney!

I brought my bestie Katherine from mybeautychord and it was really nice :)

It's almost holiday and party season so it's a good idea to actually know how to style my hair properly!
As you guys know, I cut my hair reaaaally short at the beginning of this year.
It has grown to a somewhat medium length, but it's such a weird length to style! Pretty frustrated!
Leaving it straight is a bit dull, but I am really bad with curling iron..

So the hairstylist expert at Gallo Hair, Cassy helped both of us style our hair!
And I must say I love it :) The staff are friendly, and they offered us with coffee,tea and biscuits while we were waiting for our turn!

Front view of Gallo Hair!

Progress shot.. :) Curled with GHD flat iron!

Katherine got some styling too!!!

After!! Gorgeous hair!! 
After - Back shot!
After - Katherine's
I will definitely come back for a blow dry and maybe try out their other services!

You can visit Gallo Hair at:

132 Crown St, Darlinghurst
(02) 9360 1192
(my hairstylist was Cassy)

The curl stayed for a LONG TIME!
We got our hair done at around 2pm and it still stays until late night!
Here's a proof :D

Joanna, Me, and Janice!
Girls night out at Pontoon!

See you next time girls,

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[Video] Skyfall 007 James Bond - Séverine / Bérénice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Here is my take on the new Bond Girl in Skyfall 007 - Berenice Marlohe.
I know it's not an exact replica of the look, it's a more wearable take on it!
I hope you enjoy the video, she is GORGEOUS!

Let me know in the comments section what look should I do next!

I'll try to do videos more often!

See you xx


Pole dancing update + Krav Maga!

Hi everyone!

Today I will update you guys with what's happening in my life and pole dancing.
For those who follow my Twitter and Instagram, you all probably know that I do pole dancing for fitness.

Before a performance :)
I started doing it about March this year. So it's around 10 months til now.

I do it at Bobbi's Pole Dancing studio, which pretty much is the BEST pole dancing studio in Sydney.
All the girls there are so sweet, and the routines are sexy and fun!

It's not sleazy at all.
Pole dancing is fun and really good for upper and core strength.
It takes a lot of dedication and trial and errors to do the moves, and it's definitely not an easy exercise.

It's HARD. (at least for me, I was NOT flexible at all)

I was quite dedicated,
I went twice a week, because it consumes so much energy I can't do it too often.

I also go to gym more, because I need to train my upper body so I have more strength to do the moves.

Open legs handstand

Inverted V

Spinning Climb

But something bad happened 2 months ago.
I tore my right rotator arm cuff. 
It was painful.

I tried doing pole but it was just too painful.

So now I'm on a break, I feel pretty bummed.

Being a person that cannot just stay still and likes to be active,
I decided to take a martial arts class, which is Krav Maga!
It's an Israeli Self Defense technique used by army!


That's all for the update,

See you soon?

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