(Video) From Day Makeup to Clubbing-Ready! + Clearasil PerfectaWash Giveaway!

(Scroll down to see the makeup tutorial!)

Hi :)
Do you guys know what time it is?
It's time for another makeup tutorial!

It's from my everyday makeup (see the tutorial here for my everyday makeup) to clubbing-ready makeup! If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram, I do love going out!
Especially if I'm with my besties - the night will be extra fun!

I love dressing up and put on more makeup than usual (haha) and also just dancing and mucking around with my favorite girls :)

But am I the only who put heaps more amount of makeup for clubbing makeup (or night makeup)?
No! Everyone does!
So be very careful not to leave any residue / traces of makeup, always deep cleanse your face after.
I make sure I ALWAYS clean my face after I got back from clubbing (no matter how drunk I am...) because I'm paranoid like that.

Deep cleansing means you have to first clean your whole face with makeup remover (I am using MUFE Eye Makeup Remover for the eyes and Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for the whole face), and then wash it with your face wash to make sure that no traces of makeup is left behind. It's even better if you apply toner after to balance your skin's pH.

Clearasil has sponsored me with their newest product, Clearasil PerfectaWash - which is a automatic cleansing wash dispenser. It dispenses the perfect amount of product for your face, because sometimes too much is not good for your skin! It smells yummy and you can just buy the refill when you're done! Talking about saving the environment! It's available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract :)

I am giving away 3 Clearasil PerfectaWash to my subscribers!

Here's how:
1. Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel.
2. Follow my twitter.
3. After watching the makeup tutorial, please leave a comment in the YouTube video answering this question: "What is your biggest skin concern?"

I'll be announcing the winner on my next blogpost which I'll announce as well in twitter!

Without any further ado,
Enjoy the makeup tutorial!

You can visit Clearasil and like their facebook page here:

Talk to you soon!

Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash with Super Fruit Extracts RRP $19.99 Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta  refills RRP $11.99 
Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies, and independent retailers.


Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

Love the way u do ur winged :) So perfect!

Amanda said...

your make up is always so perfect!

twitter id: amandahky
youtube: rawrmanda09

My biggest skin concern will always be ageing!

Sue said...

You are so gorgeous Jean!
My biggest skin concern is not breaking out I guess. From 13-17 I had really terrible acne in my t-zone so I started wearing foundation at a really young age, and always had a fringe covering my forehead acne (just further increasing the breakouts) so I'm really careful with my skin now that it's cleared up.
My youtube username and twitter are suelovexx :)

Samy Bubblebeauty said...

Red lipstick suit you very well ! Gorgeous as usual sweety <3


LAURA said...

glad you're posting youtube videos!! ur gorgeous xx

Laura x


Lucy Pilz said...

You look amazing. Love a red lip! And i also love Perfecta wash: really gets in there and cleans out the gunk! Highly recommended!

Take care, your newest follower,

Luc X


ebakkalis said...

You are gorgeous and your make up is super-perfect!
I am following you on twitter as @fengari1
My biggest concern is enlarged pores... no matter what I do, they don't decrease in size!

♥pandablush♥ said...

I've always struggled with acne too.
I had fringe and it made it worse for the forehead area!

Thanks sue xx

How is your skin now?
My skin is a lot BETTER but a lot of work and dedication go into it! And a lot of time too!!!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you xx It's a bit much for everyday but I like wearing it once in a while!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks Laura!
What would you like to see next in my video x

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks Lucy!
Im glad you like the product!! :)


♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you so much! xx
Pores is hard hey :( I heard Vissionnare from Lancome is great but sadly it broke me out!
But it worked for my friend!

Sue said...

Yeah my skin is much better too! I'm at the stage where I only wear BB cream or a very light coverage foundation, whereas 2 years ago I would have been looking for full coverage foundation everyday! I don't get acne anymore but I do have some scarring and redness around my t-zone but a light foundation covers it fine. I just feel so much more confident now!

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