(Video) Everyday Glam Makeup Tutorial + Clearasil Perfecta Wash

(Scroll down to see the makeup tutorial!)

Hello everyone!
See? I kept my promise!

A lot of people have been requesting me to do a video makeup tutorial (here and on my instagram!)
It's nothing special, but my current routine is my favourite so far.
The finished look just makes my skin looks extra flawless (and I DONT have perfect skin).

It seems like a lot of effort and products, but I have to look extra 'good' when I work in the beauty industry because people look up to me for advice. I can't look sloppy! I have to look like I put extra effort into my appearance.

But we girls should know that our makeup is only as good as the skin underneath. Why is that? Better complexion and clearer skin will make the most of your makeup.

It's quite tiring to cake on makeup to cover your imperfections everyday (trust me I've been there) when what you should be doing is correcting the core problem itself.

One thing that some girls always forget to do is wash their face.

Sweat and bacteria clogs our pores everyday and the best thing to do is to wash it every morning and at night before you sleep. It sounds simple, but washing your face with water or just using cleansing wipes is not enough.

Clearasil has launched Clearasil Perfecta Wash in Australia, and it developed to dispense the perfect balance of nourishing skin nutrients combined with active ingredient for visibly beautiful skin. It helps protect and prevent against pimples, meaning the perfect balance is delivered to our skin with no wastage!

The good thing about this is that you can just buy the refills when you finish using the product! (saving the environment wohoo!) It's available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract and they smell deeeelicious!

I will be giving away Clearasil Perfecta Wash in the next post! Stay tuned!

And nowwww... for the tutorial! Enjoy!

Most of the products are here in the previous blogpost.
Enjoy and have fun girls! x

You can visit Clearasil and like their facebook page here:

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Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash with Super Fruit Extracts RRP $19.99 Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta  refills RRP $11.99 
Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies, and independent retailers.


Jeslina Limanjaya said...

u yeaa, you make me wanna buy a highlighter :D
nice makeups, as always. and Kuma's hair is just toooo cute!


Samy Bubblebeauty said...

I've been following you for a while but I'm happy to see a video tutorial ! Thanks Jean you're gorgeous ! I hope you will do more make up tutorial =)
XOXO - Samy


Jessica Lau said...

looks like a nice product..love the dispencer

loved the video aswell..you look great with or without makeup!


♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you so much! Glad you like it! xxx
I will upload another video maybe tomorrow xx

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you xx Im flattered!!

Serena Secco said...

You look stunning girl!
and I love your puppy *_*
A loser like me

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