Yves Saint Laurent Haul + Clubbing FOTD! :)

Hi girls! (and guys)
How was your week so far? Mine's pretty good!
Started my Certificate II in Makeup course this week and it's pretty exciting for me!
I'll update more about it later - but first...

So I saw Valerie from Ponikuta tweeted about how she just bought the special Valentine's Day edition Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring from Net-a-porter - and it just reminded me how how badly I wanted to get them (especially the turquoise one) but they seemed to be always out of stock! Plenty of people sell them on eBay but then the jacked up the price - reaching $380! It's pretty ridiculous so I just wait until they're back in stock. Then I saw Emily  posted an instagram photo of her new azul Arty so I checked on Net-a-porter to see what colours they have this season - and then I saw it!! They have the turquoise one in stock and they have it in my size too! So I just quickly purchased it (impulse buy lol) because I'm scared that they will be out of stock again :(

The shipping only took 2 days - which is crazy fast! Here are some photos of this beauty :)

Fresh out of the box 
Hello lover!  (excuse my fat fingers)
That's it for the ring.. and now for my clubbing FOTD!
Yesterday I went clubbing with Janice, Kath, and Joanna :)  
So this is the makeup look for yesterday, nothing special! Just some gold,bronze,and taupe eyeshadow with some false lashes!

Not good at blending apparently. 
Wahh my hair is messy T_T
Me and the beautiful girls x
Using my YSL for the first time here as you can see! :)))
Love these girls x
Janice, Kath, and moi ;)

By the way guys, I have finally jumped into the bandwagon and decided to make a Facebook page!
I will do some mini posts, instagram photos, and much more there :)
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That's all for today , hope to see you all again soon x



Ponikuta said...

Love the ring on you, it's gorgeous!! Good pick !! xx

Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

Your ring, so pretty... Nice ^^

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks val! :)) Been lemming for this ring idk since how long! Finally :)

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks fenny :)

LittoMokaa said...

That ring is gorgeous!! I love your makeup, so gorgeous :) Do you mind letting me know which lipstick you were wearing?

Btw love your blog, I'm a new follower ;)

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks hun :)
I was wearing Burberry Lip Cover in Antique Rose + MAC HK Mimmy Lipglass.
Thanks glad you love my blog :)))

Jeanie said...

LOVE the ring on you!!! It makes me want another one!! And I justify my purchase as not an impulse since I have wanted it for forever so that makes it OK hehe plus I have been wearing it everyday so cost-per-wear! Love your makeup also! Falsies look awesome :)

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks Jean x Hehehe! Im addicted too! :3
Ah good thinking there... Haha but it took me about 5 secs to put it in my cart.. lol! Yes! it just pops!
Thanks Jean - yes falsies are <3

catherine_xxoo said...

LOVE THE RING!!!!! so beautifullllll!
what lipstick are you wearing?? :O

♥pandablush♥ said...

thanks catherine!! YES! Im in love with it too~
Im wearing burberry lip cover in antique rose x

Colleen said...

that ring is gorgeous! i've been wanting one for a while too. love the color especially
you're so pretty!

Joanna Nishimoto said...

I love your blog~!! You're so beautiful^^
That ring is so....<3 ★

sleepandwater said...

Gorgeous YSL ring, that colour is definitely my favourite as well!

Beautiful_lan said...

wow! i find your site very interesting and you are very beautiful *-*

now im following you <3



Xanh Pham said...

I love your blog and pictures! <3 Keep up doing the great job sweetie! I'm following you! x

Margaret said...

Mmmm wow that ring is definitely worth it, it looks stunning. And your makeup looks equally gorgeous !

Yvetteojeda said...

Hi, what eyeshadows are you wearing! U have convinced me to buy the ring!


theblissfullife14 said...

That has to be the prettiest ring I've seen in my life!

Stephie Wefie said...

Oh my goodness. I NEED that ring!!

Oreleona said...

that ring is beautifull!!!

Monika said...

I love how beautiful you look. Gorgeous. xx


MIKA GAL said...

omo i so love the ring =)


Constance said...

I'm so in love with this ring!!!


Pitaloka Ramadina said...

Love the ring & your lips color <3
Anyway, You've got tag from me -> http://tujuhwarnapelangi.tumblr.com/post/19885109878/tag-11-long-post Cek yah :)

Heidi Harlequin said...

I am in love with that ring! I am new to your blog and I'm so glad I found it! I invite you to check out mine! =)

Have a great weekend!

Bittenbefore Bittenbefore said...

gorgeous ring!!

Caprice said...

Love the ring please check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other www.starryeyed-1.blogspot.co.uk

Nty & J said...

Love that ring

LAURA said...

omg! i want that ring! i love turqoise :)
hows the sizing? I'm too scared to buy it online without knowing how the sizing works :S

Laura x


nik said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!


j huang said...

you look gorgeous in your clubbing photo! :) and loveee the YSL ring! worth the money i'll say! ;)


joy said...

nice ring! I have the pink one and I LOVE it <333


Beautiful_lan said...

wow! the outfits are so amazing *-* all girls are so nice. you blog is very interesting. now im following you <3


outfortea said...

your make-up is beautiful & i love the luminescent skin.

styt said...

you're all so pretty~!

Joy Jin said...

The ring is gorgeous! You girls look lovely!


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