LUSH Haul + My Holygrail Face mask!

Hello everybody :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Many of you guys may not know this, but I LOOOOOVE LUSH! 
Been filling up my bathroom with Lush products, I think their products smell yum and fresh :)
A big fan of the Rockstar soap, Honey I Washed The Kids soap, Snow Fairy body wash, and the masks (I will review this soon!) - especially Cosmetic Warrior!

First these are the things I've picked up from LUSH recently + review...

Rehab - Liquid Shampoo
I bought this shampoo because it claimed to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair.. and my hair is completely and badly abused. I dyed my hair jet black just few days after I dyed it light brown. What the hell was I thinking :/ Anyways, the smell is oil-ish... Like massage oil ? It contains enzymic papaya and almond oil. It's supposed to condition my very dry and fragile hair... so far I'm loving it. My hair feels more bouncy and not as dry but I'm not a big fan of the smell though. I can live with it.. I just need to find a nice smelling conditioner. I'm currently using Agadir Argan Oil conditioner and it's almost run out... :( Need to go to LUSH again soon...

Now onto the face masks. At first I have never thought of buying face masks from LUSH because they all look like edible and it's like putting food on your face.. But one day I finally bought their masks which are Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake... And I've loved them since then. They are just so yum and they really work! The only downside is that they only last for 2 weeks so I have to use them generously, but that is also a good thing because they're fresh and they contain no preservatives. You have to put them in your fridge! Detailed review below :)

Cosmetic Warrior - Fresh Face Mask
It's my first face mask from LUSH and my holy grail so far. I got it after talking with the super nice LUSH SA at Queen Victoria Building. I wanted a mask for my occasional hormonal breakouts and just to control excess sebum and oil (FYI, I have oily/combination skin). It claims to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe troubled skin - which exactly what I wanted. I use this every other day and still using it now. I sometimes get breakouts on my forehead and after I use this mask - it calms the redness and my skin just feels so refreshed! It contains garlic, tea tree essential oil, fresh grapes, honey, and free range eggs. It smells a bit weird (like putting garlic and egg on your face) but it doesn't bother me that much. It's a must buy for me and I will continue to purchase it! Love love love it!

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Fresh Face Mask
Now this is the yummiest face mask ever! It contains blueberries, chamomile, Irish moss, and almond oil. Blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation and act as a mild antiseptic. It smells divine.. like a blueberry yoghurt. I love putting it on my face! I'm currently alternating this mask with my Cosmetic Warrior mask - and so far so good! Love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and it actually reduces redness - so I think it's the perfect combo to use if you have an acne prone skin like me! (it's what the SA said as well hehe) I also love how it's blue in colour! Might want to try different LUSH face mask in the future, but I'm going to stick with these two for now ;)

That's all for now, I hope my review helps you guys decide which masks you want to get from LUSH next time :) They really really are very good!

Oh here are some pictures of my sister's birthday dinner at SOKYO ( The Star).
You can see my sunburnt skin :/

My younger sister, me, and my older sis! 

See you lovelies x


Jian said...

happy belated birthday to your sis! :) I can see the likeness between you and her! But you three are possibly the cutest sisters ever :3

Thanks for the reviews on the lush products. I really need to check it out sometime. I can't say the first mask sounds like it would smell good at all! But if it doesnt bother you it cant be that bad? I seriously need some masks to combat acne T.T I am breaking out like crazy. Will look into getting these!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks Jian! :) Hehe but I really envy her prominent dimples!
No worries, glad I can help you out! Yes! It smells eggish... but still I don't mind at all.. you can try and smell it at the lush counter to test it out! I think this would be a great one for you if you have acne prone skin.. ilke mine T_T been breaking out on my forehead lately.. lack of sleep perhaps?

Thanks for reading x

Anonymous said...

Hey you look so cute with the red bag. Well written post it was a pleasure reading the rest of your other post too. Oh and Happy Birthday Ci Lita!

Ando said...

Hey you look cute with your red bag. Well written post, I enjoyed reading it and also the rest of your other post. Oh and Happy Birthday Ci Lita!

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thank you, my secret admirer ;) Ahahahaha! She'll be thrilled thanks x

mybeautychord said...

nice post as always Jean <3 will definitely try one of the masks next time I visit Lush:)


Jian said...

I definitely have acne prone skin. I do one thing wrong..like eat junk, sleep too late or get stressed and suddenly spots appear! :(

My forehead is also bad at hte moment from me eating too many sugary foods. There is an interesting face map chart of the causes of acne: http://www.skinacea.com/acne/acne-face-map.html definitely worth looking at I think!

Jjeenniii said...

helloo ciii !! i think i saw u at the temple @ city last year : p
i am using LUSH products as well now, in love with their scents that drive me nuts. Atm, brazened honey is my face mask and highly recommended to exfoliate dull skin.

Clarissa Lum said...

mm wanting to try more Lush products after reading this! especially the shampoo + fresh face mask.. the only lush prod I have is their bubble gum lip scrub.. so yummy~!

Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

The face mask looks interesting ^^
Haven't tried yet before but sound good one
Nice blog like as usual :)

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks baby k <3 Hehehe next time we go you should def try them ^_^
hugs and kisses x

♥pandablush♥ said...

hahaha really! next time you see me then talk to me! x hahah
yeppp they smell so delish! ah, ill definitely check that one out! my skin is pretty dull sometimes lol :) thanks for the recommendation x

♥pandablush♥ said...

Hehe try them at the Lush store - maybe on your hand and smell them first! You'll like them! I love that scrub as well.. it smells yum and it's edible as well! Btw i'm falling in love with your photography babe... They're all very very amazing. I'm taking a makeup course starting next week :) I want to be a freelance makeup artist! xD

♥pandablush♥ said...

Thanks fenny :) Hehehe you should check these out!
Thanks for commenting and reading my blog babe x

Clarissa Lum said...

will defs make a visit! :D

ooh awesome freelance mua! hope we'll bump into each other one day in the industry ;D if you ever need a photographer, you know who to ask :) <3

Fenny (Ladies-homejournal) said...

Sure. If i can find this i will try it :)
U see my new eyebrow pencil also because i watch u used at youtube and really look nice on u. that's why i also try it and hell yeahhhh reallu good. thank's for the review babe ;D
btw Happy Valentine's day ^^

Jay Ang said...

the catastrophe sounds so yummy. i've never bought a lush product before but i always hear good reviews on them. do you think it is good for tired skin? LOL! ive been trying to do some research lately.

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Sue said...

Thanks for the Lush review, I've just started getting into their products lately. Always good to see reviews on products that I can potentially try. PS passed on the Totally Smitten Award to you!! :) :)

aida camilo said...

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Maikerx said...

love your blog. you have a beautiful family. I'm your newest follower. please follow back. :)


Emy said...

AHH That is forever on my wish list!

Lovely blog you have dear xx
New follower~

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Diana L Garcia said...

your blog is amazing! I will definitely have to give that mask a try! Im a new follower :)


Rindodo ♥ said...

I wanna try the catastrophe mask too! thanks for sharing <3

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Thankyou for sharing! :D The masks seem so lovely! I didn't know they didn't put preservatives in them and things, just another reason to try.


Linda Li said...

i've been using mask of mangaminty and it works really well for oily/combination skin too :)

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