Yves Saint Laurent Haul + Clubbing FOTD! :)

Hi girls! (and guys)
How was your week so far? Mine's pretty good!
Started my Certificate II in Makeup course this week and it's pretty exciting for me!
I'll update more about it later - but first...

So I saw Valerie from Ponikuta tweeted about how she just bought the special Valentine's Day edition Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring from Net-a-porter - and it just reminded me how how badly I wanted to get them (especially the turquoise one) but they seemed to be always out of stock! Plenty of people sell them on eBay but then the jacked up the price - reaching $380! It's pretty ridiculous so I just wait until they're back in stock. Then I saw Emily  posted an instagram photo of her new azul Arty so I checked on Net-a-porter to see what colours they have this season - and then I saw it!! They have the turquoise one in stock and they have it in my size too! So I just quickly purchased it (impulse buy lol) because I'm scared that they will be out of stock again :(

The shipping only took 2 days - which is crazy fast! Here are some photos of this beauty :)

Fresh out of the box 
Hello lover!  (excuse my fat fingers)
That's it for the ring.. and now for my clubbing FOTD!
Yesterday I went clubbing with Janice, Kath, and Joanna :)  
So this is the makeup look for yesterday, nothing special! Just some gold,bronze,and taupe eyeshadow with some false lashes!

Not good at blending apparently. 
Wahh my hair is messy T_T
Me and the beautiful girls x
Using my YSL for the first time here as you can see! :)))
Love these girls x
Janice, Kath, and moi ;)

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That's all for today , hope to see you all again soon x



LUSH Haul + My Holygrail Face mask!

Hello everybody :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Many of you guys may not know this, but I LOOOOOVE LUSH! 
Been filling up my bathroom with Lush products, I think their products smell yum and fresh :)
A big fan of the Rockstar soap, Honey I Washed The Kids soap, Snow Fairy body wash, and the masks (I will review this soon!) - especially Cosmetic Warrior!

First these are the things I've picked up from LUSH recently + review...

Rehab - Liquid Shampoo
I bought this shampoo because it claimed to restore strength and flexibility to abused hair.. and my hair is completely and badly abused. I dyed my hair jet black just few days after I dyed it light brown. What the hell was I thinking :/ Anyways, the smell is oil-ish... Like massage oil ? It contains enzymic papaya and almond oil. It's supposed to condition my very dry and fragile hair... so far I'm loving it. My hair feels more bouncy and not as dry but I'm not a big fan of the smell though. I can live with it.. I just need to find a nice smelling conditioner. I'm currently using Agadir Argan Oil conditioner and it's almost run out... :( Need to go to LUSH again soon...

Now onto the face masks. At first I have never thought of buying face masks from LUSH because they all look like edible and it's like putting food on your face.. But one day I finally bought their masks which are Cosmetic Warrior and Cupcake... And I've loved them since then. They are just so yum and they really work! The only downside is that they only last for 2 weeks so I have to use them generously, but that is also a good thing because they're fresh and they contain no preservatives. You have to put them in your fridge! Detailed review below :)

Cosmetic Warrior - Fresh Face Mask
It's my first face mask from LUSH and my holy grail so far. I got it after talking with the super nice LUSH SA at Queen Victoria Building. I wanted a mask for my occasional hormonal breakouts and just to control excess sebum and oil (FYI, I have oily/combination skin). It claims to combat spots, cleanse dirt, calm and soothe troubled skin - which exactly what I wanted. I use this every other day and still using it now. I sometimes get breakouts on my forehead and after I use this mask - it calms the redness and my skin just feels so refreshed! It contains garlic, tea tree essential oil, fresh grapes, honey, and free range eggs. It smells a bit weird (like putting garlic and egg on your face) but it doesn't bother me that much. It's a must buy for me and I will continue to purchase it! Love love love it!

Catastrophe Cosmetic - Fresh Face Mask
Now this is the yummiest face mask ever! It contains blueberries, chamomile, Irish moss, and almond oil. Blueberries are rich in beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to reduce inflammation and act as a mild antiseptic. It smells divine.. like a blueberry yoghurt. I love putting it on my face! I'm currently alternating this mask with my Cosmetic Warrior mask - and so far so good! Love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and it actually reduces redness - so I think it's the perfect combo to use if you have an acne prone skin like me! (it's what the SA said as well hehe) I also love how it's blue in colour! Might want to try different LUSH face mask in the future, but I'm going to stick with these two for now ;)

That's all for now, I hope my review helps you guys decide which masks you want to get from LUSH next time :) They really really are very good!

Oh here are some pictures of my sister's birthday dinner at SOKYO ( The Star).
You can see my sunburnt skin :/

My younger sister, me, and my older sis! 

See you lovelies x


Clean & Clear Morning Burst Launch

Hello everyone!

I am going to blog about an event that I attended on the 31st January, held by Clean & Clear and PLATINUM Media & Communications. The event started at 9.00 a.m. in the morning at The Ivy Pool Lounge in Wynyard, so I was pretty excited about it! I decided to take my bestie Katherine with me, to encourage her to start a beauty blog because she's been wanting to make one but always hesitant to take the first step. Finally she created her very own beauty blog:

Please support her by visiting her blog here: http://www.mybeautychord.blogspot.com ! She is super pretty and mad awesome. :)

Continuing to the event, so I met her at Wynyard station at about 8.45 am (early morning!) - and we walked there together. When we arrived to the venue, we were pretty amazed! The decorations were super pretty! Everything were so colourful - 

Loving the colour schemes.. and look at those pool balls!
Table centrepieces made from the line's main ingredients
The tables are filled with Clean & Clear Morning Burst products 
Goodie bags are colour coordinated - just like the line!
As soon as we arrived to the venue, the super friendly PRs from Platinum greeted us and made us feel comfortable :) I was pretty nervous back then hehe. After that we went to the bar and grab some tea & coffee - because I haven't eaten anything since morning! Tasty canap├ęs were also being served so we had our 'breakfast' there! After that, we met Alisha - who is the brand manager of Clean & Clear, we talked briefly about beauty blogging and she is really sweet!

Oh, and a little while before the main event started - I recognised some familiar faces from ABBW 2011, which are Tram and Alice! So we sit on the same table :) Lucky us!

Alice, Tram, & Katherine
So it's time for the main event - there are three special guests: Makeup Artist Yolanda Lukowski, R&D Expert Sharon Dowling, and the beautiful Carissa Walford - model and Channel [V] host. Alisha was introducing their new range for Clean & Clear Morning Burst: Shine Control and Skin Brightening line which consists of facial cleanser and scrub. 

Alisha - Clean & Clear Brand Manager
MUA Yolanda Lukowski, R&D expert Sharon Dowling
Clean & Clear Morning Burst products are designed to suit younger audience and their busy lifestyle, who needs the 'push' to make them feel invigorated in the morning and feeling fresh daily. According to the website, it wakes you up with a fresh citrus scent while soft BURSTING BEADS® burst with energy and vitamins, leaving your skin feeling clean, energized and ready to face the day. 

My initial review: I have oily skin especially in summer, so I tried the Shine Control Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub. My skin feel super fresh and I genuinely felt awaken (before I was pretty sleepy and could not open my eyes hehe)! It felt minty...? And the citrus smell really does awaken your senses :) As for the oil control - it helped a tad bit but maybe it's because I use my Hourglass primer? I don't know. Well the scrub is very gentle and it's suitable for everyday use. These products are suitable for people who feel very sleepy and dead in the morning :) That's why it's called Morning Burst! Such a fitting name!

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Products
Beauty blogger with the beautiful Carissa Walford!
Thanks Platinum PR & Clean and Clear for the fab event! Don't mind my icky hair please...
Posing in front of Ivy with the goodie bag!

Both of the new ranges of Morning Burst products will be available to purchase at Priceline and selected pharmacies in March. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading guys!


It's Summer! Suntanning on Bronte Beach!

Hello guys!

How is it going :)
I have decided, I will update this blog more often now - with more photo posts instead of just beauty reviews - so my blog won't look as dead. Hehehe.

So last weekend Janice (Chaigyaru) and me went to Bronte Beach to catch up after almost 2 months not meeting her (missed her!) and most importantly - suntanning! The weather hasn't been all that great this summer in Sydney - so when we knew that Sunday will be sunny we were sooo happy!

It was super fun!
We suntanned for about 1.30 hours or 2 hours even and just enjoy the sun! (35 C degree that day!)
Here are some pictures of us camwhoring the whole day...

After suntanning, we went to one of the cafes near by the beach, and have a nice lunch! 

I have been super fair all my life, and I asked Janice for spray tan recommendation.
She recommended me 'Sugarbaby' because the shade is perfect (not too dark) and it's not expensive too!
So we went and bought it - I have tried it and LOVE IT!
(will post a detailed review soon) it looks so natural and no streaks!

After that we went back to my apartment because we previously discussed that we're going to Melbourne together for the easter break, so we finally went and bought the ticket! :)
Can't wait!

I used to hate beach and summer, but now I have learnt to love it more :)
See you guys soon x


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