Merry Christmas 2012 & Styling my hair at Gallo!

Hello my beautiful readers,

Merry Christmas 2012!
Hope you had a joyful Christmas in this holiday season!

Merry Christmas from Kuma!!

A week ago I had a chance to experience a complimentary blowdry styling from Gallo Hair !
They are located in Darlinghurst, Sydney!

I brought my bestie Katherine from mybeautychord and it was really nice :)

It's almost holiday and party season so it's a good idea to actually know how to style my hair properly!
As you guys know, I cut my hair reaaaally short at the beginning of this year.
It has grown to a somewhat medium length, but it's such a weird length to style! Pretty frustrated!
Leaving it straight is a bit dull, but I am really bad with curling iron..

So the hairstylist expert at Gallo Hair, Cassy helped both of us style our hair!
And I must say I love it :) The staff are friendly, and they offered us with coffee,tea and biscuits while we were waiting for our turn!

Front view of Gallo Hair!

Progress shot.. :) Curled with GHD flat iron!

Katherine got some styling too!!!

After!! Gorgeous hair!! 
After - Back shot!
After - Katherine's
I will definitely come back for a blow dry and maybe try out their other services!

You can visit Gallo Hair at:

132 Crown St, Darlinghurst
(02) 9360 1192
(my hairstylist was Cassy)

The curl stayed for a LONG TIME!
We got our hair done at around 2pm and it still stays until late night!
Here's a proof :D

Joanna, Me, and Janice!
Girls night out at Pontoon!

See you next time girls,

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[Video] Skyfall 007 James Bond - Séverine / Bérénice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hi everyone!

Here is my take on the new Bond Girl in Skyfall 007 - Berenice Marlohe.
I know it's not an exact replica of the look, it's a more wearable take on it!
I hope you enjoy the video, she is GORGEOUS!

Let me know in the comments section what look should I do next!

I'll try to do videos more often!

See you xx


Pole dancing update + Krav Maga!

Hi everyone!

Today I will update you guys with what's happening in my life and pole dancing.
For those who follow my Twitter and Instagram, you all probably know that I do pole dancing for fitness.

Before a performance :)
I started doing it about March this year. So it's around 10 months til now.

I do it at Bobbi's Pole Dancing studio, which pretty much is the BEST pole dancing studio in Sydney.
All the girls there are so sweet, and the routines are sexy and fun!

It's not sleazy at all.
Pole dancing is fun and really good for upper and core strength.
It takes a lot of dedication and trial and errors to do the moves, and it's definitely not an easy exercise.

It's HARD. (at least for me, I was NOT flexible at all)

I was quite dedicated,
I went twice a week, because it consumes so much energy I can't do it too often.

I also go to gym more, because I need to train my upper body so I have more strength to do the moves.

Open legs handstand

Inverted V

Spinning Climb

But something bad happened 2 months ago.
I tore my right rotator arm cuff. 
It was painful.

I tried doing pole but it was just too painful.

So now I'm on a break, I feel pretty bummed.

Being a person that cannot just stay still and likes to be active,
I decided to take a martial arts class, which is Krav Maga!
It's an Israeli Self Defense technique used by army!


That's all for the update,

See you soon?


Halloween 2012! Trick or treat!

Hey girls!
I hope you had a good weekend!

Today's post is about last weekend - Halloween!
Halloween has always been really fun for me since I loveeee to dress up ! (note: I used to cosplay haha)
Last year I was a pirate, and it was heaps fun! So me and my best girls dressed up!

This year I dressed up as a sailor/schoolgirl!
I curled my hair and did pigtails so I look younger lol.
Just a basic smokey eye with fake lashes, I also dotted a lot of freckles on my face with eyebrow pencil.
To complete the look, I put on red hot lipstick (Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle! My fav!)

We went to Kin.ki (Saturday nights at City Hotel!) for Halloween this year, it was fun!
I sometimes go there for a night out, so If you see me there don't forget to say hi!!

Be warned, This post is full of cam-hoing pictures :)

My Sailor Halloween Look!

Freckles are cute!
Me and Janice (chaigyaru) in Geisha Costume!

Joanna as a sexy vampire, me as sailor, Janice as geisha, and Kath as daisy duke!

I have the most beautiful girlfriends in the whole wide world :)

Hello Sailor!

All of us together :) 

at Kin.ki!

With Tina & Bettina at Kin.ki

So that's all for halloween this year :)
What did you dress up as this year ? Tell me in the comments section below!

You can also tell me what makeup tutorial you want to see me do, so I have an idea what to do on my next Youtube video!

Thank you and have a good week guys!



(Video) Effortless Beauty Makeup Tutorial + Clearasil PerfectaWash Review

(Scroll down to see the makeup tutorial!)

Hi Everyone!
Today I'm going to do a more in-depth review of Clearasil PerfectaWash, and also a makeup tutorial (fun!) The makeup tutorial that I'm going to show you today is an Effortless Beauty Makeup Tutorial!
It's simpler than my everyday makeup routine, but still have a flawless finish.

Clearasil has sponsored me with their newest product, Clearasil PerfectaWash - which is a automatic cleansing wash dispenser. It dispenses the perfect amount of product for your face, because sometimes too much is not good for your skin! It smells yummy and you can just buy the refill when you're done! Talking about saving the environment! It's available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract :)

Review: It smells YUM! It lathers up really nicely and I love that in a cleanser. I think it just adds to the cleansing experience :) You also get the squeaky clean feeling after you use it, so that's a good thing as well. But you need to moisturize after (of course) because it might be a tad drying by itself. I haven't had any breakout (thankfully) and I think it's a good everyday cleanser and it's more fun as well since the packaging is awesome (hello future).

So the idea behind this makeup, is that so you can leave the house with less and less makeup everyday (MY ULTIMATE DREAM). I still have few acne scars left, that's why I still need the coverage. I'll show you how in this video to achieve a natural effortless makeup, focusing on the complexion and less on the eyes! I chose a non-comedogenic foundation as well and I haven't had any breakout because of it.

Here is the finished look.

Sorry for the disgusting hair :(

Enjoy the video!

Here's the list of the products that I'm using in the video:
1. Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H Foundation in 03
2. Chanel Correcteur Perfection in 20
3. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Beige
4. Lancome Le Crayon Poudre in Brun
5. Benefit Brows a go go
6. Dior Lipliner in Beige Naturel
7. Becca Cream Blush in Tuberose
8. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
9. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in No.7
10. Chanel Loose Powder in No.30

You can visit Clearasil and like their facebook page here:

Talk to you soon!

Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash with Super Fruit Extracts RRP $19.99 Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta  refills RRP $11.99 
Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies, and independent retailers.


(Video) From Day Makeup to Clubbing-Ready! + Clearasil PerfectaWash Giveaway!

(Scroll down to see the makeup tutorial!)

Hi :)
Do you guys know what time it is?
It's time for another makeup tutorial!

It's from my everyday makeup (see the tutorial here for my everyday makeup) to clubbing-ready makeup! If you guys follow me on twitter or instagram, I do love going out!
Especially if I'm with my besties - the night will be extra fun!

I love dressing up and put on more makeup than usual (haha) and also just dancing and mucking around with my favorite girls :)

But am I the only who put heaps more amount of makeup for clubbing makeup (or night makeup)?
No! Everyone does!
So be very careful not to leave any residue / traces of makeup, always deep cleanse your face after.
I make sure I ALWAYS clean my face after I got back from clubbing (no matter how drunk I am...) because I'm paranoid like that.

Deep cleansing means you have to first clean your whole face with makeup remover (I am using MUFE Eye Makeup Remover for the eyes and Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for the whole face), and then wash it with your face wash to make sure that no traces of makeup is left behind. It's even better if you apply toner after to balance your skin's pH.

Clearasil has sponsored me with their newest product, Clearasil PerfectaWash - which is a automatic cleansing wash dispenser. It dispenses the perfect amount of product for your face, because sometimes too much is not good for your skin! It smells yummy and you can just buy the refill when you're done! Talking about saving the environment! It's available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract :)

I am giving away 3 Clearasil PerfectaWash to my subscribers!

Here's how:
1. Make sure you are subscribed to my Youtube channel.
2. Follow my twitter.
3. After watching the makeup tutorial, please leave a comment in the YouTube video answering this question: "What is your biggest skin concern?"

I'll be announcing the winner on my next blogpost which I'll announce as well in twitter!

Without any further ado,
Enjoy the makeup tutorial!

You can visit Clearasil and like their facebook page here:

Talk to you soon!

Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash with Super Fruit Extracts RRP $19.99 Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta  refills RRP $11.99 
Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies, and independent retailers.


(Video) Everyday Glam Makeup Tutorial + Clearasil Perfecta Wash

(Scroll down to see the makeup tutorial!)

Hello everyone!
See? I kept my promise!

A lot of people have been requesting me to do a video makeup tutorial (here and on my instagram!)
It's nothing special, but my current routine is my favourite so far.
The finished look just makes my skin looks extra flawless (and I DONT have perfect skin).

It seems like a lot of effort and products, but I have to look extra 'good' when I work in the beauty industry because people look up to me for advice. I can't look sloppy! I have to look like I put extra effort into my appearance.

But we girls should know that our makeup is only as good as the skin underneath. Why is that? Better complexion and clearer skin will make the most of your makeup.

It's quite tiring to cake on makeup to cover your imperfections everyday (trust me I've been there) when what you should be doing is correcting the core problem itself.

One thing that some girls always forget to do is wash their face.

Sweat and bacteria clogs our pores everyday and the best thing to do is to wash it every morning and at night before you sleep. It sounds simple, but washing your face with water or just using cleansing wipes is not enough.

Clearasil has launched Clearasil Perfecta Wash in Australia, and it developed to dispense the perfect balance of nourishing skin nutrients combined with active ingredient for visibly beautiful skin. It helps protect and prevent against pimples, meaning the perfect balance is delivered to our skin with no wastage!

The good thing about this is that you can just buy the refills when you finish using the product! (saving the environment wohoo!) It's available in Super Fruit Extract and Soothing Plant Extract and they smell deeeelicious!

I will be giving away Clearasil Perfecta Wash in the next post! Stay tuned!

And nowwww... for the tutorial! Enjoy!

Most of the products are here in the previous blogpost.
Enjoy and have fun girls! x

You can visit Clearasil and like their facebook page here:

By the way, if you guys haven't followed me on NuffnangX yet, you can click this link and follow me there! http://www.nuffnangx.com/blog/1MR222B

We can interact and you can keep up with all the blogs you follow! The interface is simple and easy to navigate through!!


Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta Wash with Super Fruit Extracts RRP $19.99 Clearasil Daily Clear Perfecta  refills RRP $11.99 
Available from all leading Australian supermarkets, pharmacies, and independent retailers.


Pandablush picks : Everyday flawless complexion makeup routine!

Hello everyone!

Im so sorry for being so late in updating, but I have a (quite) valid explanation, which I will tell later at the end of the post *wink*

So here I will post a long blogpost about my top favorite products to create the perfect complexion, and I use this combination almost every single day! I will also explain each of the product, and I recommend checking them out yourself because this routine is LOVE! I always get compliments about my 'made up' complexion with these products :) I will put them in order so here we go!

My absolute favorites!

1. Primer : Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

This is my absolute favorite primer in the whole wide world. This is my third bottle and I will keep repurchasing. My skin is very oily, especially around the t-zone and this keeps me matte. I just need to blot once every 4 hours? It's THAT good. One time I ran out of this primer and I didn't repurchase it and I suffered badly from OILY FACE the whole time I didn't have this primer - I hate it! I have to blot every 30 minutes... The downside is the price. It's expensive! But it's hard to find a primer that doesn't break me out because I have an acne prone skin. I give this 9 out of 10 easily!

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer

2. Foundation : Diorskin Forever in #20

I just discovered this foundation about a month ago and been using it since. It's GREAT for my oily skin and stays on forever! (hence the name) It's just like Revlon Colorstay minus the terrible breakout. They have a good range of color too so if you have oily acne prone skin like me, this would be great for you too! I just need a little tiny pea sized and it's enough for my whole face. Its velvet finish - medium to full coverage because you can layer it. Good for summer and night outs! 10/10!

Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation

3. Concealer : Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer & Dior Skinflash

Concealers are a must for me. These two are my favorites right now! The Bobbi Brown concealer is my ultimate cover up because its soo creamy but not cakey! It's good to cover pigmentations, acne scars, etc. The Dior Skinflash is just like YSL Touche Eclat, but YSL has more reflecting particles in it while Skinflash has more pigment but less reflecting particles. I always have it in my makeup bag to touch up my dark circles. The Bobbi Brown will stay with me for a long time but I always toss between Dior Skinflash and YSL Touche Eclat for my dark circles / eye area!

Dior Skinflash & Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

4. Loose Powder : Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre

I always put loose powder to set my makeup and mattify my face. This powder is exceptional. It's finely milled and it makes everything flawless. No more explanations needed. It's a bit messy so I only apply once before I leave the house in the morning. 

Chanel loose powder!

5. Compact Powder : Diorskin Forever Compact Foundation #30

This is the compact that will always be in my makeup bag from now on. Finely milled, and high coverage too. The velvet side is to touch up and the sponge side is to apply full coverage. I have this in a shade darker from my foundation. What's good is that you can refill it as well when you're done. It's medium to full coverage powder which is rare. So If I don't bother to wear liquid, I usually just wear concealer and this alone and it's enough!
Diorskin Forever Compact #30

6. Current Blush : MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty

I always change blushes but this is my current favorite. I guarantee it will change again in a month but let's see hahaha. Love the color - between pink and coral with the right amount of shimmer.

MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty

7. Highlighter : NARS Multiple in Luxor

Highlighter really makes a difference for me. Because I like my face to be matte, I like a bit of highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose so my face looks more 'alive'. I love this one and I just got this 2 weeks ago!! I originally wanted Copacabana but the SA suggested this one for my skin tone and she's definitely right! It's subtle shimmery pink, good to pair with the Dainty blush!

NARS Multiple in Luxor

Okay that's all I hope it's useful for you guys :)
Oh in case you're wondering how I look like now, here is some pictures from my instagram.
I update that almost daily, you can follow me to get more frequent updates!
My username is : jeanicelie

Me and my besties (Joanna & Janice from Chaigyaru) at OPM @ Marquee

I balayage my hair :)

Before going out to Marquee!
Okay, the moment you've been waiting for.
I've been busy because: I changed job. I'm still young anyway I just wanted a change!
Now I work on certain cosmetic company and you can guess that in the comments section below. I'll reply you with the correct answer!

And here is another reason why.
I started doing pole dancing! It's been about almost 6 months and I love it!
Its REALLY HARD (hello bruises and sore) but I'm enjoying it very much.
Sneak peek picture of me doing a handstand :) I'll post more about it next!

Open Legs Handstand

Okay guys this is the end of my long ass blogpost (at least for me)
Enjoy your weekend people!



Pandablush Makeup Artistry - now open!

Behind the scene :)

Hey everyone!
Long time no see :) I have been really busy with my makeup studies, and finally I have decided to make this post.

You guys know how much I love makeup. I love buying makeup, love talking about makeup, and of course applying makeup! But what I love the most about makeup is to make someone feel beautiful :) So I have taken a makeup course (some of you guys might know this from my twitter) to deepen my knowledge and also to get my makeup artist qualification.

So I started freelancing this year as a makeup artist! My area of concentration is : bridal. Of course prom and photoshoots too, but I just LOVE the style of bridal photography, styling, etc. Here are some makeup work that I've done for the past months. Please take a look!

Model: Sara Kahlau/Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sara Kahlau & Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sara Kahlau /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
Model: Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Joan Efrata
Model: Sara Kahlau /Photo: Joan Efrata
Model: Sabina Olszanowska /Photo: Okie Kusnadi
The Rocks Fashion Show 2012
Bride & Bridesmaids Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012 
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Bridesmaid Makeup - Corissa's Wedding 05-2012
Behind the scene : My makeup laid out for the shoot
Doing my first face chart!

How is it guys? Please comment down below if you like it :)

So, I'm now available for freelance makeup job :) I am based in Sydney.
You can contact me for enquiry at:

Jeanice L.


Thank you very much x
Love you guys! Thanks for the ongoing support :) This is what I like to do best! x
-Jean L.

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