Merry Christmas 2011 & Happy Holidays!

Hello guys,
Sorry that I'm a tad late, been enjoying my holiday... How about you guys?

Merry Christmas 2011!
Have a joyous one & God Bless! xoxo

I can't wait till Wednesday because I'm going to.... Korea!
How exciting! Going to shop a lot! (and of course sightseeing hehe) I have never been to Korea, so I'm quite excited... that was until I knew that it's SUPER cold there now... It reaches -10 C degree! I hope I won't freeze to death :( I will be going with my family - and we haven't been on a trip together for a long time since I'm always away. I should get some Korean cosmetics when I'm there! :)

Back to Christmas...
I don't really celebrate Christmas since I'm Buddhist - but still I love dressing up and have nice dinner on Christmas.. So I had a Christmas Dinner at Assiette, Sydney. It was one week before Christmas actually, but I still consider it Christmas Dinner~ Hehehe.

So here's what I was wearing that day!

Dress: SATCH / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Christian Louboutin

A Stila eyeshadow & blush palette than my sister and her boyfriend gave to me. Look at all the colours! Too exciting!

Close up shot of the palette!

That's all for now ladies, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!
Off to Korea x

(P.S. You might notice that I cut my hair really short. HAHA!)

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