Hello Healthy Summer! plus Louis Vuitton & Louboutin Haul!

Hi guys!

Long time no see :)

If you guys follow my twitter , you'll know that I have been going to gym and eating healthy for the past 2 months. Why now? I don't know why - recently I got really motivated to be fit and healthy this summer. I have a fitness first very close to my apartment ( in fact it's just on the lower level at my apartment) which is very lucky - and I don't know why I didn't join ages ago. So few months ago I finally joined and been going 3-4 times a week since then. At first - I didn't do any classes, I just did cardio - treadmill and cross trainer for about 45 mins - 1 hour each session. I usually go after work (6.30-7.00 pm) or before work (5.45 am).

What motivates me? I just want to be healthier. I just want to be fitter. After my breakup (yes I broke up with my boyfriend) - maybe THAT motivated me the most, I just feel like I have to become a better person in and out. I feel like doing activities that I haven't done before, I will try to go places I have never been before, basically I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone. Baby steps first of course, and I feel that it's going to jumpstart my goals. I wanna feel better about myself, and also I want to be more confident (I feel that I am quite a pessimist).

After a few personal training sessions - I feel more confident working out and I know the 'right way' and the better way to achieve my goals now. I think having a personal trainer to guide you is the best way to achieve your goal - you'll know what should you do and eat. I'm planning to keep training with my PT until I am confident of doing the exercises myself, which is probably 2 or 3 more sessions.

So I'll summarise for you guys what I've learnt from my sessions:

1. Lift weights. My goal is to lift weights 3 times a week and do cardio 1-2 times a week. It won't make you look like a man. We lack the testosterone, and it's fastest way to get lean and toned body (helps with metabolism and etc I don't really know the details)
2. Do your stretching 3 times a day. After you wake up in the morning, lunchtime, and also before you sleep. I have a really bad lower body flexibility and I need to improve it by stretching everyday.
3. Go to classes! It's less boring than running on treadmill by yourself for 45 mins. My favourite classes are Body Attack (really high impact cardio!) and Body Balance (Yoga, Pilates, and Taichi combined - good to improve your flexibility and toning up).
4. Run outdoors. It's different from running on a treadmill. I haven't really done this one since I'm a lazy person but it's my next goal. If you have to run on a treadmill, do not run on flat surface - always set the incline between 2-5.
5. Sleep yourself slim. You have to get at least 8-9 hours sleep each day. I am really bad at this one - but If you want to be slim (and have better skin) you have to get a good night's rest.
6. Have fun! At the end of the day - you have feel good about yourself, I know you have to push yourself to achieve your goal and always persevere, but don't overdo it until one day you just don't bother to and just stop. Just have fun with it :)

1. Eat protein for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it helps giving you energy to burn throughout the day. Don't think that you can only eat sweet stuff for breakfast - you can eat stuff you usually eat for dinner! Example : Animal proteins (meat, eggs) and greens (green beans, mixed veggies, etc) You can vary it up! Best to prepare it at night so you have time before you go to work in the morning.
2. Eat lots of veggies! Have a serve of vegetable every meal.
3. Don't eat carbs unless you have just trained (max 2 hours gap). Avoid bread, pasta, rice, potato anything! Substitute it with greens!
4. Snack. Before lunch or dinner, sometimes you'll feel hungry and it's okay, you can snack! Eat a serving of raw nuts (my favourites are cashews, almonds, pepitas, or pistachio)
5. It's been said a lot of times, but drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day).
6. No caffeine. Avoid coffee, or tea with caffeine.

Goals: Set your goals and stick with it. Don't just look at the big goal in the end (look like a supermodel or something) but set smaller goals! It's more realistic that way. My goals : lose about 4 kilos, toned, be more flexible,be fitter, and also be able to run longer (increased stamina)

Outcome: After doing it for 2 months, I feel healthier and better about myself - my pants are a bit bigger now lol and my metabolism has greatly improved. Yatta!

I am also still learning, my goals are to do the stuff mentioned above ! :)
Fighting! We can do it :) Nothing is impossible!

Now on to the good stuff, I have been really naughty...Look what I've got recently!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull in MM!

I know, I know... LV Neverfull is so overused, everyone has it blablabla..
I used to think that and never thought I'd buy one for myself, but then It's so practical!
You can just pop everything in there! And you can change to bag shape too so it looks like 2 different bags. Kinda sad it doesn't have any zipper or anything, so careful of spilling your stuff everywhere.

The other splurge is..... tadah!

A pair of Christian Louboutin!

It's soooo pretty! It's 12 cm heels - and I'm afraid that I won't get much wear from it since I'm a noob high-heeler, so I'll need more practice.

How pretty! Can't wait to use it :)

See you girls next time, and take care!


Burberry Beauty - Haul & Swatches

Hello my lovelies! :)

A few days ago, I was talking about Burberry makeup line with Valerie (Ponikuta), how Melbourne has them and not Sydney. She said I should check David Jones out because she's sure that they're already been released in Sydney! So I went to DJ Bondi... and saw the Burberry counter! I was sooo excited! No wonder I couldn't find it in the city! There's only 1 counter in NSW.. only in Bondi!

So I got some stuff from them: the powder foundation, lipstick, and a lipliner.

Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation in Trench no.05

Review: I wanted a compact foundation to replace my Jill Stuart - I use compact foundation mainly in summer and usually ditch my BB Cream because it's too sticky. This compact looks very luxurious - doesn't have that cheap plastic feel - comes with a nice burberry embossed velvet pouch. The packaging gets 5/5 rating from me - I won't lie, that's mostly why I bought these products. When you open the compact, the bottom part will pop up and you can see the sponge! :) The powder is deeply embossed with the Burberry check pattern - and the best thing is you can wear it dry or wet. For dry usage , I just use a kabuki brush for more natural coverage and for full coverage I can just use a sponge. It's very buildable. For wet usage, I just wet my stippling brush for maximum coverage. I must say, the oil control is not that great - but I use a setting transparent powder after foundation anyway so it's alright. The colour is a perfect match - they have 9 shades so you're bound to find your perfect shade! :) It has quite a strong smell... but I don't mind.. like flowery..? So overall - I will repurchase. Even though its on the expensive side (AUD89) the packaging is really, really pretty and you know I'm a sucker for the packaging!

Burberry Lip Cover in Antique Rose No.11

Review: Again, the packaging is super luxe. Loving the magnetic cover, the lipstick itself also beautifully embossed with the Burberry check pattern. The colour is similar to my lips - pinkish beige colour. So when I applied it looks natural - but better. The lipstick is creamy - but not too creamy like YSL Rouge Volupte , and it's an everyday lipstick. It is moisturising - but then it's not really long lasting. But still! I'm happy with this purchase.

Burberry Lip Definer in Rosewood No.07

Review: Okay, I don't really wear lip pencils - except when I wear red lipsticks. I bought this because she put it on my lips and I love it. It just defines my lips and looks really natural! It's creamy and it's not a necessity - but nevertheless I'm happy with this purchase. It just makes the shape your lips look better :)

Here are the swatches of the lipstick and the lip pencil:

Overall - I'm happy with Burberry Beauty. Will purchase more! Especially the eye shadows which I didn't get - the colours look beautiful (and again) LOVE the packaging. Worth checking out.

Here is an FOTD with the lipstick, lipliner, and the compact foundation.

You can barely see the lipcolour, but in real life you can tell that you have lipstick on! :)

Thanks guys for reading and post comments below , what do you think of Burberry's products? I want to know!

Before I go away, It's almost summer here in Australia - and here is just a snapshot of the view from my apartment :)

You can see a bit of the beach! :)

Hehe see you guys soon!
Much love,

Jean xoxo

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