Happy Halloween 2011! My Pirate FOTD :)

Hi again everyone! Happy Halloween 2011! Trick or treat? Hehehe.
Here I will share my FOTD for this year's halloween! (

(beware: a lot of camwhoring ahead...)

At first I didn't know what to go as - I want something pretty but not too... normal? (like maid/bunny)
Wanted to go as Pocahontas... but I'm too fair to be her! So then I decided : I wanna be a pirate!!

I rarely use red lipstick, and I thought Halloween is a perfect excuse to wear one!
Oh and yes, I am using the super gigantic Tsubasa Masuwaka's sesame grey circle lenses!

I bought the costume at eBay by the way :)

Here is some photos of me and my friend, Kath - more camwhoring!
She went as an avant-garde geisha! Aren't her lashes the coolest? :D

Here is a full body shot of my costume :)
( The hat was super annoying! Keep bumping and it was super hot lol)

Here's another decent picture of me (before I got sweaty and gross) and the girls!

That's all guys,
Sorry I was being lazy again :(

Here is a bonus picture! Me without the circle lenses :) Which one do you reckon is better?

Take care & stay pretty x



My Giveaway Winner & Instagram !

Hi Everyone!

In this blogpost I will announce my first giveaway winner, and it's...



Congratulations Emon! I will contact you shortly via twitter for your details! x
Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway - and for answering the question, now I have so many products  in my wishlist - thanks guys!
I will do more in the future, so don't worry!

Anyways - If you guys haven't followed me yet - please follow me in Instagram!
My username is pandablushjean , been loving this app so much I couldn't stop using it! x
Here is a little snippet of my recent Instagram photos:

(from clockwise : flower display at general pants, my morning camwhoring shots, orly nailpolish in sweet peacock, first time going out with my new eva clutch, petite chocolates from guylian cafe, & chai latte at gnome surry hills)

I update regularly (almost daily) and mainly taking photos of my daily activites, finds, purchases, and many random stuff! If you're using Instagram too, please kindly put your username in the comment below and I will follow you back!

Oh one more thing, I have recently changed my domain to :


Please update your subscription :) And you guys might notice that I have changed the commenting system to Disqus - so I can reply back to you guys easily! Yay!

Thanks guys,

See you again next time!

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