Beauty Tags & 15 Weird Habits :)

Hi Everyone!
I saw this tag in Blushfully post, and I can't resist to do it too! :)
So here it goes...

Blush or bronzer? Of course blush! Don't get me wrong, I use bronzer everyday too but If I had to choose, blush wins hands down! :)
Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick. I love matte textures.
Eye liner or mascara? Hmm... Eye liner! You can't really get the same effect just wearing mascara. You can play with eyeliner more! It totally changes your entire face makeup.
Foundation or concealer? Concealer. My dark circles are horrendous.
Neutral or color eye shadow? Neutrals... I don't want to wear blue eyeshadow everyday.
Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed! Easily applied and I hate fallouts.
Brushes or sponges? Brushes. Honestly I have never bought a makeup sponge, believe it or not!

Long or short? Can I pick medium? Hahaha. Well choosing from the two options - short.
Acrylic or natural? Natural! I've tried acrylic and it destroyed my nails!
Brights or darks? No neutral? Damn it hahaha. Darks I suppose.
Flower or no flower? No. I won't be bothered.

Perfume or body splash? Perfume. The last time I used body splash is in junior high school after PE lesson.
Lotion or body butter? Body butter. Love the texture more.
Body wash or soap? Body wash. Easy and I use loofah.. so: body wash.

Jeans or sweat pants? Jeans!
Long sleeve or short? Short.
Dresses or skirts? Mm dress!
Stripes or plaid? Stripes... I think I have no plaid in my wardrobe atm.
Flip flops or sandals? Whats the difference again?
Scarves or hats? Scarves. I rarely wear hats.
Studs or dangly earrings? Studs. It's simple! :)
Necklaces or bracelets? Necklaces duh! I love collecting statement necklaces. I always lose my bracelets!
Heels or flats? Mmm flats are comfier! But depends on the occasion. But If I can wear flats, I'll wear flats.
Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots with a tad bit of heels.
Jacket or hoodie? Jacket :)

Curly or straight? Straight with a bit of waves.
Bun or ponytail? High ponytail.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins. But they're f*cking all over the place.
Hair spray or gel? Hairspray all the way.
Long or short? Long but It's high maintenance and I'm a lazy person...
Light or dark? Medium to dark.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs? Side sweep, it looks more mature. But now my fringe is middle parted.
Up or down? Doooown except on the summer.

Rain or shine? Shineeeeeeeee!
Summer or winter? Summer! I love laying down on the beach.
Fall or spring? Spring.
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!

15 Weird Facts 
What's a nickname only your family calls you? 
Feifei :)
What's a weird habit of yours?
Talking too fast sometimes I'm having a hard time swallowing my own saliva.
Do you have any weird phobias?
I am afraid of heights. So no roller coaster for me!
What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
Depends on my mood - but recently : Cut Copy - Lights and Music!
What's one of your biggest pet peeves? When someone dye their hair light but leave their eyebrows unbleached/dark. EUUUGH.
What's one of your nervous habits? Stuttering.
What side of the bed do you sleep on? Left because it's near the wall.
What was your first stuffed animal and its name? A me to you bear - his name is Abuabu :)
What's the drink you always order at Starbucks? Mm not a big fan of Starbucks, but I always order Green tea latte when I go there.
What's the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? None.
Which way do you face in the shower? Facing the shower.
Do you have any weird body skills? I can crack all of my fingers including my toes?
What's your favorite comfort food that's 'bad', but you love to eat it anyways? DAIM CHOCOLATES! NOMNOM
What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? ”Huh?”
”Like.. like.. like"
Time to sleep - what are you actually wearing? T-shirt and Peter Alexander shorts

Will update about IMATS & ABBW 2011 soon - so stay tuned!

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See you lovelies,


purple snowflake said...

hey.. Imats looks fun..
show us what you bought...

btw u used the same idea/question i used for ur give away ^^

pandablush said...

It was super fun! :) I will I will don't worry! Hehehe you should've come! x

Oh really! :) Well I want to know what everyone's fav is so I can check it out myself


Cendana K said...

LOL a me to you bear called Abuabu, that's perfect name for it! hahahaa
^^ finally got around to reading this... hehehe oohh u can crack ... i can crack my left ankle and left shoulder hahahaaaa this is such a fun tag to read and do

Hilde Tran said...

i really like your blogxxxx

jas lee said...

you're stunning, and i absolutely love your blog. so creative inspirational. you're so much younger than me, but you are sooo talented! :) enjoyed browsing, and i am your new follower. hoping to stay connected, and have a great day!

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