Welcome back, Pandablush! + hair extensions!

Hi everyone,
I know everyone is probably very angry with me right now since I haven't blogged for a long time, but I just wanna say : I'M BAAAACK! :)

Maybe this is like the third time I'm saying this, but really things have been really busy!
But it's my fault, I should be able to cope :( Sorry guys!
So long story short, I got a full-time job as a graphic designer. Yay! Pretty happy about it.
I haven't blogged for aaaaages, and suddenly my subscribers grow to 1000 subscribers!
Omgsh! I'm excited, i'm going to do my first giveaway soon! Stay tuned!
(go outside buying pressies hehe)

So few months ago I got braided hair extensions!
As you all know, I had short-ish / medium hair, and one day I went to the salon for a trim,
and they chopped a lot off! I hate it when that happens! I was really really sad :(
So I booked a salon straightaway to do my hair extensions, and ta-raaaah!

(me and my friend @winery for my birthday dinner)
- sorry for the shitty quality i used a digicam and blow it up

Hello long hair!
Pretty happy about it, but now I need to spend extra 30 minutes to dry it.
I had extensions too before, but glued one. Overall braided ones win hands down!
It's heaps healthier for your hair, and looks natural! (doesn't look as shitty as glue when it accidentally peeks through - just looks like you braided your hair)
If you ever considered getting hair extensions, do the braid one! I recommend it ;)

I haven't told you guys yet, but 6 months- ish ago I got a tattoo!
My first one and wanting to do more, hehehe.

Heart outline :) Simple and subtle!

That's it for today guys,
New post in 2 days!

See you guys soon!


MoodiBunni said...

Ohhh I love your extensions!!! They look so natural!!

miemiemie said...

are the extensions real hair? i've always had long hair..so i never thought of giving them a try..

oh by the way, WELCOME BACK and congrats on getting a job!

SHIZUKA said...

yay you're back! missed seeing your pretty face in pics and real life! even tho i have u on fb haha! lets update more~ x

Stephanie said...

You are too cute!

missklicious said...

Hair is so pretty :) Where did you get it done?

Krissy ~ style san san said...

your extensions look so natural!
Krissy xoxo

Kelsey K said...

Your extentions look great! They did a really good job. I love your heart tattoo. I have a stick flower outline behind my ear.

Gloria said...

They look really good. Never would've known had you not mentioned it hehe.

Vale ♥ said...

Your blog is so cute and your hair so beautiful =)

Fashion and Cookies

cream puff said...

you're so cute and pretty!!

please don't be sad when you enter a salon with long hair and leave the shop with short hair. I guess this happens a lot! I like to tell myself that's just hair they will grow in eventually. of course, hair extensions are also an option. ^^

hair extensions said...

It is really sexy to wear hair extensions. It makes you look more fashionable. http://www.hairextensions-utah.com

Anonymous said...

so happy that you're posting again, your dog is adorable! <3

Noniek said...

Good to see you back! You look pretty in long hair

Unknown said...

I love your hairpieces <33

I just found your blog and I followed. Carew visit mine, and maybe follow too, yeah~~??


Thanks muchly, & baii~!!

{ B e r r i e ~ P O N }

Sharon said...

gahhh you are so pretty!
i think you mentioned somewhere that you were from Sydney?
btw i have the same exact dog as you... jap spitz i believe?


Anonymous said...

Ace is tying PLO.
And Mann got cornered for UN and Disney.
And Cheney sings Ontario and Natalie.
And everyone but everyone, ties Ted Turner.

Unknown said...

your hair looks so pretty <3


Sakuranko said...

Your look really beautiful and your hair too God Bless you sweetie I{m following you I hope you follow me back..

Sakuranko Blog


Unknown said...

you're so pretty. I envy you! waaa :D

pandablush said...

Thanks!!! >///<

pandablush said...

Thank you <3333

pandablush said...

Thank you chloe ♥

pandablush said...

Thanks a lot! Yep I'm here in Sydney now :) He is mixed Japanese Spitz x Pom!

pandablush said...

Hi! Thanks hehhe :) It's not hairpieces, it's braided in! :)

pandablush said...

Thank you so much x

pandablush said...

I will post more thank you dear x

pandablush said...

Thank you cream puff >< ( I love cream puffs)

Yes I always feel very very sad and hurt like losing my soul LOL I know it's silly !

pandablush said...

Thanks hunny x

pandablush said...

Really? Wowee~

pandablush said...

Thank you! Flower looks good too I guess~ :) I want to do another one on my wrist.

pandablush said...

Thank you! x

pandablush said...

Got it done at Illusion Hair @ Sydney - near the cinemas - across Azuma patisserie

pandablush said...

Thank you steph x

pandablush said...

I will! When I have more money I will buy the camera hahahahahs

pandablush said...

It's real hair hun! You can shampoo it, curl it, straighten it, colour it!

:) Thanks x

pandablush said...

Thank you! Glad you like it x

jessa marie said...

so pretty!!! you got a cute dog too!!^^

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