Welcome back, Pandablush! + hair extensions!

Hi everyone,
I know everyone is probably very angry with me right now since I haven't blogged for a long time, but I just wanna say : I'M BAAAACK! :)

Maybe this is like the third time I'm saying this, but really things have been really busy!
But it's my fault, I should be able to cope :( Sorry guys!
So long story short, I got a full-time job as a graphic designer. Yay! Pretty happy about it.
I haven't blogged for aaaaages, and suddenly my subscribers grow to 1000 subscribers!
Omgsh! I'm excited, i'm going to do my first giveaway soon! Stay tuned!
(go outside buying pressies hehe)

So few months ago I got braided hair extensions!
As you all know, I had short-ish / medium hair, and one day I went to the salon for a trim,
and they chopped a lot off! I hate it when that happens! I was really really sad :(
So I booked a salon straightaway to do my hair extensions, and ta-raaaah!

(me and my friend @winery for my birthday dinner)
- sorry for the shitty quality i used a digicam and blow it up

Hello long hair!
Pretty happy about it, but now I need to spend extra 30 minutes to dry it.
I had extensions too before, but glued one. Overall braided ones win hands down!
It's heaps healthier for your hair, and looks natural! (doesn't look as shitty as glue when it accidentally peeks through - just looks like you braided your hair)
If you ever considered getting hair extensions, do the braid one! I recommend it ;)

I haven't told you guys yet, but 6 months- ish ago I got a tattoo!
My first one and wanting to do more, hehehe.

Heart outline :) Simple and subtle!

That's it for today guys,
New post in 2 days!

See you guys soon!

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