Haul & Swatch - NARS & Shiseido

Hi everyone.
Wow I'm blogging more often now ;) it's because I have too much free time lol.
So today I'm gonna share my recent buy, two Nars products (one eyeshadow duo & a blush)
and a Shiseido bronzer.

So one day I walked in randomly to Mecca (it's Sydney's Sephora cuz we don't have Sephora),
and I had the sudden urge to buy NARS eyeshadow, why? That's because they have the best eyeshadows ever! So I really wanted to buy purple eyeshadow (duo) and this kind SA led me to this product:

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Caravaggio

They are obviously so pigmented (5/5), smooth on the lids / not powdery like most of the NARS eyeshadows are (5/5), and the colours are so beautiful, it has a slight shimmer :)
Purple looks good on everyone, and it can be a neutral eyeshadow too, just add dark brown on the corner of your lid.

NARS Blush in Deep Throat

Love this brush! It's pigmented but not too overwhelming, now it's my everyday blush.
The amount of sheen is perfect, not too shimmery! 5/5 I love this more than my NARS Orgasm Blush.

Shiseido Bronzer in Light

Why did I buy this product again? Mmm I think there was a promo, buy 2 get the free travelkit?
So I bought a gentle cleansing cream and this bronzer (my bobbi brown shimmer brick almost hit the pan) in the lightest shade. Surprisingly, it's good. The colour is perfect because I have quite fair skin, it looks natural. The only thing that bother me is the brush, I prefer big fluffy brush to apply my bronzer :)

That's all for today :)
Thanks for reading my blog!

Fei x


[Candylens] Circle Lenses Review : Max Pure Brown & Max Pure Grey

Hi everyone :)
First I'd like to thank Candylens for sponsoring me with these two lenses, and I'll review them :)
Ok, I chose two lenses, Max Pure Brown and Max Pure Gray. I also got two cute animal lens case!

They look good on the model haha thats why I chose them . I don't like lenses with distinct outer ring,
and these two look natural and they blend with our natural eyes.

(I borrow my sister's eyes and face cuz it's easier to take clear pics haha and her eyes are nicer looking)

Max Pure Gray
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Replacement period : 12 months

Review : Ok first, they are super enlarging, but also very subtle. They really blend with my natural eyes.
It's perfect for the dolly look, but still want to look natural (and not scary). The color is opaque, when you wear it out in the sunlight it's still very natural even though it's quite opaque, because you can't really see the pixels. I must say I love this one better than the Max Pure Brown. It's really hard to find circle lens that's comfortable on the eyes, and this one is REALLY comfortable. Sometimes I forgot that I'm wearing them. I wear them out for a whole day and no problemo!  (just carry a eyedrop in case it gets too dry) I'll give these pair 4/5. But the thing is you have to wear a bit of makeup with it or it'll look ghostly. Hehehe.

(lol i didn't get her permission to post her full face here but she'll understand hahahaha)

Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Replacement period : 12 months

Review : They are both from the same brand, so I guess they feel and look pretty similar. They are super subtle too, and you should go for it if you don't want bright colored lenses and it's perfect for people who are into natural lenses/look. But still, I recommend to wear a bit of eye makeup (or more) with these lenses as they are quite enlarging and it can look weird if you have a bare eyes/face. I personally like the gray better, but I'll wear these ones as well when I want to do the natural look :) I'll give this 3.5/5 cuz I think this is not the best brown lenses you can get..? My favorite is Super Dali Brown :)) They are super natural but less enlarging. Well I guess it depends on people' preferences.

That's all folks! Thanks again Candylens for the lenses :) Appreciate it. The shipping is really fast 5/5 :)

And if you guys wanna shop there, don't forget the 5% coupon code : pandablush
Happy shopping!

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