My Makeup Storage & Jewellery Corner

Hi :)
I'm updating often! Yay that's a miracle haha.
I just got back and I re-organized my makeup and jewellery :)

So here is how I store my makeup that I often use, that's why I don't have much in here :)
I don't have loads of products, I often throw away what I don't / rarely use (or give it to my sis haha)
Cuz I don't want to search through stashes of makeup that I don't usually use! :) 

I store my makeup in this mini chest from IKEA :) It's called FIRA. (i think they discontinued it though)
It's made out of wood and I painted it myself! I love baby blue so I painted it with acrylic
and added some cherry blossoms to make it more feminine :) It was heaps fun!
I even added in some rhinestones

Inside the second drawer : palettes,blushes,foundation,basically everything!

The top right drawer is for lippies, the middle one is for eye brushes, and the top left is for face brushes.

I won't show you the bottom one, hehe it's miscellaneous ones such as eyelashes, and big palettes.
Here is also a jewellery holder from IKEA, it's cheap and it's a nice accent to your room :)

Hehe here are some of my jewellery collection :)
As you can see I love gold & black combination!

Now I'm doing this thing called lemon detox. :) Lost 2 kilos in 3 days already~ Yay!

See you next time x


AnNeTtEe said...

I wanted that storage cabinet from Ikea before too, but I thought it was too plain looking so I didn't get it... how come I never thought of painting it?? duh!! you did such a good job on yours... really good painting skills especially on the cherry blossom... u did capture the femininity you were goin for... lovely!!

Gloria said...

:O I thought it came like that and it made me want to get one from ikea until I read you painted the sakura on yourself -_-. Now I can't get a pretty drawer set like that =( lol

You did a great job and I like the jewelery tree too. I need one of those. My long necklaces are just hanging off of thumbtacks on my cork board XD

Mani said...

Aw, the box is so cute :D I love how you painted it!

serenadeveryday said...

That is such a cute makeup storage chest. I wish ikea still had it in stock cause I'd definitely pick one up. I really like what you did to the chest. You're so artistic. I would have assumed the chest came that way with the cherry blossom design.

Your make up and jewelry area is SO organized. I should probably do the same as you and just get rid of the products I don't use. >.< {*ouy}

Glad you are blogging more often! =D I remember how you used to only update like once every month or every other month.

<3 s.

MEOW said...

cute drawer!!! and you made it look so pretty :)

ooh please share ur lemon detox! i need to lose some weight too

Stephanie said...

I love that you're blogging more often now! :) Great paint / decorating job! :D Happy weekend!

aretha said...

youre so artistic, fei! :) love the artwork you did on the drawers.

miemiemie said...

love the way you painted the container :)

organic foundation said...

Nice nook it is.With lovely jewelry holder also the ambiance set for dressing.It is obviously important to have a great place to adorn yourself.

Jessie Lee said...

Wow it's really cute! Awesome job with painting it too.
Makes me want to be really creative about something. :)
Oh and your doing a lemon detox? It can make you feel pretty weak, you feel like you have no energy. But good luck and I hope it turns out well for you!

Lora said...

oh my goodness, love your makeup drawer! you did a great job painting it! wish ikea still sold those. :)

Kontakt said...

:) cute

cushy said...

i love what you did to the ikea storage. i love DIY too. it's more personal and i can also use a fun mini project. very satisfying. i'm also using the same jewelry holder. i have 2 actually. i'm an accessories junkie.

Taylor said...

lovely storage box, you've inspired me to paint some of mine laying around!

Also, mind sharing where you found the lemon detox? :)

Unknown said...

Such a cute blog i love the blue box... where from

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Joyce said...

I wanted that Ikea wood drawer, but they discontinued it. =(

I really don't like the plastic drawers to store my makeup cuz the clear plastic ones look cheap and cluttered.

It's so frustrating. Ikea discontinues everything that I like and want. =(

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