Happy Graduation to Me!!

After 3 years of hardwork, I finally graduated!
Bachelor of Design is mine! :) Muahahaha.
These are some pictures of the ceremony, which was held at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.
The place was huuge and the ceremony went smoothly.
My heels were so high I was so afraid I could've slipped on the stage (luckily I didn't)

Lol at my dad's glasses. the lenses turn dark when exposed to sunlight lol thats why it looks like he's wearing sunnies. Good thing in the next picture he took of his glasses :D Who do you think
I look like the most? A lot of people said I look a lot like my father!

Outside Melbourne Convention Centre :)

The dress that I wore was from Seduce and it's baby pink and black.
My mom wore a Karen Millen black dress :)
I was so happy my father and my mom came to my graduation from overseas
But that night my father had to go back to Shanghai for business meeting :( It's too fast!
But before that, we had a nice dinner at Nobu @Crown. It was superb.
I love the Black Cod! It's ah mah zing.

What am I doing now? I gotta find a job! Haha it's so frustrating.
Im redoing my folio now, and I'm setting up my personal website to put my portfolio in.
Wish me luck guys! :)



My Makeup Storage & Jewellery Corner

Hi :)
I'm updating often! Yay that's a miracle haha.
I just got back and I re-organized my makeup and jewellery :)

So here is how I store my makeup that I often use, that's why I don't have much in here :)
I don't have loads of products, I often throw away what I don't / rarely use (or give it to my sis haha)
Cuz I don't want to search through stashes of makeup that I don't usually use! :) 

I store my makeup in this mini chest from IKEA :) It's called FIRA. (i think they discontinued it though)
It's made out of wood and I painted it myself! I love baby blue so I painted it with acrylic
and added some cherry blossoms to make it more feminine :) It was heaps fun!
I even added in some rhinestones

Inside the second drawer : palettes,blushes,foundation,basically everything!

The top right drawer is for lippies, the middle one is for eye brushes, and the top left is for face brushes.

I won't show you the bottom one, hehe it's miscellaneous ones such as eyelashes, and big palettes.
Here is also a jewellery holder from IKEA, it's cheap and it's a nice accent to your room :)

Hehe here are some of my jewellery collection :)
As you can see I love gold & black combination!

Now I'm doing this thing called lemon detox. :) Lost 2 kilos in 3 days already~ Yay!

See you next time x


Little Haul + Short Hair + Chanel!

Hi guys!
I just got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday :( I got two extracted.
(I did the other two 3 months ago).
I didn't wanna extract all four of them at once, how am I supposed to eat? haha.
Anyways, It's swollen now so I can't take pics of my FOTD (heck I don't even want to go out).
But I'm so glad! :) All done with the wisdom teeth problem!

So I have a little haul + a bit of review.

Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in P PEACH 40
It's my fourth Shu blush! I've always loved Shu's blushes, loads of selections,
and the colors are pretty (suits asian skin!)
This is peachy pink, with a tad of shimmer (very very little) :)
So far so good!

Shu Uemura Phyto Black Lift (Anti Wrinkle & Lip Contour Cream)
I bought this because I heard that you have to start wearing anti wrinkle cream
when you hit 20+ to prevent premature wrinkle!
I don't know what it does yet since I've only been wearing it for 1 week,
but it's very hydrating.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils
I tried this mascara and I love it. It's similar to DiorShow without the clumpyness
and the mess. I love it. Definitely false lashes look.

YSL Touche Eclat (Lightest Shade)
I love love love it! Buy of the month!
I put it underneath my eyes, the side of my nose, the bridge of my nose,
the middle of my brows, and my face just glows. No more tired face!

Oh I cut my hair super short! (well not super, but super short for me!)

My graduation is coming out in a few weeks, and I'm so excited!
I haven't bought a dress yet. What color should I buy?
Is it ok to wear colorful dress or stick to neutral colors? :)

I finally got Chanel GST Rue Cambon for my graduation present! x
I've always liked this bag esp when the new engraved version came out in 2010.
I got it in Beige Caviar with gold hardware. The classiest combination ever!

(taken with instagram)

See ya soon guys x

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