Happy New Year 2011 and Best of 2010!

Hello people!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2011!

(Me & Sister @NY Eve! No I didn't cut my hair short it looks short cuz of the front layer)

I know it's super late, forgive me for that.
I have a lot of updates for you guys cuz I haven't blogging much.. I'm so so sorry!
First some updates about myself...

I FINISHED UNI! I'm so glad :) - I'm 20 by the way hehe.
I'll officially become Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) this coming March!
Yay! All those three years of hard work.. finally!
I'll graduate in mid March, and I'm super excited! I haven't bought a dress yet :(
I'll post a graduation makeup tutorial !

What am I doing now?
I'm an Art Director intern for 3 months in this advertising company.. which is super fun!
I get to make some print ads and tv ads.
And also If I'm lucky this month I can tag along to see some commercial shooting!
After this..? I'll come back t0 Sydney to find a job.. I hope I'll get one..
Actually I'm not sure, I just want to get a job!

Now for the beauty stuff.

These are my top favorite products of 2010!

1. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

This stuff is the best makeup cleanser I've ever tried.
It's pricey for around (I forgot, ok!) 100 AUD but the bottle is HUGE!
I've been using it everyday for months and only about 1cm is gone...
So it's totally worth it. It saves time because I don't have to wash my face with my SKYENDOR cleanser again- when you rub it around your face you just add water and it's all gone!
Even eye makeup! Before using this I was using wet tissues, and it's not good for your skin!
It's too harsh, I was just being lazy so don't do it ladies!
The best thing about this cleansing oil is after you use it, your skin feel so moisturized and supple! And It is not oily at all.
This is a must try If you haven't bought it.
I give his 5/5! *claps* The downside : not for travel.. heavy!

2. NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura

I love this eyeshadow duo!
The color is good for everyday use but also perfect for night look!
They are super pigmented with a tad shimmer and the browns are perfeeeect!
It suits asian skin well. You can never make any mistake with this.
I use this almost everyday now :) The best eyeshadow I've bought IMHO this year!

3. Agadir Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I used both of them as my daily shampoo & conditioner, and the difference is huge.
Ok, my hair is very dry and damaged because I used to dye them once every 2 months. I bleached them light and now I want my hair to rest.
I switched shampoo because my previous one has sulfate in it and it makes my hair drier.
This is sulfate free! And amazingly it foams!
The first thing is the smell, It is soooo delicious!
I can't describe the smell but it's so nice even my boyfriend can't stop smelling my hair and he said that my hair smells good about 3 times a day lol. And they are very moisturizing! It doesn't make my hair oily though, it makes them silky smooth...
Ahhh I won't switch to another shampoo & conditioner (in this near time lol)!
I bought them for 35$ each so its kinda pricey (total 70$!) but it's worth it.

4. Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

I've never tried red lipsticks before cuz I think it's too daring..
So one day I went to Chanel to get a perfect red lippie because I saw Devon Aoki (my idol!) wears them a lot. So the SA gave me the shade 'Gabrielle' and it's perfect!
It's not too dark or too orange. Rouge Coco is very hydrating, feels like a lipbalm.
I also got the red lipliner. The only downside is that its so hydrating that you may need to reapply them every 2 hours or so. But it feels very comfortable.
Maybe it's because this is my first red lipstick it's my fav? I don't know. I will try more in the future! A darker one perhaps... (I want a Tom Ford Lipstick!)

This is me wearing Gabrielle :))
Its abit dark in this photo its supposed to be redder but it's a gorgeous color irl!

5. Bio Oil

This is a miracle product. I'm glad that I found this.
I heard some people broke out after using this, so it's best to do a patch test and see if you got any bad reactions or not. So, I have some acne scarring cuz my hands are too naughty haha..
So I bought this and... wow! My scars are dissapearing fast! Plus it moisturizes my skin!
Wear it at night and massage your face with it and you'll have a supple smooth skin in the morning. It is not oily at all. It absorbs fast! I use it in the morning and night.
When you finished applying it, just wait for a few secs and your skin will absorb it fast.
Then you can use your toner, moisturizer, sunblock, bb cream, etc! :)

6. Laura Mercier Pressed Translucent Setting Powder

This is my HG powder. You can see my review back few months ago.
The texture is so smooth, and its translucent. So you don't need to put color on top of color.
Previously I used Mac Blot Powder but mine broke 2 times (in my bag! doh!)...
But this one always fell and never broke! It's perfect for clumsy people lol
I totally recommend this for touch ups! The oil control is great!
But maybe this is not for people who need extra coverage.. But I only use this to blot and finishing my makeup so I dont need extra coverage :) BUY IT!

7. NARS Albatross

My HG highlighter. It's so GOOOOD.
It makes your face dewy (like those korean actresses!)
I put this on the bridge of my nose, my cheekbones, temple, and chin to make my face looks slimmer :) I dont know how to describe it but it makes your face look like a doll...?
and it looks like you have nice complexion. :) Can't live without it.
The amount of shimmer is just right too.

That's all :)
Sorry for the lack of posting.

Next post will be about things (fashion related) that I bought recently!
Of course the ones that I really like :)

Bye! x


Klaudea said...

You and you're sister are beautiful! What did you end up doing for NYE?

I love Argan products for hair too! You should try the smoothing cream by Live Clean line. It's available at Walmart I believe and it's amazing stuff! I use it as a leave in conditioner after I wash :)

Happy New Year!
Welcome Back!

Jenna said...

Happy new year! yes u n ur sister r very pretty =)

i love ur maxi dress >.<

hope to see more posts from u.. love ur reading ur blog ^__^


Melissa-Anne said...

i received chanel rouge coco in Gabrielle for christmas & i love it! && Nars eyeshadow duo in Cordura is also my favourite, i wear it everyday. <3

Liana said...

wow you are sooo gorgeous, i really love that picture of you and your sister, you both look great! and what an amazing intern opportunity, it sounds like a lot of fun!

Fashion Bag 411

Amanda + Sunny said...

happy new year!
The Shiseido lipstick is gorgeous on you...actually looks a little like Devon Aoki!
Cute matching dresses with your sis, very feminine. The assumingly House of Harlow neclace really stands out^.^

helloou said...

Firstly, congrats! finishing Uni is a great accomplishment!! I need to work hard and graduate too

I have to check out that shampoo + Cond! thanks for the recommendation =]

and love your New Year outfit!!

Maki said...

you honestly have this uncanny resemblance to devon. the red lipstick is stupidfyingly stunning on you. *gushes*

SHIZUKA said...

hey gorgeous!! lovely picture :D lv the dresses hehe
omg shu uemura cleansing oil is my number one favourite!!! im on my first one and i got the purple brightening one but i wonder what the others are like.. they are the best EVER!!! haha anyway miss u hope to c u in match babe:) x

Amy said...

So glad to see you posting again, even if they are irregular posts :)

Keep us updated with what's happening in your life :)

Stephanie said...

I love Bio Oil too! I just started using it about a month now. Most of the dark spots/scars on my face have faded! I love using it at bedtime. :D

Thanks for stopping by my blog. ^^ It's very sweet of you to leave me such a kind comment!

Happy weekend!

susy_liu_91 said...

red lipstick suits u very well!! ^^

check out my blog when u can ♥ :D

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