Merry Christmas 2011 & Happy Holidays!

Hello guys,
Sorry that I'm a tad late, been enjoying my holiday... How about you guys?

Merry Christmas 2011!
Have a joyous one & God Bless! xoxo

I can't wait till Wednesday because I'm going to.... Korea!
How exciting! Going to shop a lot! (and of course sightseeing hehe) I have never been to Korea, so I'm quite excited... that was until I knew that it's SUPER cold there now... It reaches -10 C degree! I hope I won't freeze to death :( I will be going with my family - and we haven't been on a trip together for a long time since I'm always away. I should get some Korean cosmetics when I'm there! :)

Back to Christmas...
I don't really celebrate Christmas since I'm Buddhist - but still I love dressing up and have nice dinner on Christmas.. So I had a Christmas Dinner at Assiette, Sydney. It was one week before Christmas actually, but I still consider it Christmas Dinner~ Hehehe.

So here's what I was wearing that day!

Dress: SATCH / Bag: Louis Vuitton / Shoes: Christian Louboutin

A Stila eyeshadow & blush palette than my sister and her boyfriend gave to me. Look at all the colours! Too exciting!

Close up shot of the palette!

That's all for now ladies, HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY!
Off to Korea x

(P.S. You might notice that I cut my hair really short. HAHA!)


Hello Healthy Summer! plus Louis Vuitton & Louboutin Haul!

Hi guys!

Long time no see :)

If you guys follow my twitter , you'll know that I have been going to gym and eating healthy for the past 2 months. Why now? I don't know why - recently I got really motivated to be fit and healthy this summer. I have a fitness first very close to my apartment ( in fact it's just on the lower level at my apartment) which is very lucky - and I don't know why I didn't join ages ago. So few months ago I finally joined and been going 3-4 times a week since then. At first - I didn't do any classes, I just did cardio - treadmill and cross trainer for about 45 mins - 1 hour each session. I usually go after work (6.30-7.00 pm) or before work (5.45 am).

What motivates me? I just want to be healthier. I just want to be fitter. After my breakup (yes I broke up with my boyfriend) - maybe THAT motivated me the most, I just feel like I have to become a better person in and out. I feel like doing activities that I haven't done before, I will try to go places I have never been before, basically I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone. Baby steps first of course, and I feel that it's going to jumpstart my goals. I wanna feel better about myself, and also I want to be more confident (I feel that I am quite a pessimist).

After a few personal training sessions - I feel more confident working out and I know the 'right way' and the better way to achieve my goals now. I think having a personal trainer to guide you is the best way to achieve your goal - you'll know what should you do and eat. I'm planning to keep training with my PT until I am confident of doing the exercises myself, which is probably 2 or 3 more sessions.

So I'll summarise for you guys what I've learnt from my sessions:

1. Lift weights. My goal is to lift weights 3 times a week and do cardio 1-2 times a week. It won't make you look like a man. We lack the testosterone, and it's fastest way to get lean and toned body (helps with metabolism and etc I don't really know the details)
2. Do your stretching 3 times a day. After you wake up in the morning, lunchtime, and also before you sleep. I have a really bad lower body flexibility and I need to improve it by stretching everyday.
3. Go to classes! It's less boring than running on treadmill by yourself for 45 mins. My favourite classes are Body Attack (really high impact cardio!) and Body Balance (Yoga, Pilates, and Taichi combined - good to improve your flexibility and toning up).
4. Run outdoors. It's different from running on a treadmill. I haven't really done this one since I'm a lazy person but it's my next goal. If you have to run on a treadmill, do not run on flat surface - always set the incline between 2-5.
5. Sleep yourself slim. You have to get at least 8-9 hours sleep each day. I am really bad at this one - but If you want to be slim (and have better skin) you have to get a good night's rest.
6. Have fun! At the end of the day - you have feel good about yourself, I know you have to push yourself to achieve your goal and always persevere, but don't overdo it until one day you just don't bother to and just stop. Just have fun with it :)

1. Eat protein for breakfast, lunch, and also dinner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it helps giving you energy to burn throughout the day. Don't think that you can only eat sweet stuff for breakfast - you can eat stuff you usually eat for dinner! Example : Animal proteins (meat, eggs) and greens (green beans, mixed veggies, etc) You can vary it up! Best to prepare it at night so you have time before you go to work in the morning.
2. Eat lots of veggies! Have a serve of vegetable every meal.
3. Don't eat carbs unless you have just trained (max 2 hours gap). Avoid bread, pasta, rice, potato anything! Substitute it with greens!
4. Snack. Before lunch or dinner, sometimes you'll feel hungry and it's okay, you can snack! Eat a serving of raw nuts (my favourites are cashews, almonds, pepitas, or pistachio)
5. It's been said a lot of times, but drink plenty of water (8 glasses a day).
6. No caffeine. Avoid coffee, or tea with caffeine.

Goals: Set your goals and stick with it. Don't just look at the big goal in the end (look like a supermodel or something) but set smaller goals! It's more realistic that way. My goals : lose about 4 kilos, toned, be more flexible,be fitter, and also be able to run longer (increased stamina)

Outcome: After doing it for 2 months, I feel healthier and better about myself - my pants are a bit bigger now lol and my metabolism has greatly improved. Yatta!

I am also still learning, my goals are to do the stuff mentioned above ! :)
Fighting! We can do it :) Nothing is impossible!

Now on to the good stuff, I have been really naughty...Look what I've got recently!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull in MM!

I know, I know... LV Neverfull is so overused, everyone has it blablabla..
I used to think that and never thought I'd buy one for myself, but then It's so practical!
You can just pop everything in there! And you can change to bag shape too so it looks like 2 different bags. Kinda sad it doesn't have any zipper or anything, so careful of spilling your stuff everywhere.

The other splurge is..... tadah!

A pair of Christian Louboutin!

It's soooo pretty! It's 12 cm heels - and I'm afraid that I won't get much wear from it since I'm a noob high-heeler, so I'll need more practice.

How pretty! Can't wait to use it :)

See you girls next time, and take care!


Burberry Beauty - Haul & Swatches

Hello my lovelies! :)

A few days ago, I was talking about Burberry makeup line with Valerie (Ponikuta), how Melbourne has them and not Sydney. She said I should check David Jones out because she's sure that they're already been released in Sydney! So I went to DJ Bondi... and saw the Burberry counter! I was sooo excited! No wonder I couldn't find it in the city! There's only 1 counter in NSW.. only in Bondi!

So I got some stuff from them: the powder foundation, lipstick, and a lipliner.

Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation in Trench no.05

Review: I wanted a compact foundation to replace my Jill Stuart - I use compact foundation mainly in summer and usually ditch my BB Cream because it's too sticky. This compact looks very luxurious - doesn't have that cheap plastic feel - comes with a nice burberry embossed velvet pouch. The packaging gets 5/5 rating from me - I won't lie, that's mostly why I bought these products. When you open the compact, the bottom part will pop up and you can see the sponge! :) The powder is deeply embossed with the Burberry check pattern - and the best thing is you can wear it dry or wet. For dry usage , I just use a kabuki brush for more natural coverage and for full coverage I can just use a sponge. It's very buildable. For wet usage, I just wet my stippling brush for maximum coverage. I must say, the oil control is not that great - but I use a setting transparent powder after foundation anyway so it's alright. The colour is a perfect match - they have 9 shades so you're bound to find your perfect shade! :) It has quite a strong smell... but I don't mind.. like flowery..? So overall - I will repurchase. Even though its on the expensive side (AUD89) the packaging is really, really pretty and you know I'm a sucker for the packaging!

Burberry Lip Cover in Antique Rose No.11

Review: Again, the packaging is super luxe. Loving the magnetic cover, the lipstick itself also beautifully embossed with the Burberry check pattern. The colour is similar to my lips - pinkish beige colour. So when I applied it looks natural - but better. The lipstick is creamy - but not too creamy like YSL Rouge Volupte , and it's an everyday lipstick. It is moisturising - but then it's not really long lasting. But still! I'm happy with this purchase.

Burberry Lip Definer in Rosewood No.07

Review: Okay, I don't really wear lip pencils - except when I wear red lipsticks. I bought this because she put it on my lips and I love it. It just defines my lips and looks really natural! It's creamy and it's not a necessity - but nevertheless I'm happy with this purchase. It just makes the shape your lips look better :)

Here are the swatches of the lipstick and the lip pencil:

Overall - I'm happy with Burberry Beauty. Will purchase more! Especially the eye shadows which I didn't get - the colours look beautiful (and again) LOVE the packaging. Worth checking out.

Here is an FOTD with the lipstick, lipliner, and the compact foundation.

You can barely see the lipcolour, but in real life you can tell that you have lipstick on! :)

Thanks guys for reading and post comments below , what do you think of Burberry's products? I want to know!

Before I go away, It's almost summer here in Australia - and here is just a snapshot of the view from my apartment :)

You can see a bit of the beach! :)

Hehe see you guys soon!
Much love,

Jean xoxo


Happy Halloween 2011! My Pirate FOTD :)

Hi again everyone! Happy Halloween 2011! Trick or treat? Hehehe.
Here I will share my FOTD for this year's halloween! (

(beware: a lot of camwhoring ahead...)

At first I didn't know what to go as - I want something pretty but not too... normal? (like maid/bunny)
Wanted to go as Pocahontas... but I'm too fair to be her! So then I decided : I wanna be a pirate!!

I rarely use red lipstick, and I thought Halloween is a perfect excuse to wear one!
Oh and yes, I am using the super gigantic Tsubasa Masuwaka's sesame grey circle lenses!

I bought the costume at eBay by the way :)

Here is some photos of me and my friend, Kath - more camwhoring!
She went as an avant-garde geisha! Aren't her lashes the coolest? :D

Here is a full body shot of my costume :)
( The hat was super annoying! Keep bumping and it was super hot lol)

Here's another decent picture of me (before I got sweaty and gross) and the girls!

That's all guys,
Sorry I was being lazy again :(

Here is a bonus picture! Me without the circle lenses :) Which one do you reckon is better?

Take care & stay pretty x



My Giveaway Winner & Instagram !

Hi Everyone!

In this blogpost I will announce my first giveaway winner, and it's...



Congratulations Emon! I will contact you shortly via twitter for your details! x
Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway - and for answering the question, now I have so many products  in my wishlist - thanks guys!
I will do more in the future, so don't worry!

Anyways - If you guys haven't followed me yet - please follow me in Instagram!
My username is pandablushjean , been loving this app so much I couldn't stop using it! x
Here is a little snippet of my recent Instagram photos:

(from clockwise : flower display at general pants, my morning camwhoring shots, orly nailpolish in sweet peacock, first time going out with my new eva clutch, petite chocolates from guylian cafe, & chai latte at gnome surry hills)

I update regularly (almost daily) and mainly taking photos of my daily activites, finds, purchases, and many random stuff! If you're using Instagram too, please kindly put your username in the comment below and I will follow you back!

Oh one more thing, I have recently changed my domain to :


Please update your subscription :) And you guys might notice that I have changed the commenting system to Disqus - so I can reply back to you guys easily! Yay!

Thanks guys,

See you again next time!



Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend 2011 (+IMATS 2011)

Hi Everyone!
Last weekend, something very exciting happened!
I was so lucky (you have no idea) to take part in Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend 2011 !
I was soo thrilled! Thanks for Jacie and Kimmi, the amazingly talented and gorgeous ladies who organized ABBW 2011 and really really pulled it off! It was a huge success. I am so lucky to be a part of it.

ABBW was held in Sydney - mostly in Novotel, Sydney Exhibition Centre (IMATS), and Establishment.
Well I live in Sydney, so it's pretty convenient for me! But still, me and Janice  decided to book a room at Novotel! It's much easier that way because the event started at 9.00 a.m and lasts for two days!

Day One

Ok, we gathered around 8.30 am at Novotel Darling Harbour's lobby to register and to take our passes ( I woke up at 5.00 am that day - It was hard to sleep when I was pretty damn excited about ABBW)

After that, me and Janice went to Harbourside mall to get some breakfast and we were soooo worried because the food hasn't arrived and it's almost time to gather at IMATS. As soon as the breakfast arrived (bacon,egg,sourdough toast,mushroom - big brekkie!) straight away we gulped down our coffees, ate our breakfast in lightning speed - and ran to IMATS!!

(Photo taken by Liz for ABBW website)

This is the first IMATS that I have ever been to - and I was THRILLED!
Even early in the morning, it was already quite packed!
There, I met Shizuka and other lovely Melbourne bloggers!

I went crazy! I didn't spend a lot of money- I just bought things that are necessary! :)
Bought some brushes from Royal & Langnickel , Ardell lashes, Ben Nye Blush ( I should've bought 5! They're amazingly pigmented), MUFE coral lipstick. Not a lot. I wanted to buy more but it was so packed it got to the point where I couldn't even bother.

Then, I saw this Japanese makeup brush company called Hakuhodo.
They have some AMAZINGLY brushes, it's so soft I'm not even kidding.
The handle is beautifully crafted - but it's quite expensive!

I regret myself for not buying them.. Now If I change my mind I have to buy them online.. Le sigh.
I want the face brush (foundation or powder brush!) with the orange handle!
Look at these amazing brushes, I swear I'm going to buy the powder brush in the future hahaha.

Me with my loot from IMATS (which I will show to you guys later, okay?)

After shopping and got very very tired, we went upstairs where they provided us with refreshments and food - and the highlight is the free manicure service! :) The ladies who did our nails are very lovely.

After that, we got back to our hotel to rest and to get ready for the night gala at the Establishment,
sponsored by Maxted Thomas PR.

Look at our bags! We even camwhored hehe :)

We forgot the time, and we only had 10 minutes to prepare for the gala! Oh noooes!
Anyways, we still made it!

(Photo taken by Liz for ABBW website, edited by me)

It was amaaazing! Everyone was mingling, talking, and I even got my hair done by Sebastian Hair Team! Woot! We also got a bunch of goody bags from Sebastian, Remington, Burt's Bees, Balenciaga Fragrance, Marc Jacobs Oh Lola, Nivea, Bottega Venetta, and Orly! It was fun! 

(Photo taken by Liz for ABBW website)

The dinner was superb, everyone was having so much fun.
We were REALLY tired to even eat the dessert! 
When we arrived back at our hotel, we just collapsed and went straight to sleep.

Day Two

We woke up and had breakfast together - and after that we went to the Alpha-H seminar.
I was sold. Seriously. They gave us samples for Liquid Gold skincare line - I have tried it for 3 days straight and It was amazing. I can see my skin has improved - I don't even need to blot my face with blotting paper! Well the full review will come later, so stay tuned!

After that, we did a makeup masterclass with Face of Australia.
It was very informative, and I never knew that shading is really important to enhance your facial shapes and I learnt some really useful shading tricks ! :)

(Photo taken by Liz for ABBW website)

Me fooling around with my camera :)

After that, we attended our last event from ABBW 2011 (aw..) - which is a talk from Bahar Etminan from Rescu. It was very inspirational. I think I need to make my own presskit as she stressed that it's really important for us beauty bloggers.

After that, ABBW 2011 officially finished.
Pretty sad.

In conclusion, I really enjoy ABBW very much - it's my first blogger event, and will definitely come to the next year's ABBW! No doubt! My favourite part from the whole event is meeting other beauty bloggers from all around Australia - it really motivated me to blog more, and I had so much fun meeting them.

Thank you so much everyone! Hoping to meet you all again in near future! x



Beauty Tags & 15 Weird Habits :)

Hi Everyone!
I saw this tag in Blushfully post, and I can't resist to do it too! :)
So here it goes...

Blush or bronzer? Of course blush! Don't get me wrong, I use bronzer everyday too but If I had to choose, blush wins hands down! :)
Lip gloss or lipstick? Lipstick. I love matte textures.
Eye liner or mascara? Hmm... Eye liner! You can't really get the same effect just wearing mascara. You can play with eyeliner more! It totally changes your entire face makeup.
Foundation or concealer? Concealer. My dark circles are horrendous.
Neutral or color eye shadow? Neutrals... I don't want to wear blue eyeshadow everyday.
Pressed or loose eye shadows? Pressed! Easily applied and I hate fallouts.
Brushes or sponges? Brushes. Honestly I have never bought a makeup sponge, believe it or not!

Long or short? Can I pick medium? Hahaha. Well choosing from the two options - short.
Acrylic or natural? Natural! I've tried acrylic and it destroyed my nails!
Brights or darks? No neutral? Damn it hahaha. Darks I suppose.
Flower or no flower? No. I won't be bothered.

Perfume or body splash? Perfume. The last time I used body splash is in junior high school after PE lesson.
Lotion or body butter? Body butter. Love the texture more.
Body wash or soap? Body wash. Easy and I use loofah.. so: body wash.

Jeans or sweat pants? Jeans!
Long sleeve or short? Short.
Dresses or skirts? Mm dress!
Stripes or plaid? Stripes... I think I have no plaid in my wardrobe atm.
Flip flops or sandals? Whats the difference again?
Scarves or hats? Scarves. I rarely wear hats.
Studs or dangly earrings? Studs. It's simple! :)
Necklaces or bracelets? Necklaces duh! I love collecting statement necklaces. I always lose my bracelets!
Heels or flats? Mmm flats are comfier! But depends on the occasion. But If I can wear flats, I'll wear flats.
Cowboy boots or riding boots? Riding boots with a tad bit of heels.
Jacket or hoodie? Jacket :)

Curly or straight? Straight with a bit of waves.
Bun or ponytail? High ponytail.
Bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins. But they're f*cking all over the place.
Hair spray or gel? Hairspray all the way.
Long or short? Long but It's high maintenance and I'm a lazy person...
Light or dark? Medium to dark.
Side sweep bangs or full bangs? Side sweep, it looks more mature. But now my fringe is middle parted.
Up or down? Doooown except on the summer.

Rain or shine? Shineeeeeeeee!
Summer or winter? Summer! I love laying down on the beach.
Fall or spring? Spring.
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!

15 Weird Facts 
What's a nickname only your family calls you? 
Feifei :)
What's a weird habit of yours?
Talking too fast sometimes I'm having a hard time swallowing my own saliva.
Do you have any weird phobias?
I am afraid of heights. So no roller coaster for me!
What's a song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you're alone?
Depends on my mood - but recently : Cut Copy - Lights and Music!
What's one of your biggest pet peeves? When someone dye their hair light but leave their eyebrows unbleached/dark. EUUUGH.
What's one of your nervous habits? Stuttering.
What side of the bed do you sleep on? Left because it's near the wall.
What was your first stuffed animal and its name? A me to you bear - his name is Abuabu :)
What's the drink you always order at Starbucks? Mm not a big fan of Starbucks, but I always order Green tea latte when I go there.
What's the beauty rule you preach, but never actually practice? None.
Which way do you face in the shower? Facing the shower.
Do you have any weird body skills? I can crack all of my fingers including my toes?
What's your favorite comfort food that's 'bad', but you love to eat it anyways? DAIM CHOCOLATES! NOMNOM
What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? ”Huh?”
”Like.. like.. like"
Time to sleep - what are you actually wearing? T-shirt and Peter Alexander shorts

Will update about IMATS & ABBW 2011 soon - so stay tuned!

P.S. : Don't forget to enter my giveaway below if you haven't!

See you lovelies,



Hi everyone,

Sorry for being such a lazybum again. And I hope this will make up for it!
I know its very late - but finally I reached ( a bit over ) 1000 subscribers!
I want to thank all of you guys :) Thanks for all the support all of these years.
When I first started blogging, I didn't expect that I'd get 1000 subscribers, let along even 100!

In order to say thanks to my subscribers,(love you guys !)
I will hold my first giveaway ever! ( any many more to come - this is so fun!)

On to the details! (International subscribers are welcomed!)

Pandablush' 1000 Subscribers Giveaway  


1. Palty foaming hair dye (my favourite colour)
2. OPI Shatter in Silver Shatter
3. My Beauty Diary Strawberry Masks (1 Set)
4. A letterpressed greeting card illustrated by me.

(all items are purchased with my own money)

 About Giveaway 

1. Giveaway ends until 2 October 2011 , 5 pm Sydney Time
2. I will pick the winner randomly
3. The winner will be announced on my blog in the following blogspost, so stay tuned!


1. You must be a subscriber of my blog via Google Friend Connect. Subscribe by simply click on the 'Join this site' button on the right sidebar!
2. You must follow my twitter!
3. You must comment in this post and answer this question : "What beauty product that you can't live without and why?" (name a single one! - have to be your ultimate favourite)

 Comment Format 

1. Name :
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3. Blog link (if you have) :
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5. Answer : 

So that's all, good luck to everyone!
Oh and one more thing, for the Australians out there :
I'm gonna attend Australian Beauty Blogger Weekend this week!

So excited!

Hope to see some of you guys there x

Take care!


Welcome back, Pandablush! + hair extensions!

Hi everyone,
I know everyone is probably very angry with me right now since I haven't blogged for a long time, but I just wanna say : I'M BAAAACK! :)

Maybe this is like the third time I'm saying this, but really things have been really busy!
But it's my fault, I should be able to cope :( Sorry guys!
So long story short, I got a full-time job as a graphic designer. Yay! Pretty happy about it.
I haven't blogged for aaaaages, and suddenly my subscribers grow to 1000 subscribers!
Omgsh! I'm excited, i'm going to do my first giveaway soon! Stay tuned!
(go outside buying pressies hehe)

So few months ago I got braided hair extensions!
As you all know, I had short-ish / medium hair, and one day I went to the salon for a trim,
and they chopped a lot off! I hate it when that happens! I was really really sad :(
So I booked a salon straightaway to do my hair extensions, and ta-raaaah!

(me and my friend @winery for my birthday dinner)
- sorry for the shitty quality i used a digicam and blow it up

Hello long hair!
Pretty happy about it, but now I need to spend extra 30 minutes to dry it.
I had extensions too before, but glued one. Overall braided ones win hands down!
It's heaps healthier for your hair, and looks natural! (doesn't look as shitty as glue when it accidentally peeks through - just looks like you braided your hair)
If you ever considered getting hair extensions, do the braid one! I recommend it ;)

I haven't told you guys yet, but 6 months- ish ago I got a tattoo!
My first one and wanting to do more, hehehe.

Heart outline :) Simple and subtle!

That's it for today guys,
New post in 2 days!

See you guys soon!


Haul & Swatch - NARS & Shiseido

Hi everyone.
Wow I'm blogging more often now ;) it's because I have too much free time lol.
So today I'm gonna share my recent buy, two Nars products (one eyeshadow duo & a blush)
and a Shiseido bronzer.

So one day I walked in randomly to Mecca (it's Sydney's Sephora cuz we don't have Sephora),
and I had the sudden urge to buy NARS eyeshadow, why? That's because they have the best eyeshadows ever! So I really wanted to buy purple eyeshadow (duo) and this kind SA led me to this product:

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Caravaggio

They are obviously so pigmented (5/5), smooth on the lids / not powdery like most of the NARS eyeshadows are (5/5), and the colours are so beautiful, it has a slight shimmer :)
Purple looks good on everyone, and it can be a neutral eyeshadow too, just add dark brown on the corner of your lid.

NARS Blush in Deep Throat

Love this brush! It's pigmented but not too overwhelming, now it's my everyday blush.
The amount of sheen is perfect, not too shimmery! 5/5 I love this more than my NARS Orgasm Blush.

Shiseido Bronzer in Light

Why did I buy this product again? Mmm I think there was a promo, buy 2 get the free travelkit?
So I bought a gentle cleansing cream and this bronzer (my bobbi brown shimmer brick almost hit the pan) in the lightest shade. Surprisingly, it's good. The colour is perfect because I have quite fair skin, it looks natural. The only thing that bother me is the brush, I prefer big fluffy brush to apply my bronzer :)

That's all for today :)
Thanks for reading my blog!

Fei x


[Candylens] Circle Lenses Review : Max Pure Brown & Max Pure Grey

Hi everyone :)
First I'd like to thank Candylens for sponsoring me with these two lenses, and I'll review them :)
Ok, I chose two lenses, Max Pure Brown and Max Pure Gray. I also got two cute animal lens case!

They look good on the model haha thats why I chose them . I don't like lenses with distinct outer ring,
and these two look natural and they blend with our natural eyes.

(I borrow my sister's eyes and face cuz it's easier to take clear pics haha and her eyes are nicer looking)

Max Pure Gray
Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Replacement period : 12 months

Review : Ok first, they are super enlarging, but also very subtle. They really blend with my natural eyes.
It's perfect for the dolly look, but still want to look natural (and not scary). The color is opaque, when you wear it out in the sunlight it's still very natural even though it's quite opaque, because you can't really see the pixels. I must say I love this one better than the Max Pure Brown. It's really hard to find circle lens that's comfortable on the eyes, and this one is REALLY comfortable. Sometimes I forgot that I'm wearing them. I wear them out for a whole day and no problemo!  (just carry a eyedrop in case it gets too dry) I'll give these pair 4/5. But the thing is you have to wear a bit of makeup with it or it'll look ghostly. Hehehe.

(lol i didn't get her permission to post her full face here but she'll understand hahahaha)

Diameter : 14.5 mm
Water content : 38%
Base curve : 8.6 mm
Replacement period : 12 months

Review : They are both from the same brand, so I guess they feel and look pretty similar. They are super subtle too, and you should go for it if you don't want bright colored lenses and it's perfect for people who are into natural lenses/look. But still, I recommend to wear a bit of eye makeup (or more) with these lenses as they are quite enlarging and it can look weird if you have a bare eyes/face. I personally like the gray better, but I'll wear these ones as well when I want to do the natural look :) I'll give this 3.5/5 cuz I think this is not the best brown lenses you can get..? My favorite is Super Dali Brown :)) They are super natural but less enlarging. Well I guess it depends on people' preferences.

That's all folks! Thanks again Candylens for the lenses :) Appreciate it. The shipping is really fast 5/5 :)

And if you guys wanna shop there, don't forget the 5% coupon code : pandablush
Happy shopping!

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