Shu Uemura x Aya Takano Haul!


Long time since I posted a biiig haul !
So one day I walked inside David Jones and I gasped,
It's a dream come true! Omgsh, I love Aya Takano! And Shu! 2 good things combined into one!
I like her illustrations, its so dreamy :) I see it all the time in Zipper.

Inside the box

The products!

Okay so I bought like.... Everything.
(Except the blushtint and the pencils and the lashes, I wont use em)
The packaging is soooooo cute for everything!
I spent 500$ in total that day sob sob but it was worth it.. I guess.

First is the Brush travel set. It comes in a cuuuute triangle pouch and I can use them later for travelling.
It comes with the necessities~

Second is the makeup pouch. Its a free gift for spending over 200$! :) I love it!


Isn't it cute?

Ok here are the palettes. One costs like 120$ so its uber expensive.
But I caved in anyway..
It consists of eyeshadow powder, cream and also a blush!

The inside look

Ok first is the blue haired girl palette!

It consists of brown shimmery shades, and also gold with gold creme shadow
and also dark green creme shadow (GORGEOUS). The blush is peachpink with gold shimmer!

Here is a picture of my sister's eye wearing this palette :)

Next is the palette with the pink haired girl on the front..

Actually I love this one better than the other one !
The blues are so unique and wearable. It has blues, silver, gold & brown creme eyeshadow
The blush is so pretty, babydoll pink! (pinker than m33e)

Here is my sister's (right) eye again wearing this palette.

The cam sucks but its actually a pretty blue in real life.
(I also bought shu's skincare and also Laura mercier tinter moisturizer, love it!)

Btw the notebook is a bonus if you buy 2 products. SO MANY BONUS yay :)

Anyways I hope it helps,
and this is Aya Takano's Illustration :

Pretty eh?

See ya xx

PS: Thanks for all people who subscribed to my YouTube acc. I will post more if I know what to post next hehe~ Im shyyyy~


MEOW said...

oooh i love this collection too!! its soooo pretty and cute! but too $$!! thanks for sharing it though :)

Mish said...

The packaging and eye shadow colours are so gorgeous!!! *drools* I love collaborations such as this :)


Tezza said...

whoa great haul!
i love the eyes looks that you did :)

Anna said...

I hope you're talking about Singapore dollars and US dollars!? Anyways, if I had the money and a shu uemura here, I'd have done exactly the same. I'M JEALOUS :p

Jenna said...

Nice Haul =) I was planning to purchase some things from the collection when i go to melb next week cant wait! love the cosmetic bag and the palettes >.<


K said...

~~ i want i want ~~ i've been to our shu counter sooo many times for a look at this gorgeous collection. but i really shouldnt:( got to save for xmas and hol with bf~~

~the eye makeup on your sis looks stunning. love the gold smokey effect. and love the fresh bluey greens too~~ maybe i should ask for this for xmas..ha xx

Ren said...

they look absolutely adorable!!! ><
you're so lucky, the packaging is sooo cute
ahah im a sucker for packaging :D

kawaiikao said...

ahhh you lucky girl!! great haul!!

pankeke said...

wow all these items are so cute >.<~

Jasmin said...

Adorable!!! These are too cute. I want them. HAHA. Thanks for posting.

nemesis86 said...

Hi !me too I bought the Reindeer Kiss palette & brush set. But I also got the blush tint & harmony pink gloss, which I think you would like a lot :) I would really advise you on the blush tint as it is VERY special:the texture and color are so amazing, you should try it: better than Tarte or Nars imo !!! since it is LE, the Blush tint is flying off the shelves in Canada !

Miss Tiff said...

Wow, everything is so pretty! I love all the colours and the brush kit is soooooo adorable! :) Great haul.

Amy said...

OMG- the brushes are so cute, I love their brushes, especially the foundation brush. It just gives the most amazing finish.

aretha said...

I have the blue haired girl palette, blush tint and the love apricot lip tint from this collection. But I didn't get any freebies :( want the pouch so bad! I think you should get the blush tint cos it's really lovely hehe

Anonymous said...

i just saw this the other day on shu uemura's website. i want to buy it so bad!!

Anonymous said...

Wow the Shu Uemura palettes are super pretty -- I wish they still had stores in the US ... sucks to only be able to order online. Loving the Youtube chanel -- you and your makeup looks are super pretty! I just subscribed -- please check out my blog if you get the chance!

<3 Kelly

Coco said...

this collection is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSS
but it's almost sold out everywhere where i live :( and it's super expensive !

the eyeshadows look amazing on you!
- Coco

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