NARS goodies!

Hi all!
:) Hehehe as I promised here is some goodies I bought just recently!
NARS have a 2010 Fall Collection and It's amazing!
I just bought the Blush, but I really want the duo eyeshadows too!
But NARS here in Australia are super expensive, I bought the blush for 62$ (57$USD) and the duo eyeshadow for 78$ (72$USD)!!

Here is NARS eyeshadow duo in Cordura!
I bought this shadow because I need a duo that I can use everyday, but darker than my previous everyday shadow, and this was SO PIGMENTED! :)
I love it, it's like brick brown, and I think it suits asian skin tone a lot!
I definitely recommend this guys! Worth the money :D

Next is NARS Limited Edition Fall 2010 Collection, blush in Douceur.
Unlike normal NARS blushes, this have NARS engraved on the blush he! :)
It is a muted.. pink/coral? It is a matte blush and it looks pale-ish.
I think it looks great on light skinned people :)
I love it but it's very pigmented you have to apply it layer by layer or you look like a clown (im a fan of sheer blush like Shu's). But Im glad to have this in my collection.
Pic below is the blush with the swatch on my hand.

Here is me wearing Douceur :) Sorry I focused my lips not my cheeks =O
Hard to hold a dslr to take selfcam!

Thats all folks!
Oh and I saw America has this new cosmetic brand, Burberry!
I wanttttt! We will get it next year :(((( Booo...
And when it came here I think the price will be doubled as usual!

Hehe oh my boyfriend just bought a puppy,
It's an alaskan malamute, Eva! She's so smart ~

I will post cuter pics of her later!

See ya then!


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