Chanel Paradoxal & Bday Pics

Hi everyone!

I'm into nail polishes recently so I bought few OPIs and ESSIE nail polishes. and also china glaze!
Its a joy to apply nail polishes.. hehe every few days!
My favorite of em all is Chanel's Paradoxal.

It's so pretty, and a unique color too.
Its dark grey with a purple shimmer. Pretty on your nails!
Definitely recommend this for everyone, its limited edition, so grab it fast!

I will post more nail polish swatches and some of my buys later when I got home :)
I bought some nice stuff :)

Hehe I hang my polaroid on my wall with mini pegs 8D

Oh and these are pics of my birthday dinner a month ago ;) Sorry for uploading lots of pics! ehhe.

Love you guys xx

And here are pics of my pre bday party @ Sydney with my 2 sisters :)




Silkybow said...

OOOH I do the exact same thing with my polaroids. Hanging them on a brownish string and mini pegs ;]

Kim said...

you're so pretty in that pic ^^

Eiliyah said...

I need that nail polish! It's so pretty!

Jasmin said...

Cute color & great pictures!

Anonymous said...

That is such a lovely polish :)
I need to try and find something like that over here :)

And dont apologize for uploading pics, pics are fun :)

take care
hugs :)

aretha said...

babe you look so pretty in the pictures ! :) where is your dress from? (in the last picture)

Anonymous said...

wow@ chanel polish
such a sexy color ;)
and you look so gorgeous in those pics!

TinkerBi said...

aww your beautiful! happy belated birthday love :)

Libby said...

That polish is so pretty! I've never seen a color like that O_O

Haha and you looked great on your birthday ^^

Mikami said...

Aw, happy belated birthday! I think it's cute what you do with the Polaroid. Its very creative.

Also the Chanel nail polish is so pretty. You just inspired me to go hunting for it and stock up! Haha!

miemiemie said...

that polish shade is pretty :) wish we had a chanel counter in my area though -_- its so frustrating to see a lot of nice things people buy on blogs but can't get it though

belated happy birthday!

Viva Leng Ong said...

even though you update very seldom compared to some of the other blogs i follow, i must say that your blog is my favourite. <3

SHIZUKA said...

The peg idea is cuuute babe :) Really looking forward to catching up again haha our date <3

Anonymous said...

ur 1st sister doesnt look like you at all!!!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love your nail polish!!! :)

izumi said...

looks like you had a great bday ^__^

i love paradoxal! argh i think i want to get it now..

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