Chanel Paradoxal & Bday Pics

Hi everyone!

I'm into nail polishes recently so I bought few OPIs and ESSIE nail polishes. and also china glaze!
Its a joy to apply nail polishes.. hehe every few days!
My favorite of em all is Chanel's Paradoxal.

It's so pretty, and a unique color too.
Its dark grey with a purple shimmer. Pretty on your nails!
Definitely recommend this for everyone, its limited edition, so grab it fast!

I will post more nail polish swatches and some of my buys later when I got home :)
I bought some nice stuff :)

Hehe I hang my polaroid on my wall with mini pegs 8D

Oh and these are pics of my birthday dinner a month ago ;) Sorry for uploading lots of pics! ehhe.

Love you guys xx

And here are pics of my pre bday party @ Sydney with my 2 sisters :)


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