A day with heartofpearl

So exciting!
I met heartofpearl today,
and we did a lot of stuff!

it was fun!
she's such a sweet girl =3

first, we went to this giraffe cafe at city.
the interior is so cute! and the food was super nice. i ate a tiramisu and ice choco. thanks shizuka!

(excuse my poor tucked scarf)

We ended up talking until evening :D it was so much fun and then we went to take
purikuras! :D these are some of the sticker photos that we took!

We also went to buy japanese magazine at this hidden place 8D
After that we drink tea and just chat at san churros :)

Looking forward to meet her again! I had a super good time!
We share a lot of interest~ Thanks for today~



Anonymous said...

Zomg, pretty ladies... you kind of look like sisters XD

looks like you had fun~

Silkybow said...

aww you guys look like you had so much fun!
Both of you are really pretty too, and yeh you both look like sisters ^^

kawaiikao said...

ahhh you two are so pretty! blogger meetups are funnn :D

Vivien said...

^^ It looks like you two had heaps of fun together!

miemiemie said...

aww you guys look so cute :) glad to see more updates..more more more!

Catherine said...

Aww, what fun!! :D

SHIZUKA said...

aww i had so much fun too!! thanks for everything, was so glad you are gorgeous inside n out!! def meet up soon for some ice skating fun :D haha i will update on it very sooon i have no time yet but maybe later tonight or tmr mornig :)) bye sweetie~ <3

Anonymous said...

You wish you were japanese.. lol

K said...

that cafe looks cute~~

you two look so pretty~ a little similar actually^^ xx

Maeve Rachel said...

Looks like so much fun! That cafe looks soo cute =)

Unknown said...

ooh that place looks neat! pretty pictures too btw <3


Rachel said...

Anonymous Coward : Someone too cowardly to post their real name next to what they write.

Anonymous said...

very cute! love the purikuras, you two look really look like sisters!

izumi said...

cute pics together (: the cafe sounds cute!

Tea2Tu said...

you guys are super pretty hehe
i love giraffe cafe ^^ so antique and cute.

Georgina said...

i agree you look like sisters! you both look really pretty! :)

Kim said...

I <3 purikura too xD~~~

Mikami said...

That cafe looks so lovely. Very cozy and inviting. Looks like a nice place for some relaxing tea with a friend you both must of enjoyed it alot.

You purikura looks soo cute too! it make me wanna grab a friend and do some too! Haha!

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