Ichibankao Haul + Jill Stuart Foundation Review

Hi everyone!
First haul in a long time I guess.
I bought some stuff from Ichibankao a week ago, and it's here now! Yay!
Here are the goodies I bought :

1. Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 202 Ivory
2. Koji Active Eyetalk
3. Dejavu Lash Knockout Fiberwig Mascara

I'm so excited!

I really want a powder foundation because I don't have one.. I think it's good for on the go,
It's not messy and I want it to look natural. And also I bought the active eyetalk because it's waterproof. If you guys don't know I do have double eyelids but sometimes the right one is kinda hidden inside so I like to make it bigger using eyetalk! (I wanna do eye surgery U_U)
The third item is the Dejavu fiberwig lash knockout. It's a new version of the old fiberwig. The old one only does lengthening, but this one claims to be not only lengthening, but also volumizing! Can't wait to try it.

Okay today Im only gonna do a review on the Jill Stuart foundation.

Okay. What pulled me to buy this compact foundation is of course the PACKAGING!
It's sooo adorable! What's nice is that it has the initial 'J' on the compact, like my first name hahahaah so it looks customised.

When I first feel the powder gosh its SOOOO SMOOTH! Like silk :)
I love love love it!
I admit that the coverage is not amazing, it's so - so.
But it's good if you feel like wearing a natural makeup.
4.5 stars!! My face feels so smooth like silk when I touch it, not only that it matches my skin perfectly.

This is what it looks like on my skin (sorry abit blurry)

Yeah the shade is in 202 Ivory!
I recommend it.
I will take it everywhere with me... You can also refill by buying only the powder not the compact so you will save money!

btw i add a new song to my blog~ its playing right now!
its a remixed version of Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro Theme Song = Passage of The Wind.

I love ghibli!
here is the original version : (dont forget to pause my music player on the left column)



Im having my birthday soon, where do you reckon a nice place & food in Melbourne?
I love nice atmosphere in restaurants.. :D

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