long time no see *runs away and hides*
yeah im baaaack!

before i begin here is the requested pic of me with my black hair (abit fading though)
with a fail braid :D


i am not liking swinburne so far.
the semester ends in 2 more weeks and i have so many projects. and prolly i just did 1/10 of it.
dunno why, this year i feel SOOO LAZY.
i skipped class.
a lot.

i hope i dont fail any of the subjects.. (even though i submitted all my assignments on time)
i just dont feel going to uni. at all.
i just want to pass =/
i think attendance is marked.. if its do marked...
im screwed lol.

well, but guess what?
i got a lot of purchases but i will talk about my fav today!

first up is

OPI Tickle My France-y!

I love love love it!
its a nude ish color, i always get compliments when im using it ;)
its an everyday color that matches whatever you wear, its perrrrfect~
i always wanted nude ish color and the SA suggested me to buy this.
anyone who havent tried it should try it!

and the next favorite thing is
Anessa Shiseido SUNBLOCK ! I needed a new bottle of sunblock (face) and i heard this shiseido sunblock is good, so i bought it! its...

its sooo watery and it blends nicely to your skin.

its not sticky at all, very very light! (its like a makeup base) so its good for oily skin gals.
its spf 50+ too! nice eh?

cuz im not a fan of sticky sunblock, i love this! it doesnt lighten your skin too or leave a white cast on your face, even though most sunblock does that. when i use this, and then my makeup after that, it blends to my face like siiilk ~ because its nearly winter my skin gets dry U_U

and the next fav thing is powder!
i sooo need a powder/blot powder/finishing powder
for me to carry around in my bag, i had a mac blot powder and it worked great and all but..
i broke it 3 times already! how silly is that.. it broke inside my purse getting it all dirty and everything. so i cant take it anymore and just bought a new one.

so i get a Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder (Transparent)

again, (sorry guys) I LURV IT!
its less chalkier than mac blot powder, and even though its transparent,
it gives a very natural feel on my skin cuz i dont want foundation on top of foundation..
pricey (62bucks-ish) but its worth the price.
the good news is it hasnt broke. yay!

so thats all the products :)
i hope its helpful!
by the way,
im thinking of opening an online store, that sells cute handmade jewelries made by me,
i bought the equipments but i haven't made a finished one yet.
if im satisfied of what i made, i will post it here ^^

still thinking of a name though.



. said...

hii fei! =) Your hair colour looks pretty!

Aww poor you. I kind of know how you feel-ish. I don't know where all my motivation went when I came to uni, all I wanted to do was pass, and my grades reflected it a lot T__T But I'm sure you'll be fine and dandy!

Lilladylife said...

ugh beaking out sucks from new products but LM has amazing quality def worth the price, hope you are clear again

Glad to see u back! =D

Jess said...

Heya Fei! So missed you! The OPI nail polish is amazing! I WANT it, hehe...

Anonymous said...

i love ur new hair color! it looks really nice :]


chung said...

Welcome back. You look so pretty <3! & I love the song you have up.

izumi said...

i haven't felt like going to classes either, but i make myself! yuck :(

IchigoBunnie said...

ive heard so much about shiseido anessa! by any chance, can u post up the ingredients list for that? im allergic to sulfates and needed to check before buying :( if u cant then dun worry bout it :) thanks!

Leenda said...

Glad you are back! Nice nude nail polish btw. =]

Victoria said...

awee you look so cute! (: omg i hate it when my make up breaks in my bag. not only is it a waste but it's a pain in the glutts to clean up! LOL, pardon my usage of p.e. terms x)

Georgina said...

you look beautiful in your photo fei! welcome back! :)

i hope you get the inspiration/motivation you need to finish all the projects you have... :)

Anessa sounds like Kanebo Allie, i love it too! :)

Margaret said...

Ugh, I know what you mean. I once bought this one sunblock with only an SPF 30 and it wass thick and made me always whiter than I was.
Great review though, I would love to check the sheseido one out. :)

An online store?! Go for it! I'm terrible with names though. ^_^

Catherine said...

Heyyyyy nice to hear from you! Sorry to hear uni isn't all that fun... maybe next semester will be better for you? I think the first year ish is never all that fun since you're not really taking major classes yet.

Pretty nail polish and omg I am looking for a sunscreen like that! But it seems all of the liquid ones have chemical sunscreens in them (I'm allergic)... ugh.

Silkybow said...

welcome backkk! (:
You look so pretty in the picture with you and the bike!
I love that nail polish colour

giang said...

ure sooo cute! and i loveee tickle my france-y, too!

lisadrivesavan said...

Wow i just found your blog! you look soo pretty xox

SHIZUKA said...

yay you're back with an update! you look so adorable on that bicycle :) cutest smile! and i doooo love your nail colour!! might have to get some tomorrow bcos i could wear that for work - nude is goood :D xx

Maeve Rachel said...

Love the new hair colour!! =) 62bucks is a lil steep for me but if it's worth it then that's great!! =)

You should defo start an online store! I'd love to see what you come up with!! Please post a pic of one of your pieces when you have some made <3

. said...

Hi Fei, I was just on youtube being bored.

And then I saw this video.


Did you know you're in it? 0:14...

Well, you look pretty in both the photos, so I'm not sure what the point was. But at least you're considered to be an uhlzzang =P

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