long time no see *runs away and hides*
yeah im baaaack!

before i begin here is the requested pic of me with my black hair (abit fading though)
with a fail braid :D


i am not liking swinburne so far.
the semester ends in 2 more weeks and i have so many projects. and prolly i just did 1/10 of it.
dunno why, this year i feel SOOO LAZY.
i skipped class.
a lot.

i hope i dont fail any of the subjects.. (even though i submitted all my assignments on time)
i just dont feel going to uni. at all.
i just want to pass =/
i think attendance is marked.. if its do marked...
im screwed lol.

well, but guess what?
i got a lot of purchases but i will talk about my fav today!

first up is

OPI Tickle My France-y!

I love love love it!
its a nude ish color, i always get compliments when im using it ;)
its an everyday color that matches whatever you wear, its perrrrfect~
i always wanted nude ish color and the SA suggested me to buy this.
anyone who havent tried it should try it!

and the next favorite thing is
Anessa Shiseido SUNBLOCK ! I needed a new bottle of sunblock (face) and i heard this shiseido sunblock is good, so i bought it! its...

its sooo watery and it blends nicely to your skin.

its not sticky at all, very very light! (its like a makeup base) so its good for oily skin gals.
its spf 50+ too! nice eh?

cuz im not a fan of sticky sunblock, i love this! it doesnt lighten your skin too or leave a white cast on your face, even though most sunblock does that. when i use this, and then my makeup after that, it blends to my face like siiilk ~ because its nearly winter my skin gets dry U_U

and the next fav thing is powder!
i sooo need a powder/blot powder/finishing powder
for me to carry around in my bag, i had a mac blot powder and it worked great and all but..
i broke it 3 times already! how silly is that.. it broke inside my purse getting it all dirty and everything. so i cant take it anymore and just bought a new one.

so i get a Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder (Transparent)

again, (sorry guys) I LURV IT!
its less chalkier than mac blot powder, and even though its transparent,
it gives a very natural feel on my skin cuz i dont want foundation on top of foundation..
pricey (62bucks-ish) but its worth the price.
the good news is it hasnt broke. yay!

so thats all the products :)
i hope its helpful!
by the way,
im thinking of opening an online store, that sells cute handmade jewelries made by me,
i bought the equipments but i haven't made a finished one yet.
if im satisfied of what i made, i will post it here ^^

still thinking of a name though.


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