Sorry for abandoning this blog for few months :(
Just an update so this blog won't look so dull!

I can't wait to go to melbourne, just 14 more days left! I already found a flat (it's a studio and it's just across my uni!) Ughhhh I'm so excited, but I'm also scared at the same time.. You know.. It will be a whole new city, whole new environment, whole new university, whole new friends too! waaaa. It's like the first day of highschool all over again :P Haha sorry I sound like a baby! Just to update. no i don't want to abandon this blog, & now I just bought nikkor 35mm lens! So I can take sharper pics (esp products) in the future! looking forward to it.

I'm going to go late night shopping today with wei so I think I'm gonna search for a good
concealer, preferably those ones in a pot. Im tired of tube concealer. been using the same one for the past 3 years (prescriptives camouflage concealer) Its my 1st concealer and im tired of it! I wanna search for another one! perhaps its better? I'm thinkin of buying bobbi brown creamy concealer. It looks good! its pricey though. Probably around similar price as the prescriptives concealer ($40). and a good brush.. Im using mac #194 brush and its abit flimsy because I think I washed it the wrong way and im being too rough ;/ maybe I will buy bobbi brown concealer brush too...

So thanks for reading my blog..I hope I dont bore you guys.. I promise I will review whatever concealer i bought today! Thank you! Just to spice up this entry, I will add some pictures. Few days ago my friend's friends asked me to model for their portfolio. So I did! These are the 'behind the scenes' taken with my camera. The location is : glebe tramshed ! When we went there we managed to take a few shots after we were asked to leave. :/ There were a commercial shooting going on for 'So you think you can dance' (Australian)

This was taken at 'the rocks' a candid when I tried to rip my fakelashes off.
It was damn itchy.

My friend took this photo when I was calling my sis.

After we got kicked out we took few shots outside the tramshed.

At the tramshed. A lot of spiderwebs.

Me with one of the photographer!

And these are my fav from them!
I like this one but my fringe parted :(

This is also my fav.

T love this one! i edited the color ;/

Hehe after seeing this pic..
Its like three toned now.
From this root and previous root...
I'm gonna dye it darker now..




Chiara said...

Ooh, sweet pictures :D My favorite one is the behind the scenes picture where you're surrounded by cameras xD When are we gonna see pics from your new lens ?! :D

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

i love the pictures! they're such fine quality :) uber jealous of the camera skills

Unknown said...

Welcome back!^^
Awww...the portfolio are taken so professional,I like the picture for the header one<3
Hope to see your update soon=)

Claire said...

Awesome pictures! Love the 4th picture! Wish you all the best in Melb! Take care! :)


Claire M said...

these picures are stunning!!

chung said...

You look fab in all but especially the header one. I thought it was from a magazine! *Seriously*

aretha said...

finally you updated! =) you should try cle de peau concealer (if you can get hold of it). if not then benefit erase paste is pretty good too. the new chanel one is gel based and pretty good too! i cant rmb the exact name. i think its correcteur perfection or sth.

Mai said...

Good to see that you're alive! Such cute pics :) Take care!

. said...

Wow girl, you photograph REALLY well! I'm so envious xD No wonder they asked you to model for them.

And the pics all came out gorgeous...! Especially *loving* your new header! Although I think I loved all your headers...

Viennci said...

OMGSH my hair colour is three toned as well!!! =[ and it's salon dye too so its expensive AND sux v___V

♥akisa♥ said...

Love the photography!! Where did you get this taken? It doesn't look like MElbourne?

♥akisa♥ said...

2 weeks~! I''ll be going o/seas soon for my first wedding.. maybe we can catch up when I get back in March~

Anonymous said...

Hi! You are so beautiful *o* & I really love the new design of your blog (y)
I want to know where did you buy your pattern legging? Cause I love it!

xleαғclover said...

aww .. Welcome back :)

You are so pretty & photogenic.
Love your new look of your blog

Alyssamae. said...

You're absolutely gorgeous! Love the photos!

SHIZUKA said...

FEI<3 super pretty as always and looking forward to our meet up :D that tram shed looks amazing! wow, is it a public place? and you def look like a model hehe all those paparazziii hehe!! x

chloe said...

i would love to know what kind of camera you have ?

nice pics

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