M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer & Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation Review

Hi, Everyone!
Today I will review two products, which are M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer & Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation (which is also known as Modeling Water Liquid Foundation). I know I said before I will do a review of Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, but apparently my mom bought this one :O Oh wells. I envy her! There's a Kanebo counter in Jakarta that sells Lunasol. Ahhh I want them to set up a counter here in Australia! Now onto the first review.

I managed to buy myself a pot of M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer in NC30. I didn't buy the Bobbi Brown Concealer because I think it's too creamy and I don't like the packaging... So I bought this one. I actually hate going to M.A.C counter because It's always crowded and they put a very loud music so I have to literally shout to talk with the SA. Ugh. She put on NW25 and NC30 on me and NW25 is a bit light on me. NC30 is soo dark and she said it's my color.

So I bought it for $32 and when I got home I tried it on again... and It's too yellow and dark. What the? Argh I'm dissapointed. Even though I'm Asian, my skin is not really yellow and has a bit of pinkish undertone into it so when I apply this concealer on my face it looks like I have visible yellow weird spots all over my face!

See? It's too yellow! Argh.. Such a waste of money (Again!) so in order to use it up so I don't feel bad, I use it for my forehead. It looks quite good for my forehead because my forehead is darker than my face (my cheeks are fair/pink). This concealer has a great staying power but it's a bit cakey. I love the coverage but I still love love my Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer. Read the review here. It's still in my HG list. So I will rate this concealer 3.5/5

Now onto the Foundation!
This one is called Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation (bought this at the Kanebo counter) but it seems in the website it's called Modeling Water Liquid Foundation. It has slightly different packaging. The new one has pump (i think?) and this one has no pump. But It seems that the formula is the same. The shade that I got is YO02.

The packaging is very sleek and tiny. But you have to be careful not to spill everything out.

As you can see from the picture above, the texture is really watery and runny (55% water) and It's really lightweight. The color is a perfect match too. This is a picture of it blended on to my hand.

I love this so much! I'm actually glad I got this one. It doesn't set into lines and It looks very natural. The coverage is not amazing, but It's better than BB Cream. I love it. I tried using hands, but using MAC 187 stippling brush is a lot better. My face becomes so flawless.
Rating : 4/5 . Why not 5/5? Well It's because my T-zone gets oily faster than when I'm using Missha BB Cream :) But nevertheless a product worth buying.

I haven't put FOTD for a long time, I'm sorry! It's because I don't really think my FOTD are special.. It's just normal makeup.. Hahaha. But I will put a picture of my everyday makeup! (picture taken with Photobooth.. sorry)


Love ya all!



aretha said...

dear are you sure NC30 is your color?? it looks so dark! =( anyway i have never used lunasol products before. what products do you recommend from their line? somehow i have never paid alot of attention to that brand before i dont know why hehehe.

Liana said...

i have nc30 also and it actually looks too light on me! and i have the studio fix fluid foundation in nc35 and it's too light also!

chung said...

I am intrigued by the Lunasol foundation because it's so watery. I LOVE watery foundations... they tend to give the best (as in most natural) coverage in my experience.

efe said...

you are a very inspirational person to me. i really like your new photos and your layout.. kickass! and i envy you about your new cam! xD haha

miemiemie said...

sorry to hear about the mac concealer shade mistake,can't you return it and ask for a better shade?

. said...

Oooh Lunasol foundation! Thanks for the review! I'm thinking maybe I should try it! But then..I need quite heavy coverage. O_O

And aww about the concealer! No way are you anywhere near a NC30!!!!! I swear you're super pale, like NC15?

I got the same concealer in NC20 and it blends perfectly into my skin. O_O Actually, the concealer itself is really dry I find. It sinks into the dry lines under my eyes!! I'm really not that impressed. You could try mixing it with with a little light coloured foundation on the back of your hand to try to lighten it up a little? Or, blend it with some purple base to attempt to cancel the yellow out?

I saw actually, your request to be critiqued in 'critique me' thread xD I wanted to post, but I figured I was just going to tell you here, that your hair looks gorgeous light too! But black is quite nice and refreshing I think. =)

Cookie said...

Hmm...how come she gave you sumthing dark and too yellow...??? which MAC counter did you go to...I got a studio sculpt concealer today and she picked NW20 for me....(I went to Miranda...)

La coruna said...

nc/nw 15/20 is perfectly suitable with ur skin..:)
many reviews said that studio sculpt is so much better to cover :D
btw, mahal amat yah mac di ausi, perasaan di sini cm 200k-an :D

Bijin Blair said...

I love your eye makeup, Fei! The way you smoked it out, nice!!! :)

xSplendidStar said...

Wow i feel exactly like you about the MAC concealer, I bought it not too recently ago and I don't even use it =_= the colour seems to be a bit too light me thinks >_< This was my first time purchasing a concealer and it's prosb going ot be the last, I don't think I need it much.


hana said...

i was thinking about getting mac concealer!! but i didnt know if it was going to be too creamy or cakey. now i know that its cakey, maybe i will try another brand XD

i love your pictures! haha they are so cute lol


Me said...

Ughhhh, I have that MAC concealer and I hate it!!! The consistency is way too hard and it doesn't blend in seamlessly at all (especially when I use it right underneath my eyes---it comes out streaky!)

And don't you just HATE it when MUA's don't know what the f*ck they're talking about? There's nothing more irritating when you take their word when they color-match you, only to go home and find out that it was NOT your color at all! You should go return that concealer. And next time, don't go back to the same MUA!!

Their other concealer (Studio Sculpt) is much more creamier and longer-lasting. I'd recommend that. I got mine in NC20 which is perfect for my skin tone! =p

MiuMiu said...

Hi Fei! It's so nice to see your updates again, I've been quite behind in blogging so I haven't really kept up on updates =p I love your new banner picture!
I have the Air Arrange as well, but it doesn't seem to hold very well for me, my hair falls flat quickly and my bangs just fall back into my eyes =/ I like the schwarzkopf Osis hair spray, my fav!
BB creams made me break out too and my pores got clogged easier, so sad because I really wanted to like them too.

Catherine said...

Hiii! It's so good to hear from you again!! The concealer looks way off for you... I don't think you're NC30 - I'm NC30 and you look much lighter than I am!

Love the FOTD! :D

Anonymous said...

Argh I hate going to MAC counters too! Well.. actually I hate going to the MAC stores.. it gets so darn crowded and I can never get the SA's attention to get me what I want to I can get outta there! I never really want SA's help as I know what I want so it's kind of annoying when I can't get them to just check me out LOL.

Anyway, the whole matching thing happened to my mom too. She was matched to NC25 but it was under golden light so I told her not to buy until she goes into daylight. Turns out I was right because it was a tad darker and orangey on her. Always always go out into daylight before buying. Those SA's don't always know everything.

serenadeveryday said...

I hate when that happens; when you think you've found the perfect shade at the store but once you leave, you realize it's totally off. UGH.

Thanks for the review on Prescriptives' Camouflage Cream. [I checked out your old post. New follower ^,^] I think I'm going to check this product out tomorrow. I've been in need of a concealer.

*Anita* said...

i blame it on the store's lighting. so often i've left the store with something i really like when previously swatched, only to go home and change my nind 'cause the colours don't look the same anymore! :(

i think i would just go with the lighter foundation and then darken my skin with bronzer! ;)


omg!! how come you're dying your hair blackkkkkkk??

Sternchen said...


I found your blog a few minutes ago! Great! ;-) I LOVE it! Thanks for the response of the products too, i wanted to buy a concealer... but was not sure if i should get a mäc or not! ;)

Wish you a nice week! ;)

Fiona Star said...

the lunasol foundation looks so watery and light! now i've got it on my must-check list... haha!

by the way, i've followed ya! (:

Carmen said...

hi nice blog!! =]
i have that MAC concealer too and its too dark for me as well!! I dont think Mac has any shade that matches me =[

Carmen said...

hi nice blog!! =]
i have that MAC concealer too and its too dark for me as well!! I dont think Mac has any shade that matches me =[

Missy Hii said...

Find the mac concealer a bit too dry on me :(
but i like your reviews :)

Rena said...

hey darling,

i've tagged you with an award here:


<33 Rena

kanishk said...

you are a very inspirational person to me.
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Munchkin said...

you look like you're the same shade as me NC25 maybe you can try that...dunno why the SA would give you NW25 and then go straight to NC30 I mean NC30 is 2 shades darker than NW25..if NW25 was only slightly light then she/he should have gone to the next closest shade up :S. If you do like the consistency then go exchange it for the right shade.

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