eBay Haul!

Hi Everyone!
As you can see, I changed the layout of this blog completely!
I didn't want to change it before, but somehow I messed it up so I had to change it all completely!
So, what do you think about it ?

Anyway, I bought some stuff from eBay recently!
Btw in this post I use my new 35mm nikkor lens! LOVE!

So the list :
1. 4 Boxes of Taiwanese eyelashes (1opairs/ea) BUY HERE
2. Dariya fringe pad
3. L'egere White Multi BB Cream
4. KAO CAPE Air Arrage Hair Spray - Airy

So let's start from the L'egere White Multi BB Cream.
After hearing rave reviews from fellow bloggers, Fuz' review made me want to buy it!

So this is the unblended swatch of L'egere BB Cream.

It's the darkest shade of BB Cream ever!
But when it's blended...

It magically changes shade into the perfect skin shade ever! (my skin that is)
Im impressed! The smell is not too strong, unlike Missha BB Perfect Cover.
I've been using this BB Cream for two days, and all I can say is...
Oil control is so much better than Missha, and it feels very light on my skin.
It doesn't crease, it's OMG perfect BB Cream! I was soo happy but then...

...it broke me out.

What a waste of money. I liked that BB Cream! *SOB*
So I will rate this 1/5 but If I didn't break out I would prolly give 4.5/5 rating lols.

The next thing I'm going to review is the:
KAO CAPE Air Arrage Hair Spray - Airy (website)

It claims to:
1. Builds your hairstyle without hardening hairs, allowing us to re-style with flexibilty and natural movements with total freedom at any time.
2. With the 'air keep' formula, it instantly increases the airy feeling of hair
3. Light and non-greasy, leave your hair a natural look.

There. I just copy-pasted it.
The bottle is surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, It's just slightly bigger than my hand. But it actually works. It doesn't harden my hair but it keeps my hair styled for maybe 4 hours? I suck at styling hair so maybe It's not this product's fault. I will give this product 3.5/5 star! I love the smell, It's not too strong. I love how It doesn't make my hair sticky & it looks so natural. The reason why I didn't give higher star is because of the staying power.

Anyone here can recommend a better styling product / hairspray?
I heard bumble&bumble is good. How is it? (It's like 50bucks here in Sydney, we have the most expensive makeup & beauty products ever.. It's double the usual price!)

Here are some camwhoring pictures of me after I tried out the KAO hairspray, hehe.

Oh and also I'm loving the fake lashes I got! It's super cheap and It comes in 4 styles.
But I love the 'crisscross' style the most. It's natural. I rarely use one whole lash!
I always cut them in half :)

That's all and I hope its useful for you guys!
I can't wait to receive my Lunasol Water Cream Foundation & its base!
I shouldn't look at other blogger's hauls.. It's so damaging!




La coruna said...

nice eyelashes...^_^
how much u buy it for 4 boxes?

K said...

you look lush~ love the shape of your hair~
+ i love your new header! so gorgeous!^^ xx

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

nice haul! i love the new header but i like the old layout because it was more kawaii :D depends what you're going for

Laura L said...

yes.... u are back finally! the lashes are really nice

aretha said...

so nice the lashes! i cant seem to wear false lashes properly =( what glue do you use? yay i shall wait for your review of the lunasol foundation. heard lots of good things about it! btw you look gorgeous in the pics =)

Claire said...

your hair looks gorgeous!

i too, love the crisscross type of lashes. but i recommend trying the princess lashes. they are quite natural looking too. :)


superwoolu said...

oohh the hair looks good! can you post up a link on which ebay seller you purchased the lashes from? thanks!

hkmichelley said...

ommggg the B cream looks amazing, sucks about it breaking you out though...
You look soooo pretty in your pictures!! love the hair!
You mind sharing which seller you bought from on eBay? =)
Michelle X

amynaree said...

nice haul! i really wanna try those lashes!

chung said...

Oooh, tell us what you think of the lashes! I'm going to buy some soon off ebay... but it'd be nice to see which ones you got and what you thought of them ^^

Bijin Blair said...

The Kao hairspray has a super cute packaging! And you are one gorgeous girl :D

izumi said...

i LOVE your hair! your expressions are just like anime characters hahaha. so cute.

hanidee said...

Wonderful haul! Shame that the BB cream didn't work for you. Those lashes look awesome!

Vivien said...

(: Love the new layout.
Great camera by the way! It makes the lashes look super good.

piinkstrawberii said...

hehe i love your blog~ and music!
what kinds of things do u have over there? maybe we can do a swap ;3

Popcorn said...

oh noooooooo tooo bad the BB cream broke you out. hmmmmm~ That makes me wonder if I should get it or not. waaaa I know!! Fuz raved about it.... (im still debating)
the lashes look soo beautiful.I was wondering what kind of lash glue do you use? I don't have a good one right now. hehe the fringe pad looks so cute. i have never seen that army green colored one. makes me want to buy that color too. XD

. said...

Sorry to hear the BB cream broke you out D=. But wow, it did really look dark, but how come it blends in perfectly?? You're really light aren't you? O_O

The lashes look lovely! I'm really bad at applying them, and I hate the feeling of having them on. I also have a tendency to lose lashes too.. >< It's bad! And, you use hairspray to style your hair normally? I'm so lazy...

Oh, and I should ask, what does the Anna Sui mascara base do? O_O

aretha said...

babe i just noticed that you stated that the bb cream broke you out! and you know what? im having the same prob with my skinfood mushroom one =( its so weird because not everybody breaks out from it but i do. so sad because it was not extremely cheap too! =( i bought the missha one after i saw you using it in some of your blog posts and i agree the smell is quite bad. i dont really like the smell! anyway ive stopped using bb creams lately because it has quite a grey/too pink cast. cant seem to find a bb cream that has more yellow tones in it.

Angie | Pandaphilia.com said...

i nom nom nominated you for a blog award :D

Catherine said...


Love your new layout. So chic!

And aww, sorry the BB cream broke you out. =/ I've stayed away from them because of that reason (well, and also because most have chemical sunscreen ingredients or I can't find the ingredients and I'm super paranoid).


so happy to see that you're back girly!!! :D are you in sydney now?

Fifi said...

I have pretty much given up on BB creams. They all break me out at some point. :(

Have you ever heard of the product called Beauty Hair Thickness Supporter? I saw it on eBay and it claims to hold the volume of your hair without the icky hairspray feeling. I wanted to try it but I guess the seller doesn't ship to Indonesia.

K said...

awww.. where did you buy your items?

Legere is my HG bb cream! :) It didnt break me out lucky me

SHIZUKA said...

looking gorgeous!! cant wait till u arrive in melb :) love ur banner, you look so model like hehe x

Georgina said...

hi fei! georgina here, im a new follower :) i agree, looking at fellow beauty bloggers hauls also make me want to buy everything lol. :P

bowsnhearts said...

Sorry that the BB cream broke you out!

I used to use Missha's BB Cream and it broke me out too.

I just started trialling Dr Jart's Silver Label BB Cream and it doesn't break me out. Yet, at least.

I did a review on it on my latest blog post.

I really love your hair...mine flies everywhere and doesn't curl as nicely as yours.

I have been looking at the Taiwanese lashes for a while...I am just not sure if they are voluminous enough?

Anonymous said...

you have to try the Gowoonsesang BB cream! it's amazing and i havne't broken out from it yett! i wrote a review about it on my blog! go check it out!

annalene said...

Ahhh I need me some fake lashes... jealous of your haul!

serenexine said...

where can i get those lashes! omggg love them! lol

Sarah said...

I stumbled onto your blog and love your reviews!

I've been trying to find a good place for brow shaping in Sydney. I was wondering whether you have any recommendations? Do you maintain your brows yourself?

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