Shu Uemura x Aya Takano Haul!


Long time since I posted a biiig haul !
So one day I walked inside David Jones and I gasped,
It's a dream come true! Omgsh, I love Aya Takano! And Shu! 2 good things combined into one!
I like her illustrations, its so dreamy :) I see it all the time in Zipper.

Inside the box

The products!

Okay so I bought like.... Everything.
(Except the blushtint and the pencils and the lashes, I wont use em)
The packaging is soooooo cute for everything!
I spent 500$ in total that day sob sob but it was worth it.. I guess.

First is the Brush travel set. It comes in a cuuuute triangle pouch and I can use them later for travelling.
It comes with the necessities~

Second is the makeup pouch. Its a free gift for spending over 200$! :) I love it!


Isn't it cute?

Ok here are the palettes. One costs like 120$ so its uber expensive.
But I caved in anyway..
It consists of eyeshadow powder, cream and also a blush!

The inside look

Ok first is the blue haired girl palette!

It consists of brown shimmery shades, and also gold with gold creme shadow
and also dark green creme shadow (GORGEOUS). The blush is peachpink with gold shimmer!

Here is a picture of my sister's eye wearing this palette :)

Next is the palette with the pink haired girl on the front..

Actually I love this one better than the other one !
The blues are so unique and wearable. It has blues, silver, gold & brown creme eyeshadow
The blush is so pretty, babydoll pink! (pinker than m33e)

Here is my sister's (right) eye again wearing this palette.

The cam sucks but its actually a pretty blue in real life.
(I also bought shu's skincare and also Laura mercier tinter moisturizer, love it!)

Btw the notebook is a bonus if you buy 2 products. SO MANY BONUS yay :)

Anyways I hope it helps,
and this is Aya Takano's Illustration :

Pretty eh?

See ya xx

PS: Thanks for all people who subscribed to my YouTube acc. I will post more if I know what to post next hehe~ Im shyyyy~


NARS goodies!

Hi all!
:) Hehehe as I promised here is some goodies I bought just recently!
NARS have a 2010 Fall Collection and It's amazing!
I just bought the Blush, but I really want the duo eyeshadows too!
But NARS here in Australia are super expensive, I bought the blush for 62$ (57$USD) and the duo eyeshadow for 78$ (72$USD)!!

Here is NARS eyeshadow duo in Cordura!
I bought this shadow because I need a duo that I can use everyday, but darker than my previous everyday shadow, and this was SO PIGMENTED! :)
I love it, it's like brick brown, and I think it suits asian skin tone a lot!
I definitely recommend this guys! Worth the money :D

Next is NARS Limited Edition Fall 2010 Collection, blush in Douceur.
Unlike normal NARS blushes, this have NARS engraved on the blush he! :)
It is a muted.. pink/coral? It is a matte blush and it looks pale-ish.
I think it looks great on light skinned people :)
I love it but it's very pigmented you have to apply it layer by layer or you look like a clown (im a fan of sheer blush like Shu's). But Im glad to have this in my collection.
Pic below is the blush with the swatch on my hand.

Here is me wearing Douceur :) Sorry I focused my lips not my cheeks =O
Hard to hold a dslr to take selfcam!

Thats all folks!
Oh and I saw America has this new cosmetic brand, Burberry!
I wanttttt! We will get it next year :(((( Booo...
And when it came here I think the price will be doubled as usual!

Hehe oh my boyfriend just bought a puppy,
It's an alaskan malamute, Eva! She's so smart ~

I will post cuter pics of her later!

See ya then!



Chanel Paradoxal & Bday Pics

Hi everyone!

I'm into nail polishes recently so I bought few OPIs and ESSIE nail polishes. and also china glaze!
Its a joy to apply nail polishes.. hehe every few days!
My favorite of em all is Chanel's Paradoxal.

It's so pretty, and a unique color too.
Its dark grey with a purple shimmer. Pretty on your nails!
Definitely recommend this for everyone, its limited edition, so grab it fast!

I will post more nail polish swatches and some of my buys later when I got home :)
I bought some nice stuff :)

Hehe I hang my polaroid on my wall with mini pegs 8D

Oh and these are pics of my birthday dinner a month ago ;) Sorry for uploading lots of pics! ehhe.

Love you guys xx

And here are pics of my pre bday party @ Sydney with my 2 sisters :)




A day with heartofpearl

So exciting!
I met heartofpearl today,
and we did a lot of stuff!

it was fun!
she's such a sweet girl =3

first, we went to this giraffe cafe at city.
the interior is so cute! and the food was super nice. i ate a tiramisu and ice choco. thanks shizuka!

(excuse my poor tucked scarf)

We ended up talking until evening :D it was so much fun and then we went to take
purikuras! :D these are some of the sticker photos that we took!

We also went to buy japanese magazine at this hidden place 8D
After that we drink tea and just chat at san churros :)

Looking forward to meet her again! I had a super good time!
We share a lot of interest~ Thanks for today~



Ichibankao Haul + Jill Stuart Foundation Review

Hi everyone!
First haul in a long time I guess.
I bought some stuff from Ichibankao a week ago, and it's here now! Yay!
Here are the goodies I bought :

1. Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation in 202 Ivory
2. Koji Active Eyetalk
3. Dejavu Lash Knockout Fiberwig Mascara

I'm so excited!

I really want a powder foundation because I don't have one.. I think it's good for on the go,
It's not messy and I want it to look natural. And also I bought the active eyetalk because it's waterproof. If you guys don't know I do have double eyelids but sometimes the right one is kinda hidden inside so I like to make it bigger using eyetalk! (I wanna do eye surgery U_U)
The third item is the Dejavu fiberwig lash knockout. It's a new version of the old fiberwig. The old one only does lengthening, but this one claims to be not only lengthening, but also volumizing! Can't wait to try it.

Okay today Im only gonna do a review on the Jill Stuart foundation.

Okay. What pulled me to buy this compact foundation is of course the PACKAGING!
It's sooo adorable! What's nice is that it has the initial 'J' on the compact, like my first name hahahaah so it looks customised.

When I first feel the powder gosh its SOOOO SMOOTH! Like silk :)
I love love love it!
I admit that the coverage is not amazing, it's so - so.
But it's good if you feel like wearing a natural makeup.
4.5 stars!! My face feels so smooth like silk when I touch it, not only that it matches my skin perfectly.

This is what it looks like on my skin (sorry abit blurry)

Yeah the shade is in 202 Ivory!
I recommend it.
I will take it everywhere with me... You can also refill by buying only the powder not the compact so you will save money!

btw i add a new song to my blog~ its playing right now!
its a remixed version of Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro Theme Song = Passage of The Wind.

I love ghibli!
here is the original version : (dont forget to pause my music player on the left column)



Im having my birthday soon, where do you reckon a nice place & food in Melbourne?
I love nice atmosphere in restaurants.. :D



long time no see *runs away and hides*
yeah im baaaack!

before i begin here is the requested pic of me with my black hair (abit fading though)
with a fail braid :D


i am not liking swinburne so far.
the semester ends in 2 more weeks and i have so many projects. and prolly i just did 1/10 of it.
dunno why, this year i feel SOOO LAZY.
i skipped class.
a lot.

i hope i dont fail any of the subjects.. (even though i submitted all my assignments on time)
i just dont feel going to uni. at all.
i just want to pass =/
i think attendance is marked.. if its do marked...
im screwed lol.

well, but guess what?
i got a lot of purchases but i will talk about my fav today!

first up is

OPI Tickle My France-y!

I love love love it!
its a nude ish color, i always get compliments when im using it ;)
its an everyday color that matches whatever you wear, its perrrrfect~
i always wanted nude ish color and the SA suggested me to buy this.
anyone who havent tried it should try it!

and the next favorite thing is
Anessa Shiseido SUNBLOCK ! I needed a new bottle of sunblock (face) and i heard this shiseido sunblock is good, so i bought it! its...

its sooo watery and it blends nicely to your skin.

its not sticky at all, very very light! (its like a makeup base) so its good for oily skin gals.
its spf 50+ too! nice eh?

cuz im not a fan of sticky sunblock, i love this! it doesnt lighten your skin too or leave a white cast on your face, even though most sunblock does that. when i use this, and then my makeup after that, it blends to my face like siiilk ~ because its nearly winter my skin gets dry U_U

and the next fav thing is powder!
i sooo need a powder/blot powder/finishing powder
for me to carry around in my bag, i had a mac blot powder and it worked great and all but..
i broke it 3 times already! how silly is that.. it broke inside my purse getting it all dirty and everything. so i cant take it anymore and just bought a new one.

so i get a Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder (Transparent)

again, (sorry guys) I LURV IT!
its less chalkier than mac blot powder, and even though its transparent,
it gives a very natural feel on my skin cuz i dont want foundation on top of foundation..
pricey (62bucks-ish) but its worth the price.
the good news is it hasnt broke. yay!

so thats all the products :)
i hope its helpful!
by the way,
im thinking of opening an online store, that sells cute handmade jewelries made by me,
i bought the equipments but i haven't made a finished one yet.
if im satisfied of what i made, i will post it here ^^

still thinking of a name though.



Update Update

Hi! Just to update my blog so it won't look so dull..
I'm finally here at Melbourne. Love the place but I miss Sydney...
I haven't got an internet connection so I can't really update :(


It looks heaps healthier now but its kinda boring ahahaha.
Nevermind, I want to wait until my hair long so I won't have to dye the roots again,
cuz I hate dark roots!!!

:) Say hello to me If you happen to pass me by at Melbourne!~


M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer & Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation Review

Hi, Everyone!
Today I will review two products, which are M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer & Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation (which is also known as Modeling Water Liquid Foundation). I know I said before I will do a review of Lunasol Water Cream Foundation, but apparently my mom bought this one :O Oh wells. I envy her! There's a Kanebo counter in Jakarta that sells Lunasol. Ahhh I want them to set up a counter here in Australia! Now onto the first review.

I managed to buy myself a pot of M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer in NC30. I didn't buy the Bobbi Brown Concealer because I think it's too creamy and I don't like the packaging... So I bought this one. I actually hate going to M.A.C counter because It's always crowded and they put a very loud music so I have to literally shout to talk with the SA. Ugh. She put on NW25 and NC30 on me and NW25 is a bit light on me. NC30 is soo dark and she said it's my color.

So I bought it for $32 and when I got home I tried it on again... and It's too yellow and dark. What the? Argh I'm dissapointed. Even though I'm Asian, my skin is not really yellow and has a bit of pinkish undertone into it so when I apply this concealer on my face it looks like I have visible yellow weird spots all over my face!

See? It's too yellow! Argh.. Such a waste of money (Again!) so in order to use it up so I don't feel bad, I use it for my forehead. It looks quite good for my forehead because my forehead is darker than my face (my cheeks are fair/pink). This concealer has a great staying power but it's a bit cakey. I love the coverage but I still love love my Prescriptives Camouflage Concealer. Read the review here. It's still in my HG list. So I will rate this concealer 3.5/5

Now onto the Foundation!
This one is called Lunasol Intellectual Water Foundation (bought this at the Kanebo counter) but it seems in the website it's called Modeling Water Liquid Foundation. It has slightly different packaging. The new one has pump (i think?) and this one has no pump. But It seems that the formula is the same. The shade that I got is YO02.

The packaging is very sleek and tiny. But you have to be careful not to spill everything out.

As you can see from the picture above, the texture is really watery and runny (55% water) and It's really lightweight. The color is a perfect match too. This is a picture of it blended on to my hand.

I love this so much! I'm actually glad I got this one. It doesn't set into lines and It looks very natural. The coverage is not amazing, but It's better than BB Cream. I love it. I tried using hands, but using MAC 187 stippling brush is a lot better. My face becomes so flawless.
Rating : 4/5 . Why not 5/5? Well It's because my T-zone gets oily faster than when I'm using Missha BB Cream :) But nevertheless a product worth buying.

I haven't put FOTD for a long time, I'm sorry! It's because I don't really think my FOTD are special.. It's just normal makeup.. Hahaha. But I will put a picture of my everyday makeup! (picture taken with Photobooth.. sorry)


Love ya all!



eBay Haul!

Hi Everyone!
As you can see, I changed the layout of this blog completely!
I didn't want to change it before, but somehow I messed it up so I had to change it all completely!
So, what do you think about it ?

Anyway, I bought some stuff from eBay recently!
Btw in this post I use my new 35mm nikkor lens! LOVE!

So the list :
1. 4 Boxes of Taiwanese eyelashes (1opairs/ea) BUY HERE
2. Dariya fringe pad
3. L'egere White Multi BB Cream
4. KAO CAPE Air Arrage Hair Spray - Airy

So let's start from the L'egere White Multi BB Cream.
After hearing rave reviews from fellow bloggers, Fuz' review made me want to buy it!

So this is the unblended swatch of L'egere BB Cream.

It's the darkest shade of BB Cream ever!
But when it's blended...

It magically changes shade into the perfect skin shade ever! (my skin that is)
Im impressed! The smell is not too strong, unlike Missha BB Perfect Cover.
I've been using this BB Cream for two days, and all I can say is...
Oil control is so much better than Missha, and it feels very light on my skin.
It doesn't crease, it's OMG perfect BB Cream! I was soo happy but then...

...it broke me out.

What a waste of money. I liked that BB Cream! *SOB*
So I will rate this 1/5 but If I didn't break out I would prolly give 4.5/5 rating lols.

The next thing I'm going to review is the:
KAO CAPE Air Arrage Hair Spray - Airy (website)

It claims to:
1. Builds your hairstyle without hardening hairs, allowing us to re-style with flexibilty and natural movements with total freedom at any time.
2. With the 'air keep' formula, it instantly increases the airy feeling of hair
3. Light and non-greasy, leave your hair a natural look.

There. I just copy-pasted it.
The bottle is surprisingly smaller than I thought it would be, It's just slightly bigger than my hand. But it actually works. It doesn't harden my hair but it keeps my hair styled for maybe 4 hours? I suck at styling hair so maybe It's not this product's fault. I will give this product 3.5/5 star! I love the smell, It's not too strong. I love how It doesn't make my hair sticky & it looks so natural. The reason why I didn't give higher star is because of the staying power.

Anyone here can recommend a better styling product / hairspray?
I heard bumble&bumble is good. How is it? (It's like 50bucks here in Sydney, we have the most expensive makeup & beauty products ever.. It's double the usual price!)

Here are some camwhoring pictures of me after I tried out the KAO hairspray, hehe.

Oh and also I'm loving the fake lashes I got! It's super cheap and It comes in 4 styles.
But I love the 'crisscross' style the most. It's natural. I rarely use one whole lash!
I always cut them in half :)

That's all and I hope its useful for you guys!
I can't wait to receive my Lunasol Water Cream Foundation & its base!
I shouldn't look at other blogger's hauls.. It's so damaging!



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