sorry (AGAIN!)
its my final year at uni, i hope u all understand :)
im doing a lot of stuff now at uni,
5 assignments (big ones) due this october!
i had to make A FULL publication and it has to be printed by next week.
i also have to make a range of dairy products.. and its packaging.. due 2 more weeks..
environmental design... in 2 weeks.. i have to make a model scale of an environmental space..


i hope i can make it ;D
it will end soon eh?

btw, just for some update,
im into these bento boxes lately,
theyre so cute! so i purchased some bento tools from ebay, such as the rice and egg molds, cookie and veggies cutter, nori cutter. etc!

so i made my own :)
i just made two, the other one i just finished today!

here are the bentos i made :

cute cute cute?

you haven't seen the best bento yet!

i was inspired by these great bento artists.. you should see them!

(love this one! shes so talented! MUST SEE)
(japanese blog, so cute)

(also cute)

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