Finally! Im so sorry i neglected this blog,
Im sorry! I will post more soon! I promise!
I went to gold coast for holiday :) It was fun! (here's me with my fam. except my dad! im the one with the high hairbun haha)

Its also because I was busy at school.. :( I will tell you what happened to me while I'm away.
I was preparing my documents and stuff to apply for Swinburne University in Melbourne! I wanna take my bachelor degree there. Just few days ago I finally submitted my aplication. *fingers crossed* I hope I get in! If I'm accepted, I will move to Melbourne! :) and the good news is my boyfriend is there! hehehe.
Last july I had a birthday! :) I had dinner with friends at a thai fusion restaurant (circular quay). it was heaps fun! My boyfriend came to sydney just for my birthday too ... Oh I dyed my hair so bright.. again! its golden ish / redd ish brown. Its a weird color..

Me and my sis :)

Sorry! :)
Hehe move on to beauty stuff.
I bought 2 lipsticks from MAC. Hug me and Cremecup!

I wanted to get creme d nude but the girl accidentally gave me Hug Me T__________T
Oh well, Its quite nice haha.

Here is my bare lips. :)

Here are the swatches on my lips..

I like hug me better, its really natural.
Id wear it everyday.. :)
Cremecup is very drying.. XD

Sorry again! :) I bought few palettes and also wei gave me one for my birthday..
I will use them and show you guys in later posts :)



✿Ji✿ said...

Hey sweetie, glad you're back!!!^^
Happy belated Birthday!♥

Stephy said...

I like that ordango style that u had in the first picture! if u have time, can u do a tutorial on that hair style?

Lilladylife said...

you look so cute in your photos!

Catherine said...

Aww, happy belated birthday. =)

I love Hug Me. Creme Cup turned lilac on my lips and made me look sick. =/

Chloe said...

I actually like your natural lips the best :) Haha how do you get them to be so.. pink?

Glad to see you blogging again!

Tiffany said...

glad you're back! looks like you had fun!

love the new banner too!

miemiemie said...

welcome back! belated happy birthday!:)

.{a}...❤ said...

yay! ur back ^-^
and lol! i went to the gold coast also~

and wow! i hope u get accepted! ^-^ my friend wants to go there~ it's one of the best in australia i heard??

Zoe said...

So glad that ur back,love ur posts^^

efe said...

nice to hear from you again! your hair color looks great! :] and i like your new layout <3

anna. said...

I love your hair color! It's so pretty. Your bare lip color is so cute too! lol I love how it's like baby pink. I hate my bare lips. It's so dark and pigmented .__.

DluxEdition.com said...

You look really cute & I love creme cup lipstick! I want one too! :)

Emily said...

wah~ you family is so cute

hmm...^_^ i really like your high bun, its cute, and your hair color is so pretty

hehe aww.... u and your bf look perfect together!

happy belated b-day!!
thx 4 the review, (do u know where i can buy mac hug me?...reply when u have time thx ! http://ohwowsorandom.blogspot.com/)

Unknown said...

Yay you are back! Missed your posts a lot :)
Happy belated bday. Also your new lippies are so adorable!! Thank you for swatching and taking pics.
Also loving your pics too, gorgeous :)

izumi said...

how sweet of your bf to come visit you just for your birthday xD hehehe.

how could she confuse hug me with creme d'nude? LOL. oh, well. it looks great on you :)

Margaret said...

Whoa, Happy Birthday!!!
And that was very sweet of your boyfriend.
I hope you get accepted to the university. I wish you the best. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the photos that you take~!

K said...

cute pic~ your look good with your hair in a high bun~

+ love the new blog banner^^❤

Daituf said...

Hi Hi!
Been a long time fan of your blog, but always reading never commenting...
I've finally been inspired enough to start a blog also!
Now I can participate more actively in the the beauty blogger community :)
So feel free to check out my blog, thanks!


haha, it's kind of a random name
PS. what kind of hair dye do you use? the color is so nice!

Anonymous said...

I I live in melbourne so it'd be awesome if you get into swinburne! We can go shopping together or something and I could show you around :D

Blovet Beauty said...

hug me looks amazing on u!! such pretty lips u have:)

Laura L said...

oh, really miss u...
hug me looks like lipgloss on you wow.. the color is so cute...
u have really nice bare lips&pink color lips....

Happy belated birthday <3 <3

Vivienne said...

omg i thought u abandoned this blog! i love reading ur posts <3

i hope u can get accepted <3

and happy birthday hee hee

the hair color looks really nice! and it looks like ur hair grow really fast??

San San said...

U look so gorgeous and I lurve lurve ur hair =D.

Update more!

Sassy J'adore said...

lovely photos! Don't worry I was away from the blogging world for awhile too. I think I'm starting to get lazy. I also like the Hug Me lipstick color. Looks very pretty. =)

Alex said...

Looks good! Especially with your fair skin tone~

Have you tried mac's lipstick in please me? I think it will look pretty good on you too~

Sara Bow said...

you got beautifull lips !!
Love the colours :D


Jenna said...

You look gorgeous...
Love the lips colors

What hair dye do you use? i love your hair colour

Samsara said...

ack you are so damn cute! lol

Kate Gene said...

Very, very pretty lippies! Gosh, I wish my lips were light, like yours. Mine are sooo pigmented!


Kate Gene

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