Finally! Im so sorry i neglected this blog,
Im sorry! I will post more soon! I promise!
I went to gold coast for holiday :) It was fun! (here's me with my fam. except my dad! im the one with the high hairbun haha)

Its also because I was busy at school.. :( I will tell you what happened to me while I'm away.
I was preparing my documents and stuff to apply for Swinburne University in Melbourne! I wanna take my bachelor degree there. Just few days ago I finally submitted my aplication. *fingers crossed* I hope I get in! If I'm accepted, I will move to Melbourne! :) and the good news is my boyfriend is there! hehehe.
Last july I had a birthday! :) I had dinner with friends at a thai fusion restaurant (circular quay). it was heaps fun! My boyfriend came to sydney just for my birthday too ... Oh I dyed my hair so bright.. again! its golden ish / redd ish brown. Its a weird color..

Me and my sis :)

Sorry! :)
Hehe move on to beauty stuff.
I bought 2 lipsticks from MAC. Hug me and Cremecup!

I wanted to get creme d nude but the girl accidentally gave me Hug Me T__________T
Oh well, Its quite nice haha.

Here is my bare lips. :)

Here are the swatches on my lips..

I like hug me better, its really natural.
Id wear it everyday.. :)
Cremecup is very drying.. XD

Sorry again! :) I bought few palettes and also wei gave me one for my birthday..
I will use them and show you guys in later posts :)


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