Shiseido Pureness Haul + New Haircut!

Finally! I can update :) Tee-hee. Sorry it's taking so long,
I got tagged heaps too :) Thanks guys!

Sweet Whitney sent me a package! Thank you hun ! She sent me nice stuff esp the Cosmedicine goodies. She knew that I was looking for nice eye cream. I tried Optimologist, :) it feels nice after applying it :) I also tried the Honest Face tinted moisturizer she gave me (Light), and it's so lightweight, and it matches my skin. It gave me dewy look - but I think it would be better for people with dry-normal skin. My skin gets oily fast with this.. a pity i know.. looks so natural on your skin though.

Oh and I finally got a haircut yesterday!

I colored my hair too. Yay for SHORTER (a lot, gulp) and healthier hair lol. I only need 15 mins in the morning to blow dry it which is niiice. It changes my image ALOT though, amazing what hairstyle can do to our appearance.. I look younger lol.

I was aiming for a different color, but oh wells - its a bit too reddish and it doesn't really suit me lol. Such an unusual color I must say ;O

Now onto the haul!
I went to Myer and A.K.A. couple days ago, and I got some stuff.

I needed moisturizer and toner, so I searched around and found Shiseido.. I think I'm gonna give em a shot! I bought Shiseido Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free and Pureness Balancing Softener. I also got a Harajuku Lovers perfume, and this one is my favourite out of all. Smells so nice and sweet! From A.K.A (Japanese Store) I got these blackheads remover cream, I bought two because there are two steps, the pink one is a black hot mask to open your pores and the green one is to pull the blackheads off. Works quite well :)

Onto the Shiseido Review!


Rating : 4/5
It actually does the job really well. It's reeeally lighweight , but not drying at all. Perfect for me! Because I have combination skin, It's annoying how I get dry patches on my skin but oily T-Zone. This really helps, I apply it every morning and before sleep. You just need a tiny squirt and it's enough to cover the whole face. I love this.


Rating : 4.5/5
I love this, after I apply this my skin feels smooth and soft, making the Shiseido Moisturizer absorbs easily into my skin. The smell is nice and pleasant, but not overpowering. I used SK-II Essence - I liked it, but i hate the smell. I also used Ettusais Aquashooter - which I like too, but this seems better than those two.

Hehe I can't wait till online shopping package arrive :)
Thanks to PurpleSnowflake I bought Maquillage Lipstick in PK316 and Maybelline's Angelfit foundation. I bought it cuz she said she loves it! :D

See ya later~



Sofie said...

Thank you for the reviews! I never tried any shiseido products but now it makes me want to beacuse I have oily skin~

And you look fab in your new hair style! ^^

criztinita said...

Hi! Your blog is really nice! I love sisheido products, i think the only negative point of sisheido it's the high price! :(

The haircut is cool!!!
bye bye!! :D

Anonymous said...

omg i used to use Pureness back in high school! getting old now.............. :(

Edna said...

Love the new haircut. It's really cute

Yumeko said...

i like ur bangs
really cute!

.{a}...❤ said...

cool as! ^8^ i want that red-ish color! >< ur hair roks!

and i <3 those harajuku perfumes! oh so cute :3

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

love the new haircut! also the color, soo pretty!

Catherine said...

Ooooh, I love your new haircut and color! It's so fresh and pretty! Nice hauls too, glad the Shiseido is working out well for you. =)

LucĂ­a said...

SHISEIDO is a very good brand

purple snowflake said...

Love ur new hair cut, haven't seen it in person. I wanna see, but sorry this week busy working. T__T may be next week..~~ plus the postage will be here next week too i think.

Oh ~~~ I got the shiseido pureness toner and moisturiser, i didn't like it >< was too drying after a week of use so I stop it. LOL

I did swatches of the lipstick and blushes. check it out =D

Anonymous said...

Hey there!~
Thanks for following my blog, you are super gorgeous and sweet^^
Adding you back~

Wow, your haircut is so cute! That length is very nice on you.

The Shiseido moisturizer and toner sound lovely!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back with a post! ;)
I think your new haircut and colour looks pretty on you! I would never dare such a bright color myself, but you can wear it.

Fei, your eyes ARE already big and beautiful! Wished, I had your eyes, cutie!

Whitney & the full effect said...

yay i'm glad you like optimologist! it's been proven to firm and it's a de-puffer.
I LOVEEEEE your new hair!!!

. said...

OMG I love your new haircut and colour! It's so pretty~!

Ahh I so want to buy cosmetics but I'm meant to be revising. I'm thinking of rewarding myself with purchases if I do a certain amount of work...

Do you think it'll work??

✿Ji✿ said...

I love your new hair do!♥♥♥
You really look younger with it!o.o
But sooooo cute!♥

IchigoBunnie said...

cute hair!

oh btw, for the toner and moisturizer, do they have an ingredients list on the box it came with? if ur able to take a pic of the ingredients, id greatly appreciate it!(im allergic to sulfates) thanks!

fuzkittie said...

The pureness toner is very good!! :] You look so cute, love your hair!!

Unknown said...

Your hair looks so adorable! I like the color, it's very nice :) Very girly cute~ I love the pureness line too! I only use the gel cream, which is really great for oily or dry skin and not too strong at all. The scent is really nice too!!

Chomfifi said...

i like your new haircut!

sanniet said...

yay for lovely package! <333

ohh pureness line I have that too! But it was too drying on my skin >_< so I had to stop using it. But it really did keep my skin clear!

Becky said...

your hair cut is so lovely~
i have trouble with blackheads and i had a two step routine set but it doesn't work too well :(

eki said...

aww your hair cut looks super kawaii~!! gotta get used to the new color? looks very good on you! :)

Shaye* { u n i q u e } said...

ur eyes are stunning already!

and omg with the hair!!
i'd never recognized u if i bumped into u at sch!!?
so u took all that off??

and i never use shiseido
im still into AQUA ( kr stuff )
but it works amazingly well!
( the new products )

<3 love ya

Anonymous said...

the hair cut looks super cute!! <3

izumi said...

cute haircut :D that is a very unusual color but i think you pull it off!

Laura L said...

yay for the new hair, cute cute!
pureness used to be good, hehe!
i have that red pdc, hmm, let me know what do u think about that green pdc ya ;]


aw, the haircut looks nice :) where do you go for haircuts?
i have the "music" harajuku perfume! i loveee it! they are soo cute!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! An update! I tried the whole Shiseido Pureness line in the past, the toner and moisturizer were my faves! I looooved the toner, and it turned out to have rave reviews on MUA too, hope you enjoy it! I tend to use it up fast haha The moisturizer is light and nice. The bottle is glass and heavy but the design is cool~~ Now that my skin's drier over the years, I cannot use the Pureness line any longer :( It's suited for combo-oily skins. Oh well, they're a good brand to invest in :) Thanks for the review :D

Anonymous said...

Btw, love the cute haircut! n____n

kawaiikao said...

omg your hair came out really cute!! i like the color :]

Sharon said...

My first time commenting here, I found your blog thru purplesnowflake.

I think your hair cut is nice! :D I wouldn't dare to try that color but you pull it off well!

Audrie said...

pretty new hair color~

Stephanie said...

cute hair cut!!

MiuMiu said...

you look very pretty! i don't think i could pull off hair color that light, i tried..haha..well it wasn't as light as yours. you look like a model from the japanese magazines!

Jade said...

thanks for the reviews, they were so helpful. btw, i wanted you to know that i tagged you on my blog ;)

Sassy J'adore said...

I luv Shiseido products. =) Thanks for the review and you look very nice with the new hairstyle.

I tagged to for an award. =)

Sassy J'adore said...

I meant I tagged you* for an award. =)

Irisa Xiong said...

ooh, such a daring color! it looks really good on you (your pale skin, which i'm so jealous of).

Agusgoh & Co. said...

colour full...nice

Miss Yaya said...

i love the new haircut!

SHIZUKA said...

yay go shiseido! the matifying stick is really good tooo! x

Olivia said...

I got mine today :D

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