Review : Prescriptives Camouflage Cream + YSL Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick No.6

Hi! Long time no see, I haven't opened blogger for awhile!

Sorry! I slack off too much. I haven't been feeling too good recently.

Dysmenorrhea? I guess that's it. It's a severe period pain. It's too painful, and not normal at all.It's so painful I can't do anything, and just sitting down is also painful! Usually I just try to close my eyes. But If I'm not at home.. I don't know what else to do except accepting the pain lol.
I take Ponstan (pill) but then it's not instant.. Ugh. I hate it! I envy when my friends have period they can still laugh and do stuff , for me.. I can't! When I was in high school, every month I almost always take 1 day off because of the pain.. Ugh! Hehe enough for the long ramble. Now onto the beauty stuff :D

Oh and sexy whit (http://whitzmakeuptipz.blogspot.com/) is sooooo nice to send me a package! Thank you so much! I can't wait to receive it! :D I will post ASAP when I received it :)

Today I will do a review for my favourite HG concealer EVER, Prescriptives' Camouflage Cream.

My shade is Y/O (Yellow) Light 03. What's so great about Prescriptives is that they offer a lot of skin shades.. So you should find your exact shade! More information about this concealer click here. For Sydney-ers, we can only get Prescriptives products at MECCA ( along with By terry, NARS, Kevin Aucoin, Stila..) And their products are quite pricey. This concealer costs me 40 AUD! But It's super worth it I guess, I just bought a new tube and this is my 4th tube. Little goes a long way.. So I wouldn't mind spend 40AUD for this baby!

I've tried some concealers before this; MAC Studio Finish, Lancome Effacernes, and Napoleon's Concealer. By far this is the best! Studio Finish is too cakey and thick - Lancome is too light and it's easily rubbed off.. and Napoleon is pretty much similar with Studio Finish. Prescriptives concealer is not too thick, and not too runny either. The coverage is really good, and you can also use it as under eye concealer because it doesn't set in lines. The website said this also can be used for eyeshadow primer, but I've never really tried it though. I never break out when I'm using this (got breakouts when I used MAC's and Napoleon's). I love it! I wanna try their other products though, I think Prescriptives products are good for acne-prone people. Like me :D If I don't have time to apply foundation, I use just this with concealer brush and put loose powder on top! And that's it. Looks like I have no concealer on , because the shade is perfectly matched my skin tone!

Rating : 4.5/5

Let's try blending it :D

See? Perfect shade!

I love this concealer! You should try it :)
If you can't find your perfect skin shade, you should go to Prescriptives! They have wide range of color selection :)

Oh and I also want to share my favorite lipstick.
It's Yves Saint Laurent's Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick No.6!

I don't own many lipsticks, but I like this one because it gives my lips color, but still looks natural. It smells nice too and very very moisturizing! Did I mention it has SPF 15 too? I wanna buy more lipsticks from them in the future! :)
Sorry I didn't take pics of the actual lipstick cuz the flash keeps reflecting on the packaging.
Which is ugly.. Cuz' the packaging is gold.. It's cute though.

Here are pics of this lipstick on my lips.

I hate it! The picture doesn't really show the true color.. It's actually prettier than this! :D
I think it's more of a coral color than pink.

Today I also did make up on my left eye for fun haha.
Not reccomended for everyday use :D I think it would be nice for parties :D



MiuMiu said...

boo to period pains! i thought mine were pretty bad before.. i started taking these herbal pills called "bak fong yeun" if you can say it in cantonese. It helps quite a lot..it's something I take before it comes.
thanks for the review! i think it's so hard to find a good concealer. Sometimes they're all dry and cakey...the current one i'm using is the maquillage liquid in a pen form. i don't know why it creases sometimes! argh! maybe i over applied.
sexy eye! i like the color of your eye

izumi said...

oo i love your one eye :) hahah. very sexy! i'd love to see a full fotd for it :)

argh i was having horrible first day pains :( i take midol but i dont know if that will help you if you're that much in pain.

thanks for the concealer heads up :D will have to go check it out!

Catherine said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about your period pains. I had really bad dysmenhorrhea too... once I actually dropped a class because I spent ~6 hours curled up in a ball on the floor instead of finishing up a paper. Have you seen a doctor about it? If the pain is bad and every month, that means there's a lot of inflammation and scarring, which can lead to infertility... ;_; My doctor said I may have benign cysts that bleed with my period causing the pain... she put me on the 3month kind of birth control to lessen the bleeding and it's really, really helped a lot. There are other options too. Good luck!!

Love your lippie and EOTD, lol. My eyes are also uneven today b/c I'm trying out different mascaras LOL.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i like ur EOTD.. is so sexy and you have beautiful face... do you mind giving us the tutorial on this makeup? i always wanted to learn how to create a sexy eye makeup... i also love ur bare lips, so smooth and hydrates unlike mine is dry, no matter how much lipbalm been used, it still the same... yes, I've been hearing a lot of raves on YSL lipsticks...

Edna said...

Thanks for the reviews. The lippie looks so pretty! I love the eye look. What color are your contacts?

beeyoutiful7 said...


YSL lipstick look super nice and its something that I'd LOVEEE to try =)

It does look very natural and pretty on you =)

I lovee your eyemakeup you did =)

thanks for sharing all this!

eki said...

aww I hope you are doing ok now, I have severe period pains too like I got stabbed in my stomach kinda pain, I just learned to deal with it now the headache is the worst for me.. ahh the pains we girls have to go thru huh.. :P

I missed your posts btw :)
are you wearing ash wing lens? I wanted to try em but didnt really knew what it looked like :D

kawaiikao said...

YSL lippies are on my list of things to try lol. that looks like a great night look!! i love the liner :]

Claire said...

Oooo now I'm tempted to run over to Mecca and try out that Prescriptives concealer. :P


♥Leigh♥ said...

cute left eye look!!! =)
and that ysl lippy is gorgeous on u.

Laura L said...

i love the lipstick, u have really nice color lips, i mean pale pink? hehe =P
the concealer looks great, i agree with u, it seems like nothing on but it conceal perfectly!

try some hot warm water, try to reduce the intake of ice/ cold drink. ah, if u don't mind, u can get some ginger honey drink. hope it works!

missdiana said...

your bare lips look gorgeous.

.{a}...❤ said...

ooh. i thought that pain was normal...*.*
and gosh, i find it really to find one that matched my skin tone~~ >.<
btw, that make-up looks hot! :3

. said...

Poor you...I get that too, but I find that if I take paracetamol AS SOON AS I WAKE UP and before the pain is excrutiating it's ok. Also, I am absolutely inseparable from my hot water bottle during times like those. I used to take it to school as well =D

I've never tried anything from prescriptives before. I was always intrigued but never got round to it.

Anonymous said...

Fei, you made me wanna go and checking out the YSL lipstick at once! :p

I don't have any YSL lipsticks, but it seems to be really pretty!

Chiara said...

I feel your pain hun :/ I'm anemic so I used to only get my period every 3-4 months, so when I did get it, it was hell. I'd bleed too much and it'd hurt so much that I couldn't move at all and was as pale as a ghost >< Nowadays, I've been put on new pill that reduces endometrium growth so when I get my period I don't bleed as much and there's less discharge. I hope that wasn't too graphic, lol I'm a Human Development major so I tend to go too much into detail about stuff like this hahah :P

You have the most gorgeous lips. What do you do to take care of them? I'll never get my bare lips to look like that. Do you use any special products?!

Anyways, I hope you feel better, periods are the best excuse to eat lots of chocolate. My BFF gets a rose and chocolate from her significant other every time she gets her period, haha

Jamilla Camel said...

I used to have baaaaaaaad cramps too--birth control pills can help, like Yaz (I took them) which don't have the side effects of older pills.

Love the lippie!

Sandy said...

i love your site. it's so pretty and it has useful informations too :) i hate mecca cosmetica, it's so expensive lolz. luckily i have a cousin that works there woots! ^^ prescriptives is a good brand. it's a much better brand than mac really. i'm eye-ing a ysl lipstick.. don't know which one to get. any suggestions for pinkish colour? ^^ x

Eleganteve said...

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your menstrual pains! Mine were REALLY bad in high school. I could barely get up from my seat when the bell rang. It's gotten better over the years though. Currently, I only get cramps the first day, and they are pretty mild. My mom said drinking warm water works. ::shrugs::

Hmm..I ought to try the Prescriptive concealer next. I'm using the MUFE Full Cover right now, and it's okay. It's pretty pricey, 30 USD, but it's non-cakey.

J├ęssy said...

The lipstick is really nice and very natural =)
I love lipstick with natural shades of pink haha

His purple lenses are nice
and love this look .. never one , like
for me this is different from all ^_^

What about the Concealer .. I never find a color that's right for me ! The environmental lights .. always hinder my choice of color =/

fuzkittie said...

I'm sorry you're in pain!! That sucks! Who doesn't hate period pain!

That eotd is too beautiful!! <33

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you are having bad cramps and pain :( I personally don't have much issues with cramps (only lasts on the 1st&2nd day). Does your ob/gyn recommend specific medication? I hope you feel better soon :)
I like your reviews! Nice products you've got. Love your eotd too~

aquaracer said...

i thought i was the only who goes through A LOT of period pain. i normally call out sick from work once a month because of this. it's hell for me all the time. but finally i found that heating pads help a lot. u may wanna try it too :)

i like prescriptives a lot. and yes, i don't break out with their products too (i have VERY sensitive skin). i like how they can custom-blend the colors so u get the exact match for your skintone.

your lips look so nice!! and such a pretty lip color! i heard so many rave reviews about YSL lippies! now i wanna try, haha.

Anonymous said...

the lipstick is cute!!
and i LOVE ur circle lenses XD

btw i tagged you o_o


Unknown said...

oh nooo..i do get mad cramps too. like seriously, i get them pretty bad, where i have missed work coz of it. my doctor had to prescribe a strong medicine. Btw my name is Becky if i havent introduced myself yet :)

Youre right about that lipstick. It pretty much blended into your own natural lip color. Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Omg! I used to have those serious pains, but then it got less painful through the years so don't fret! :) Don't eat or drink anything cold, especially icecream. No dairies, onions, beans, etc. Spearmint tea is supposed to good for your periods. I found it helped some, but it doesn't taste as good as green tea though.

Thanks for the review! I've never tried Prescriptives before. I wanna try this concealer oooo :O

Whitney & the full effect said...

ughhh i hate cramps! get better luv-

can't wait for you to get the little package i sent :)

miemiemie said...

aww i have painful dysmenorrhea too and i hate it so much. i'm allergic to most pain medications so yeah, you're still lucky that ponstan works for you. it gives me allergies hahaha i'd die after getting the pain relief from it.

the lipstick color looks cute on you :) yay for nice concealers :)

Jade said...

sorry about the period pains but your look is wonderful, will you do a tutorial on it?

Irisa Xiong said...

beautiful makeup!
and i read somewhere the lipstick is awesomeee... but expensive haha :D

cand said...

really like how u blended ur e/s^_^ a great look for going out. wish my lips were light like urs, mine are so pigmented, nothing shows up except for yucky lipstick=/

Becky said...

The YSL colour is lovely~
And I love the eyemake you did. It's definitely something pretty for a party.

And your pain, i definitely feel it right now. My usualy 'routine' for this is getting pain and discomfort in my stomache area that radiates to my back...i usually just drink lots of warm water because i don't like swallowing pills too much. i don't think mine is as serious as yours though because it's bareable to some extent. sorry about your pain :( hope you will feel better soon...


omgg. you make the concealer sound so good but $40 for a concealer!! eek. =X
i love love love the last pic! it's very creative!

DluxEdition.com said...

Love that lipstick! Love your blog, just followed. Check out mine too if you want :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, bad cramps with periods suck ; ;
When I get bad cramps I sometimes use a heating pad and it helps a little.

I love that concealer too! Although mine expired so I decided to try MAC Studio finish. The MAC does go on a bit thick if i use my fingers, but pretty good with a concealer brush.

Your lips are so cute and the YSL is pretty!!

Anonymous said...

can you update NOW? im like waiting for you to update but you never do T.T anyways can you make a video? of you putting on your skin care? because i bought everyting that you use but i don't know how to apply all of them. day and night. thank you so much. YOU SO PRETTY MAN!

and by the way, how is the coverage for prescriptive? can you make a video of it too? because i bought one and i odn't htink its working well

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