Update : Future haircut! What do you think?

Hi! Sorry I haven't been updating (again and again)
because I'm just so so busy with assignments @_@
Well after this week, it will be a tad bit calmer, so I will post more stuff :D
I haven't been into make up lately too, because I just don't have time to think about that now .. Just work work work ;(

Hehe I sang 'Aozora No Namida' opening song for BLOOD+! Click here to hear it!
Please Listen and give comments :D

Thanks for commenting on my hair at the previous post, tee-hee did I fool you guys? It's actually human hair extension. I got it last February. My real hair is actually long, the length is about on top of my chest. But it's so thin and dry! (because of my previous hair breakdown - too much dyeing my hair) So i decided to add extension to volume up my hair. So far so good, but when I visit hair salon yesterday - the guy said I should take it off because it's already going down and it will be tangled easily with your real hair (which happens all of the time).

So I decided to CHOP IT ALL OFF! I want to get rid of the dead, sick hair, so I have healthy hair again :D
So no choice, I have to say goodbye to my long hair, it's so badly damaged.

I searched the internet about some hair ideas, and I found a really cute one!
I decided I will do this style! (perhaps the color too? love it!)

Cute isn't it?

I love it! I want it.. Hehe.
Do you think I should do it? The color looks nice also, maybe a bit darker will be nicer.
I think the hair will definitely look different on me cuz the model is so pretty LOL..
and i dont have sharp chin and slim face

Hehe this is a pic of my sister after she curled her eyelashes with this modelco. Quite good =D

Well see ya later guys!
I hope I can update more often ;_;



miemiemie said...

first? noooo don't cut your hair! i like it long! but the photo with your ideal cut looks cute, i like longer hair though -_-

donnarence said...

the haircut looks amazing.. you look really good in long hair.. but with a beautiful face like yours i think you can work it..

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

that hair cut looks really cute!! i think it'd look great in you, i think you're as pretty as the model ;) you can def pull that off. the hair colour is great!

Yumeko said...

awww i like ur hair now
bet it will be cute still with new cut

Anonymous said...

yeah this is amazing!!! i know its gonna look fabulous on you!!! i KNOW IT!!!! hehehe take care!!!

Laura L said...

cute <3 u are so cute. I love your front hair... it is not too short and look not too silly xD. the length is perfect <3

Phoebe said...

I think the hair cut will really suit your face shape and the color is gorgeous (esp for the fair skinned)! It's better for ur hair if you get rid of all the damaged hair...
I did a lot of stuff to my hair before too (perm, color, etc) and my ends were super damaged! I really wanted to keep the length but one day i couldn't take it anymore and i chopped all that crap off.. my hair has never felt healthier!! I can actually run my fingers thru it and no more split ends!
you can always get those clip in human hair extensions if u ever wanted to add some length :p

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

the hair looks so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I think the hair colour is really nice, and I'm sure the haircut will suit your face perfectly! ;)

I'm going to have a heated lash curler myself soon, hehe... my bf ordered it for me, but it hasn't arrived yet.

fuzkittie said...

I'm sure you'll look great with that cut!!! It's super kawaii

eki said...

the hair cut is so cute!! it'll look so kawaii on you!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll look so cute with this haircut, and the color is nice too! ^^ And since it seems like you have an oval face shape, you can pretty much get away with any hair style. I, on the other hand, have an oblong face shape (blah), so I have to find styles that would make my face rounder xD I think you're just as pretty as the model, if not more, I really think you should model yourself! Where'd you get the photo, I'm curious? I need some hair inspiration. The only ones I've found useful so far is Kakimoto Arms, Beauty Box, and Dubaljayu.

Catherine said...

Hehehe, so exciting! I think the new haircut will be fabulous on you! Though quite honestly, I can't see you not being able to pull off just about any haircut - you have a great face shape. =)

Anonymous said...

the hair style is adorableee! :3 i have short hair :[ but im gonna grow it out though its growing SUPER SLOW!! DX


MiuMiu said...

i think it'll look cute. if you end up not liking it...your hair will grow back anyway..it's always nice to experiment haha.. believe me, i've done that many times..and my hair just grows back if I don't like it XD
sometimes i wish i can roll out of my bed with perfect hair like those models!

Zuuchini said...

i think that hair would look super cute on you! and what are you talking about! i love your head shape! it's much better than a round face -____-

kawaiikao said...

i think the hairstyle is very cute!! i hate chopping off my hair after it took so long to grow, but it looks a lot healthier afterwards :] the color is cute too~!

♥Leigh♥ said...

I think it's time for a change of hairstyle.It's good and it will be healthy for your hair! I love the pic of the hairstyle! I say go for it! Your hair will grow,so no worries if you want it long again!

Jamilla Camel said...

You look like an Asian fashion model!!


.{a}...❤ said...

i wanted that hairstyle before, but then a week before haircut, i wanted to grow some really long layers ||| so i didnt get it that short! -.-

you would look absolutely gorgeous in that hairstyle! *u* the picture on the sidebar that says 'chu' on it kinda looks like you have that hairstyle~ :3 i think ur that type of person that would suit anything! ^_^

Eleganteve said...

Cute blog! =)

How do you get your lips to be such a pretty pink color? It's really flattering against your skintone.

. said...

What do you mean you don't have a slim face and sharp chin?? Don't be modest girl! Haha~

Seriously though, are you sure you want to chop all of it off? Your hair is so lovely! Also if you get that short cut you'll probably need a perm because the way it curls inwards like that takes wayy too much time to achieve by blowdrying everyday...

Eat normally? Don't be ridiculous =P Although I'm on a diet now. So I have to eat normally. Boo. When I was 18 I used to eat a whole tub of hagen daaz and whole toblerone bars as snacks and I never got fat. I guess my metabolism slowed down now. D=

Becca Wong said...

Fei!! That hair would look so good on you!! ...But that's because you'd look good with any type of hairstyle ;]!!
Hehehe, I'm using a Nikon d40, and I must say, I kind of regret it... but it's not like I'm going to use it as my career and I'm poor! So ehh! Hahah :]]]]
I love your pictures! They're so cute >w<

<3 Becca

missdiana said...

Hey.. do you curl your bottom lashes as well??

And i think the short bob will def. suit you! It'll look sophisticated


✿Ji✿ said...

Hm...you know what? I think the short hair would look great on you, even though I love your long hair! But you always can put in some extensions right?^^

The ends of my hair are awefully dry (too much curling) I should cut them a bit...I have way too many layers right now!;__;
And I have SO many bad hair days, it just looks horrible!>///<

It´s actually pretty warm here in Germany...almost too warm for my taste. About 20°C?
Just recovered from being sick, I really can´t handle stress too well!xD

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