Review : Shu Uemura Glow On Blush (M 33 E)

Hi! Today I finally get my hands on this gorgeous blush! It's Shu Uemura Glow on Blush in M 33 E. It's a pink bubblegum dolly (i dont know how to describe, it's just the cutest pink ever) ish pink!I don't know why I never pay a visit at Shu Uemura counter in David Jones,
the blushes look so pretty!!, waiting to be bought.. ;_; but I'm broke..

This is a picture of the blush with flash. SO PRETTY! @O@

I've been wanting to buy this blush for quite some time,
I think I don't have a pink pink blush. My blushes except this new one are all coral color / plum / pinkish plum.
So I'm very excited to try this one. It's quite pricey though, it's 56AUD! The packaging is so sleek and lovely. I love the simplicity.
The texture is smooth, and It's quite pigmented.
When I applied this on my cheek, It looks like I have a natural flush.
It's so girly.. and cute @O@ Can't describe it. But its an awesome blush.

So natural looking right?
I think it looks better in person ;O
Anyways, I will give this blush 4.5/5!
I love it, I might use this everyday. I love this better than my NARS orgasm,
which sometimes can look too shimmery :O

Here's a pic of me with the blush. Loving it!



Calvin said...

whoa,, is that your new "baby" ? hihiihhi..
anyway,, you are so cute honey :D

im coming to u soon :D miss u. mwah

Anonymous said...

so cute!! and i LOVE your profile song XD well i love all your songs hehe


pandablush said...

calvin - thnks hun, haha yeah <3
i cant wait! i will be waiting hehe

Cris said...

And here you're saying that you have no good stuff :-/...Not true :-P XD.
I won't use Shu Uemura (testing on animals, damn), but their products are good, and this blush looks so lovely on you :). <3 the picture ^_^!

Laura L said...

the pink tone is really cute. suit u. >.< swimming and back get hard? I know it will make u look more muscular, but I don't think u look muscular.

MiuMiu said...

you make me wanna get another pink blush now..maybe i should...the ones i have is..one of them garbage...too sheer. the maquillage one is difficult to work with. =p

Sofie said...

That blush is so pretty and works really good on you! ^^ You are such a pretty girl!

beeyoutiful7 said...


I was talking to few of my friends that i have been looking at Shu Uemura's official site.

And wow!! There's soo many things that I want to buy and that blush look super cute <3

You are super adorable <3

Unknown said...

Ooh that blush is so cute! It makes you look like a porcelain doll :)
Yeah I haven't been following on what's going on with yamapi these days but i'm into mizushima hiro hahaha you should check him out~ his drama last season was mei-chan no shitsuji :D

ilovepink said...

aww it looks really pretty on u!
i should check it out =)

Edna said...

wow that blush looks so pretty. it's a nice baby pink ballerina color :) time to hunt it down and swatch/play with it!

izumi said...

oh so cuteeeee :)

Anonymous said...

The colour of the blush looks sooo pretty on your porcelain skin!

Love it so much! ;)

Catherine said...

Ooooh, very cute! This blush definitely suits you very well.

.{a}...❤ said...

ooh so lovely! ^_^ im gonna see if i can find it here~
i love pink blushes! im gonna start wearing them cos its colder now, and i wont get sweaty~


kawaiikao said...

i love it!! i love the shu blush i got. it's so soft and natural!!

Anonymous said...

I keep saying this, but you are just so pretty! xD As for the blush, did you find it cakey at all? I have the M Peach 33 and it's so powdery on me. And I get weird fall-outs from the pan, but maybe the MAC 187 is too stiff for matte Shu blushes, since it's so soft? But maybe the blush wasn't pressed firmly enough. Dunno, but all Shu blushes are very good, I hear. The pink one you got suits you so well!

Eleganteve said...

The blush is really cute! I love pinky blushes on fair skin, it gives you that translucent/clear glow. =) You look adorable in it!

56 AUD for the blush?? That's a killer! It's only about 21 USD here (or ~29 AUD).

marissa said...

ohhhh i want to buy that blush now!
it looks so nice.

p.s. I think your eyes are bigger than mine :D

♥Leigh♥ said...

It looks really good on you! =)

. said...

Ahh! That's gorgeous!

I really want that too now! D= Damn you~~!!! (Only joking). 56AUD? Owch...I find Shu is cheaper here in Shanghai than it is in the UK, even with a rubbish exchange rate! ...

missdiana said...

Such an innocent blush. =)

Becky said...

The Shu Blush is so pretty! I love blushes that are pinky and natural looking.

I didn't mean you wear heavy makeup XD Anything more than mascara is a lot to me.

You're so pretty you look good with or without makeup~

-Yu- said...

gosh, you make me want to get another blush. [i have so much already]

you are absolutely gorgeous, dear.

sanniet said...

hi! =D I just saw your blog from ning's blog *^_^*

Ohh I've seen that blush before! I thought it was really cute too! But I didn't get it, now I'm thinking maybe I should hehe!

You and your bf are adorable <3

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a gorgeous shade and it looks so lovely on you!

✿Ji✿ said...

Awww the blush is really pretty!♥

I´m not good with kids...or better I´m aweful with kids, I guess I´m too much of a kid myself too handle them, but too mature too play with them!xD
Maybe I´ll think otherwise in 10 years!^^

I used a homemade egg hair mask, I did wonders!♥
Still I want to buy a good hair mask, cause the egg mask makes such a mess!xD

I hope you´ll get better soon!>///<
It seems that we have reverted seasons?


daaaamn, i'm jealous! >< you're so so beautiful lol, really adoreable!
what i wanted to ask: how can i find the perfect make up for me? lol, i'm a bit embarassed but since you're a make up lover, i thought you could help me :$


fuzkittie said...

It's sooo cute on you! I'll have to check it out~

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. So fresh.
By the way, I found a lot of your stuffs from Japan charged you way too much. Try google BGO, this website is located in Taiwan and selling asian cosmetics with much cheaper prices. However, if you can not read Chinese, you get to find someone can and help you. n_n

Sassy J'adore said...

U look pretty with the pink blush. I wonder if it will show up on me bc I'm a tad a darker than you. lol.

aquaracer said...

the blush looks so pretty on u!! it's perfect for your skintone :)

noone said...

Awwww the blush looks pretty on you!

stylefrontier said...

the blush suits you really well!
and i have never thought u really love anime until i saw your cosplay pics. i love tifa too, like totally!


Ally said...

The blush looks so pretty and natural on you!^^

. said...

By the way, did you know that after I read this post I've been using baby-pink blushes, like my DiorBlush in Rose Dragee and Estee Lauder's Petal Tender Blush

xD Normally I go with a coral-peach. Hehe.

Although your blush does look more pastelly and pretty than either of the ones I've been using. I actually looked for it at the Shu counter but i couldn't find it.

Bio-Oil worked? To be honest, I never gave it much of a chance. I always rubbed my face so hard that it felt a bit weird afterwards so I gave up quickly.

Acrylic nails? I wish. I have to remove all of my nail polish before my hospital visits every Tuesday. So on Tuesday afternoon I apply a new shade and take it off before the week's over. D= It sucks...

hayabi said...

you have the most perfect skin! awww. you are really pretty too. You could be a perfect movie star. :)

Emily said...

wah the shu uemeura blush is so pretty color, yah like the other ppls said already u r really pretty

Allina said...

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