NARS Ita Brush Review

Hi everyone! Just an update post here..
I just came back from school, submitting my assignment =) Yeahoo!
And I bought 2 new stuff! Make up brushes!
I bought M.A.C 187 Stippling Brush ( I know im soo late at this ), haven't used it yet..
But Im sure you guys already read dozens of 187 brush in the internet, so i wont get through it..
Im planning to use this brush for my M.A.C Mineralized Skinfinish Natural , because I don't wear foundation anyway.. =S

Back to the main topic!
I also bought NARS ITA BRUSH, Like this :

In the website, they said that this brush can be used for blending and contouring.
But the girl in MECCA (make up shop in sydney) said this brush is very versatile and can be used for applying powder, blush (esp nars blushes), contouring, highlighting, eyeshadow!
I have no idea how to use it as an eyeshadow brush though.. hum.

But anyways, the brush is super cute, reminds me of what geisha used to use back in the days!
The handle is sturdy and nice , rubbery and a bit shimmery like usual nars packaging..
I love it! I used it with my NARS orgasm blush and it picks up nice amount of product and uuuuuaaa this is my favorite brush!! I can contour with my blush with this brush.

I also used this brush to highlight my face (nose and cheekbone) along with my bobbi brown shimmer brick and its fantastic also!

I will give this brush 4.5/5 ! Im so glad I bought it.

And here are the pics of me and ita in action xD ( a bit retarded i know)

OH! I DID MY NAILS with gradient nail tutorial by Miumiu ~

Anyways, I will do eyeshadows stuff next time, like FOTD and EOTD but
I really don't do eyeshadows much XD But I will try cuz Im still a noob.

I really miss my boyfriend ;______________________;
Can't wait to see him this June!
This is a picture of us on this year's valentines day =)

I diet and went to gym like crazy special for that day.
Cuz the tube dress is friggin tight! But good thing he said its beautiful xD



.{a}...❤ said...

wow~ that brush looks cool! >u<

when i saw the 1st picture i thought it would be small, but then i see next picture and it is looks so bigger~ lol! =3

ooh . why is ur boyfriend away?

gooday! ^_^

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting&following my blog :D
Your lippy review was so convincing that I bought the popster hk tlc today! surprised the store still had it..
you are so cute~ do you take pics with dslr?
I'm planning to buy stippling brush.. let me know how you think of mac 187.
one last thing.. i love the exile song you have hahaha

kawaiikao said...

that brush looks so cool! and you look really pretty with your boyfriend :] i'll have to look out and put that brush on the to buy list :]

eki said...

you are so frigging kawaii!! X3 nice nars brush looks cool hehe you n your man are so cute together!! but long distance sucks >_<

aquaracer said...

awww...you're so cute! that's an interesting brush...now im curious ;-)

Irisa Xiong said...

putting this on immediate buy list when i'm not a poor high school student. and eventually not a poor college student. ;_; aw haha.

fricken adorable, you.

Becca Wong said...

Ohhh, you make me want to get that brush!! >w< And you look so pretttty!! <3<3 Valentines day looked so fun for you!! :]]
I agree with him, you look beautiful!! :]

Calvin said...

heyy honey! ure so pretty, the top banner, the pictures above ! hihihi,, love ya !

btw, miss u too honey..
u were so pretty on Valentine's day! <3

Yumeko said...

no foundation! damm girl ur skin is awesomeeee

fuzkittie said...

That brush is really cool, haha you're adorable~

Chiara said...

Awww, don't you look glamorous in that last picture <3

Laura L said...

wheee,... the brush is so unique. u look really adorable,haha =D
Nars should find u to be the spokeslady.

Pretty <3

miemiemie said...

what a unique looking brush hmmm..
i can't upload pics here on blogger..i think there's something wrong with my internet!!! argh :(

Zuuchini said...

those pictures look as if it's taken from the commercials!! skin is so nice!

~Mel said...

that brush is so unique! haha.. thx for modeling it. =P

Stephanie said...

That blush does look super cool <3

✿Ji✿ said...

Love your nails they´re so pretty and the shape is so nice! My fingernails (actually my whole hand) is so small, my mom always says I have babynails. *laugh*

I think you´re really good at styling your hair, it always looks so pretty!<3
And the long hair suits you so well!♥

A tomboy? Hm...I can hardly imagine that, cause you´re so pretty now!;)

Anonymous said...

aww your soo pretty~! ur bf is really lucky XDD



Your blog & you are so adorable! I love your hair - you're such a beauty!

La C.

Anonymous said...

Aaah I've been lemming for that brush for a while. Also their Yachiyo and Botan brushes. They look so unique! Btw you're so pretty, such great skin!

Anonymous said...

Hiii n_n

Hmm, their Botan is like USD$75 for a ginormous block that's difficult to travel with, I think. And the Yachiyo is USD$50, but I heard the wire unwhirls after a while. Well, these things may sound disappointing, sorta killed my lemming :( But I haven't heard anything bad about the Ita. It's so compact, perfect for traveling and touch-ups. I want one :D

I have dry, red skin as well. I skip blush sometimes cos I flush so easily. You don't look like you have too much blush on, but if anything your new 187 might help. Does a great job of sheer application of powder foundation and blushes. :)

MiuMiu said...

i have a similar nailpolish color too!
the brush is huge! i thought it was a lot smaller, until i saw the size on your cheek.
don't worry, june will be here really quickly..time always passes too fast sometimes. then you can take more cute pictures with your bf =D

SHIZUKA said...

omg you define kawaii :D so so adorable hehe are u wearing any lenses in your first pic? they look large but natural! which is what im wanting now ~~ x

donnarence said...

you are sooo pretty.. :D

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