FOTD : Natural Pink and Brown

Hi all! Just a quick update here!
Im gonna post my first FOTD now =) Sorry if it's super amateur xD
I dont realluy wear much eyeshadows, so I always stick to neutral colors.
Today I didnt wear foundation or BB Cream because I was in a rush.
That is why in the pics my skin is a bit reddish.. It's not that I applied too much blush..
But my skin is abit red at the lower cheeks so... yeah. SORRY xD

(click the pic to see clearer)

What I used:

- Prescriptives Camouflage Cream
- Anna Sui Loose Powder 701
- NARS Orgasm Blush

-Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo #39 (Velvet Plum and Satin Pink)

- White eyeshadow for highlight from Majolica Majorca palette
- M.A.C Fluidline in Blacktrack
- Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara

- M.A.C Popster TLC

How is it? Too simple? Sorry lo.. =T
Hehe my face skin looks different with my neck lol..
I seriously need to take care of my eyebrows more.. They are so weird.. -_-

Here is a present for you all, my devil face =D (click to enlarge LOL)



Unknown said...

You don't have to wear blush.. you have a natural flush! (rhymes :D)
You look so cute in the devil pic!! why'd you make it so small?
nice FOTD ^_^

Laura L said...

hahahaha xD your cute lil devil face

wow,the FOTD is pretty... yaya,I love soft make up,suitable for daily
cute ^_^

PaperedLove said...

I really like your FOTD! It's a nice soft look and would be perfect for school. But I don't think I could pull it off as nicely as you do though x]

Whitney & the full effect said...

hello beautiful!!! i love your blog intro- you seem super sweet!!

oh and be careful when washing your new NARS brush- i had the same one and ALLLLL of the hairs fell out because I was too rough when washing it :(

just wanted to give you a heads uP! :)

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

love the look! how cute u are. :)

kawaiikao said...

simple is good! i like it :] you're so pretty as always!

eki said...

You are so kawaii~!!! *I'll tell you this everytime so get used to me telling you this* hehe XD

really too kawaii! I really enjoy seeing your kawaii face & makeup~ ^_~*

Catherine said...

lol... you probably hate hearing this, but you're so adorable! I don't think you need any BB cream, girl - your skin is absolutely flawless! Very pretty everyday FOTD!

lamah. said...

really useful! gotta try that sometime (: HAHAHA.

oh love the devil picture .. very diva indeed XD.

Anonymous said...

Ohh... all your pictures are like heaven! ;)

Sooo pretty!

MiuMiu said...

i'm sure my eyebrows are weirder than yours...mine are so sparse and i don't even shape them...except tweeze the stray ones.
i think your skin looks fine, i wouldn't have noticed that you didn't wear foundation, if only mine was just as flawless...i'm just able to hide it with the lighting hehe.

Yumeko said...

simple look is good!
u look very pretty still!!

ah i wish i could wear that little XD

Anonymous said...

I like the soft colors you used in this look, looks sophisticated. You look so pretty, and your skin is nice despite the redness. :) Haha your devil pic is cute xD

Anonymous said...

i like this i can use in the day i have prollem with choosing good Day time makeup so this is awesome babe!
again i need to stalk my area to see where i can find some anna sui.!

Anonymous said...

I love your devil face hahha ^^ super cute

Zuuchini said...

you look without foundation! pretty~ your eyebrows are fine, talk about mine >.>

Anonymous said...

pretty makeup!! <33

haha yeaaa! yamashita is really hot XDD but i still like newer bands o_o dont let ur bf catch u drooling over yamashita!! XPPP hehe


.{a}...❤ said...


& love the look... kinda used something like it today~

and i LO<3 ur new header picture~!!!! omg! *u*

♥Leigh♥ said...

I think you look lovely! =)
And the devil pic is waaay too cute!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

hi cutie! thanks for being my 100th follower. hihi... followed you too because your gorgeous. :)

about the lense, it's geo nudy brown.

thanks! xoxo

queenyee said...

you look cute and natural, not too over made up :) you do look like you have a nice blush on your cheeks!

. said...

Ahh~ So pretty! =D I don't see why you'd be sorry about having a natural flush! Ahaha...

Actually my perm is settling down now. I am soo relieved, I really freaked out at first, the back was SO FREAKING CURLY.

Have you ever had a perm??

✿Ji✿ said...

Awww you look so cute with flushed cheeks!^^

It was fun talking to you on msn!^-^ The timelag is really annoying though!*laugh*

I looove your fringe, don´t grow it out! Ah...but I´d love to see you with sideswept bangs...I guess both will look really pretty on you!^-^

Anonymous said...

No, I'm studying english and computing ^^, and I sing in a choir on saturdays haha but I know graphic design anyway <3

cheryl said...

hi there how's it going? what a pretty look u did here...

Zuuchini said...

what are you talking about! i want YOUR eyebrows! my eyebrows is liek pitch black so ugly. SO MANLY!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

no worries it's pretty ! Hahaha..

Anonymous said...

i can see you are a beautiful young lady. you don't need makeup at all. makeup is for someone old like me. :)

SHIZUKA said...

you look gorgeous hunni GREAT fotd :D no amateur! x

fuzkittie said...

Haha, aww!! You're so cute,e ven with devil face! :]

aquaracer said...

i like simple-neutral looks. you're too cute!

miemiemie said...

soooooooooo cute cute


omg. haha how cute!

i like your eyebrows too!!
i was just looking at your fringe.. are you going to cut it back to straight fringe? or leave it?

wing stock said...

I love the makeup here. do you remember what circle lens you used? :]

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