Express Make-up Video!

Hi beauties! I did a quick video today, before I went to school! Just for you guys of course ;D
I was in a hurry and I had time to make a video! Hehe.
This is my make-up routine if im in HURRY. Only in hurry!
Usually I use foundation / BB Cream, but in this video im using Mineral Foundation
- BY TERRY , which i will review some other time. Its quick! But the coverage is not as nice as foundation or BB cream of course.

And in this video I forgot to use my powder (Anna Sui Loose Powder)! xD
Boo! My skin is not perfect at all see ? I have to use tons of concealer to cover my dark circles.
I haven't found good eye cream yet T___T Help?

LOL AT THE STARS IN THE END. (just for fun i swear!)
And it looks like i was poking my eye out applying eyeliner.. xD

Today I went to Lush to buy soaps! Honey I washed the kids (my fav) and some other stuff. I also went to mecca to bought a backup Prescriptives concealer ($40), because I always get so insecure if im running out of concealer xD

And here's a snippet of a koda kumi's TABOO cover by me. Yay!

Oh for some random stuff, here are 5 random facts about me.

1. I am a game geek. I love FF Series, other SquareEnix games, RPG, and much much more. I love game! I have Nintendo Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Super Gameboy, Nintendo DS, PSP, Playstation, Playstation II, XBOX, XBOX 360. I really want PSIII ;_____;

2. I was a cosplayer. I cosplayed FF characters (Rinoa, Tifa, Lenne) , Kasumi from Dead or Alive, and some other Gothic Lolita costumes. Maybe someday I will put pics here lol.

3. My major is Communication Design, and i love design and art especially Illustration. My target is to become an art director!

4. My childhood dream was to become an air stewardess. I burnt the dream when my sister told me air stewardess die easily in plane crash (LOL)

5. My boyfriend has known me for 8 years, and we first started going out when i was in year 7. It's been on and off since then. We're together for total.. 4 years ish?



Yumeko said...

hahah ur comment abt running out of concealer made me laugh

miemiemie said...

i love your video!:) haha you don't need concealer you're flawless alreaddddy!!!

Laura L said...

lol, super fast. haha.. thank you for sharing this. though it is a lil bit fast, still it is pretty after that.

Anonymous said...

OMGG i LOVE all ur songs! hehe. did u SING the koda kumi's taboo? O_O

u look so pretty even w/ makeup im so jeaouss T_T haha.


-Yu- said...

Love the video. I love how you did your makeup for school. it very nice and simple.

♥Leigh♥ said...

hehe..getting ready for school is such a rush..but your vid and make up is cool. it's really pretty yet simple =)

beeyoutiful7 said...

Hey pretty girl =)

love the way you did your super quick makeup!!

HK lip conditioner is the best !!


beeyoutiful7 said...


Good eye cream?

I'm using La Mer right now and I think they work AMAZING =)

Zuuchini said...

i start to love you more and more!! yay for gamers! yay for final fantasy! YAY FOR RPG <33 haha

i think you look very good in the morning (assuming you did that in the morning hehe) without make-up and all of that! when i try to put mine before going to school...i'm in such a hurry that either i don't have time to do everything or i forget to do a setp such as putting mascara haha

Zuuchini said...

omg listenning to your song now (well "your" haha) I LOVE IT!!! i want more of it ;p

and looking forward those cosplay pictures of yours MHM MHM!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome... hehe like you just have this way of capturing ppl like i had to watch the whole thing!! hilarious i loved it! and i loe this sooooong. hehehe girl keep up the hard work its amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great video! quick and easy! I love the music too. haha. L'arc en ciel - Honey right? I was a huge L'arc en ciel fan back in the day. =)

For eyecream, I highly recommend the DDF Nourishing eye cream. I have pretty dark circles too and I've been using that for a few months now and works well. I found out about it through Fuz's blog. DDF also has an eye cream for dark circles as well.

✿Ji✿ said...

The video is so cute!<3 I wish I could do my make as fast as you!:)

My hair was reaaaaaally damaged, cause I dyed it so often! At some point my mom just cut everything off, cause the damaged ends would even damage the rest of my hair.

I think your hair looks really healthy, but shorter hair suit you really well too!♥ I´m in the progress of growing my bangs out but always cut them shorter anyways!>//<

Haha I don´t use concealer (haven´t found a good affordable one), but your skin is so flawless you don´t even need any! But I can understand the insecureness, I get that with my dry skin!T__T

aquaracer said...

you sing really good!! and as always, you look cute!

Whitney & the full effect said...

wow! i love that song!!!!! you can jam girl!

right on!!!

oh and I recommend a really good eye cream called OPTIMOLOGIST by cosmedicine (i can send you some samples)- email me and let me know :)


fuzkittie said...

Haha how cute! Gorgeous eyes!!

Anonymous said...

OMGGG NO WAY!! ur voice is SO awesome!! u should totally go to SM entertaiment group and they'll sooo hire u! and ill be the first to buy all ur posters and CDs XP


Zuuchini said...

ah~ i really don't know...i like them all!! that is from 7 to 9 lol~

the FF series before that, their stories were blah~ and after 9, i haven't finished the 10, cuz no ps2 haha

have you tried crisis core?! that one is so good...i cried so much in the end! love zack~ kinda hate cloud in crisis core...lol

kawaiikao said...

OMG ur so cute!! i wanna see your cosplay outfits!! you would make a really cute anime character :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Fei!

haha yea the Blackhead extraction tool, I haven't tried that yet but I use tweezers sometimes and works really good. I know, it's weird. lol but I think it works better than using nose strips. haha.

I checked DDF's website and they only ship within the states, however, you can check out Ebay. I did a search and found a seller (lavenderfallinlove) on ebay that carries it (BNIB, sealed) for $32.98US and they ships worldwide for $15US which seems pretty reasonable. I've never purchased from them though, you can message them and find out more about the shipping cost to Australia if your interested. =)

Oh, I read on your post that you like Art & Design. So do I!!! haha. Love to see some of your artwork. =)

Sassy J'adore said...

Luv the brief and quick video. =)

I also use two of the products u used in the video: the shiseido eye curler and Nars orgasm blush(both are my fav and I luv both).

In college, I sometimes just go bare face when I'm lazy and in a rush. of course I had face moisturizer and tinted lip balm, and maybe face powder at times, but that's pretty much it. =)

MiuMiu said...

hehe you were so cute at the end of your video. would you be able to do a diagram on where you apply the blush? i'm curious to see how some people do it..cuz i dunno if i'm even doing it properly XD
i LOOOOVVEE video games too! i think i secretly want to go to a cosplay convention or something, but who else will go with me!
i hope you post pictures of your cosplay costumes! you must have been one sexy kasumi. i love the FF characters, but never played the games...turn based games are so blah..so i prefer kingdom hearts. i dressed up as yuna and rinoa for halloween before!! XDXD i have pictures, but i look quite ridiculous haha

Dominica Levina said...

suara cci keren. ak post link na di blog ku boleh iahh ? :)

Catherine said...

How fast does it take you to do your express makeup? You look like you've got everything down pat. It still takes me ~15 minutes to do my makeup in the morning when I'm running late because I always want to do a neutral eye... lol.

Mary said...

Hi Fei, you're such a cutie! Lol. You do have beautiful skin, if only eye circles were the only thing I had to conceal. Great video :)

Anonymous said...

teehee! the video is so cute :p it was so quick it feels like you are really running late for school :p

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i think i'm a snail in makeup... i need at least 30 mins to finish my face makeup and tat's excluding skincare routine...Haha...

Amy said...

Hey! I really love your blog it is so so so good lol
check mine !!

stylefrontier said...

i love the video. the makeup is quick and great! you look great even without makeup though.

✿Ji✿ said...

I´m so bad at explaining make up!>//< I just do smokey eyes with different colours, but I´ll work on a tutorial soon (I hope ;__;).

I only went to coiffeur once and it was a waste of money (a lot of money), I could cut my hair the same or even better!-.-
I think Asians can cut Asian hair better than other hairdresser...

Tell me when you go to the hairstylist and don´t forget to take before/after pictures!♥

I make even worse faces when I do my make up and sometimes I REALLY hurt me!xD

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

cute video! i bet you'd look good without the foundation :)

Anonymous said...

whoot a fellow gamer girl! xD Zomg, I was like a total gamer nerd. I only hung out with guys during highschool (and most of elementary school) lol Anyway, I like your choice of music in the video, really hectic and goes well with the speed of the video. I wish I could get ready that fast in real life. And oh, I -so- wanted to cosplay, but now that I'm about to go to grad school, I think I'm too old xD Btw, you look great in your video, as always! :)

Rach said...

ahah your sister is so mean! saying Air Stewardess die easily. lol
I wish I put that much effort into my makeup even when i am rushing. lol

cand said...

luv ur express routine, i do something totally similar except with all different (and cheaper^_^) products hehe. u look gorgeous w/out MU already tho<3 so glad i found ur blog!

Beata Megan said...

i can't watch this video, it's private :(

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