That's not my name!

Sorry I didn't really have the time to update! Im soo sorry!
Really! Hello kitty lip conditioners lipstick and lipglass coming out soon!

Im charging my camera right now, sorry! It's soo friggin late and ughh.
(by the way , i put 'that's not my name' because im obsessed with the ting tings atm haha)

The Hello Kitty Kouture collection just came out here.
It's so friggin expensive, 150 Bucks for the powder. Woah. Won't buy it.
Im thinking of buying MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Has anyone bought it yet?
I would love to hear your thoughts of it. Since I heard they make your skin
looks airbrushed. And also Im looking for good bronzer. Preferably the ones that are not shimmery! (im allergic to benefit face products btw, i get rash if i use em - i know it sucks)

Oh and I have been awarded with Kreativ blogger! Thank you guys!

List 7 things that you love, and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you love! Be sure to tag them and let them know that they have won.You can copy the picture of the award and paste it on your sidebar letting the whole world know...you are Kreativ!

Mine :

1. my boyfriend definitely. ive known him for so looong and he always makes me feel so safe and secure. love him too much.
2. of course my family, including my 7 dogs, lol.
3. illustrating, ive always loved to draw and paint since i was so small.
4. eating. i warn you - im a pig. seriously. i eat like.. a lot? i can eat anything, anywhere. my fav place is at the alley of chinatown in bangkok - seafood was AWESOME.
5. of course, make up make up make up! i would love to have all the make up in the world but i cant ;(
6. singing of course, and my former band.
7. PANDA! im obsessed with panda stuff.

Hehe just a little update from me guys, Sorry!
My school has been so hectic lately ;__________;


missdiana said...

Yeah $150 is just a BIT too much for MAC Powder but the Swarovski srystal are almost to die for.

i swatched the MSF, GET IT!!! im going to get it soonish, when i have money. hehe

You have such a cute nose!

MiuMiu said...

hmm..i wonder why you named your blog panda blush haha.
you being a pig? haha i don't think you can compete with me, there's no way you can be a pig, you're so thin =D
holy crap $150 for the powder? usd?? that's ridiculous
i could actually picture you saying sorry many times haha ahh you're so cute.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see it !

Anonymous said...

love u too <3

SHIZUKA said...

aw you and your bf seem sweet :) and wow 7 dogs?! ehhehe. i lv drawing too :D wow im a pig too. seafood ultimate fav..lv makeup want everything.. we are indeed similar heh except that i cant sing like you!

Anonymous said...

ahaha i love to eat too XD especially asian food and sweets!

Omggg SEVEN dogs? o_o thats alot of pets. i wish i can get one >.< and pandas are my favriote animal too! and kitties hehe
i love ur blog!! its so cute :3


PaperedLove said...

Oh my gosh and I thought $90 was expensive!

kawaiikao said...

seven dogs?! dannng you're so lucky!! i want moreee but my parents and my bf's parents won't let either :[ we share a puppy lol. show some pictures and bios of them please!! ;D

fuzkittie said...

150??? OMG... @.@

Rainy said...

There is no way you eat like a pig, hun ;)

You look thin!

Love your blog though,

✿Ji✿ said...

Wish you good luck on all of your assignments!<3
Hope you can blog more soon!^^

And I´d love to hear you sing again!♥

Irisa Xiong said...

wow i want to hear you sing! i bet your voice is wonderful (to suit a pretty face like yours haha)

missdiana said...

hehe, my nails are just glue on then i designed it myself.

Im from the west, like Cabramatta How about you?

I dont own anybrushes of MAC because its too expensive, but from the looks of the 187, i would use it for the MSF.

When i do get my MSF, i think im going to use the Kabuki brush. I personally think that its like a setting powder. I'll brush it on after Foundation, well thats what all the other beauty bloggers do.

Im so sorry for this ESSAY of a comment.

tuniez83 said...

what!!! 150 bks for a powder? that's bad. btw you have 7 dogs?? whoaaaaaaaaaa

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