Snacks Snacks Snacks

Hi all! This post is not beauty related, but anyways..
Today I went to the asian supermarket and look what I got !

HEAPS OF SNACKS, especially the Japanese ones.
Yes, I'm a big sucker for packaging. Hahaha - but they do taste good!
Especially the Caramel Macchiato flavoured Kit Kat and the red bean ones. Mmm~

Okay all I can say is :


Many people don't believe this, but I eat more than the guys.
I gain weight quite easily, that's why I will then stop eating like pig and diet like crazy until someone said to me,

"You are fatter."

The three magic words.
I don't know about you guys, but those words really stab me in the heart. HARD.
I think about what people say to me, I'm not the type that can ignore those kinda stuff..
Anyways, Im back to my normal weight now.. ( Before summer holiday I was 58 kg / 116 lbs ) which is 53 kg / 106 lbs. That's because someone said those magic words to me before and I started going to gym and control my eating habit. I really can't starve myself, because I just love food so much! I love every cuisine, Japanese - Korean - Indonesian - Malaysian - Chinese - Indian - Italian - French - Portuguese, anything!

I eat more than most guys I know.
Sometimes they're shocked. Especially my boyfriend..
But he's used to it anyways, haha. I eat the same portion as him, and he eats a lot.
My friends at school call me pig pig.. Haha, because I eat more than them!
And they are guys...

I need to control my eating habit or I will become fat.. Again .. Oh and here, a couple of pics of me and my bf having fun on Skype x)
(long distance relationship. well not really LD, he's only 1 hour away with plane. xD)



P.S. : Oh I will post more beauty related posts soon! I promise! I just have so many assignments right now.


calvincalvin said...

am i ?
it's alrite.. i love the way you eat. love ya <3

pandablush said...

calvin mahhhhh~ <3

miemiemie said...

aww you guys are so cute :) hahaha the bf calls me a pig for fun, i know i've lost a lot of weight since i came here..i was a fatty during my stay in the US.. but it gave me some meat on my ass :) hahaha

miemiemie said...

hey dear i forgot to ask but would it be alright if i added you to my blog links on my page?

✿Ji✿ said...

You look really cute together!<3
I kind of want to eat sweets now!;)

Kimberly said...


You are so darn cute!! and you and your bf are way tooo cute together.

and if YOUR fat then I must be a cow... so SHUSH.
and I love your goodies stash, I need to go shopping myself this weekend at my local Japan mart and stock up on yummy snackies!!!

have a lovely weekend!!!

Unknown said...

You're so cutiepie, I eat a lot as well but I don't really care xD

Food is too good to be left aside.

pandablush said...

thanks! xD hehe really? he was just playing~ im big on upper body but i have small lower body.. small legs.. small BUTT ( NO BUTT ) lol.
its alright! ^^ why not? =) thanks!

hehe thanks! I love salty food more though xD maybe i have to eat 10:1 salty and sweet.. i dont really hav sweet tooth.

Kimberly Tia
Thanks! >_< Hehehe.
Im not that tall.. >_< And i gained fat on the upper body only, weird huh. like big arms and i have uber big shoulders ( swim for 7 years ).. really broad >_<
go girl~ hehe yummy snackies are my company while doing school works, lol.

thanks >_< i still read your blog though hehe. You are skinny -_-
hehe yeah it is!

Miss Yaya said...

i want snacks!!!! lol u guys r so cute

MiuMiu said...

awww..you 2 are so cute!
i looove eating too! i totally gained weight when i got to korea because i just sit around and eat at school haha.
i know my friends and other people are probably gonna say i got fat behind my back when i go home..blah! but i must get skinnier!
whhha!! i wish i could be 106lbs!

purple snowflake said...

Harlo Fei ~~~
U and ur BF are so SWEET @}---
but like it's only 1 hour flight can always go see him right??

or he come and see you...

don't worry I love food too~~~ life with out food is just sad. people who are on diet that don't eat is just torturing themselves cuz they are missing out on one for the biggest enjoyments in life~~

I'm gonna go to ur house so you can share those junk food with me =D

fuzkittie said...

Haha, you don't look like you eat much, but.. I love snacks too!!

Tasha said...

Haha I say go ahead and eat! We're only young once and when we hit thirty we have to be more conscientious to avoid all sorts of diseases. Besides you look skinny so if you get away with it why not?

I love Japanese snacks as well. Wasabe peas and mochi!

Anonymous said...

those snacks aaahhh.
i wish there was some way to grap the stuff right away that you see in pictures haha like in that willy wonka movie? haha omg.

dear i know what you mean. i cant ignore what people tell me either so ive been on this diet mehhhhh.

but deff from the looks of it you didnt have to loose weight your fine! k? k! hehe toodles

Yumeko said...

u guys look so cute together

oh i have had ppl asking me if i am pregnant cos i put on so much weight lately

Anonymous said...

please do tell us about your skincare, mostly you probably just have good genes but I am so envious of your gorgeous skin!

Irisa Xiong said...

hurrah i eat a lot too! food is... so good haha.


pandablush said...

Yeah know i dont really care, becus im already at my normal weight, just tht i have to a tad bit careful of what i eat xD. yeah youre right ^^ we can enjoy food now since were young!

My skincare? I will someday! but really my skin is not tht gorgeous..i have some scars here n there,, not tht flawless. but i will share my skincare lter! =)

.{a}...❤ said...

oooh! i want those sweets~ >.<

and you look fine! ^.^

Bombchell said...

i need to buy a webcam and speakers so i can use skype

Anonymous said...

ah the broad shoulders! i have the SAME problem.

but DO NOT WORRY DEAR because thats the fashion now all the amazing designers like Mike Bower, Ann Taylor make things with an ideal of wide shoulders.
its considers "modelesce" i hope i spelled that right hehe.

so fear not you have model type shoulders! ttyl

Anonymous said...

awe hahahaha omg.

ya know that Tyra Banks actually opened Petite Model for Cycle 13?

im 5'4.5 , close enough right? hahaha omg.

no but yeah i wish i had smaller shoulders too would be nice.

i guess we all want what we cant have aweee... so sad hehe.

about the hair thing. honestly i recomend it.

i LOVE short hair like. thats when my hair is the healthiest. specially in a bob? sooo cute!! and you have like a diamond shaped face so would look AMAZING on you! have you had short hair before??

SwatchCrazee said...

whatta cute couple!

tresdivine said...

bwahahahhaha. omg. calv looked a little boysih finally. that's good for you, jean.


Anonymous said...

you and your boyfriend are adorable! <3

I was wondering what kind of webcam you and your boyfriend use..? I want to get one so I can skype with my s/o (:

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